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  1. Anyone advise? Be good to get an expert cruisers opinion of which are the top 5 worth travelling to.. gloryholes a plus but i mainly just want to know where i can get as many loads as possible so maybe one with lots of guys passing through looking to drop a quick load?
  2. cumholes

    SOP 1st July PISS slut CUM dump

    5 clicked attending so far ? https://m3.barebackrt.com/?pamd&key=1777296042&ID=260058
  3. cumholes

    SOP 1st July PISS slut CUM dump

    Ah cool - wish I was there tomorrow. I've also done a BBRT event for next Sunday ?
  4. BBRT profile = cumholes87 making a trip to SOP on Sunday 1st July, looking to get drenched and filled with cum including ALL LOADS OFFERED including ANON i will not be refusing if someone is ready to shoot and wants to do it in my ass.. in fact please cum and find me before you shoot... ?
  5. cumholes

    SOP 1st July PISS slut CUM dump

    nice, enjoy man and let us know how it goes ??
  6. cumholes


    i'd also be up for this ?
  7. cumholes

    Your next load...

    love to hear about your weekend Andy.. specially about SOP.. also Hampstead Heath? Never been there and planning to go outdoor cruising when next in London at end of this month... I want to not be hungover for SOP on the Sunday so figured outdoor cruising is my best bet.. any advice where best to go on a Saturday night? ps. are you at SOP on 1st July?
  8. BBRT profile = cumholes87 true piss and cum slut here i have (regretably) only been once before, fairly recently on 29th April .. i have been meaning to go for years and finally got around to it.. and needless to say i fucking LOVED it and intend to visit as much as possible (i live in Manchester) ... it is absolutely my new fave place by a million miles so 29th April.. i was one of the young ish guys wearing blue speedos trainers and sports vest and blue adidas jacket, decent looking.. anyway i got absolutely DRENCHED a few times over, a lot of guys saved there piss for me whilst i got into the swing of things and i am REALLY REALLY hoping that happens again!! (on knees begging) i sure made up for making guys hold their piss for me by rolling around the floor getting SOAKED by several guys.. my ULTIMATE fantasy i loved it that much i actually started to write a story of what happened but haven't quite finished it yet, i will aim to finish it this coming week and post it on here... i hope any guys that are on this forum and remember me can tell me what they thought and tell me about them pissing on me etc? would love to hear... anyway i am back down 2 weeks today... which means.. in exactly 2 weeks from now i will be leaving SOP (staying the whole day 1pm to 11pm) HOPEFULLY having got drenched all day, with a belly full of piss and an ass full of cum.. (not to mention a bag full of drenched clothes - i like to do a few outfit changes ) my 2 fave things in the world are: PISS and TAKING CUM LOADS including ANON loads... so i will not be refusing if someone is ready to shoot and wants to do it in my ass.. in fact please cum and find me before you shoot... i would also like to be written on ("cum/piss pig" or something) in marker maybe, and marked each time someone shoots in me.. anyone fancy helping out with this? looking forward to hearing from you guys
  9. cumholes

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    wow reading about this "group" even I want to join, I currently live in Manchester, UK but intending to travel indefinitely to as many horny places as possible.. so i'm defo interested, even though it is 3 years later and it seems nothing ever materialised PIG ++
  10. hot as fuck man love this kinda filth
  11. cumholes

    Restroom Floor

    fuck yes pig boi i'm right there with you on this one... never waste a drop of cum, devour every drop, if i find a random load i love to suck it up into my mouth and give it a good swill around, slowly allow some to slide down my throat by tipping my head back but not swallowing, just allow it to slowly dribble down, then carefully lube my fingers with what is left in my mouth so i can get a decent amount in my arse hole, nothing better man, getting high on poppers throughout, but cum is my true drug
  12. cumholes

    LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    I'll no doubt do a few saunas/sex clubs over the weekend so hopefully i'll get your load too mainly wondering though if anyones got any tips on how i make the most of my time being face down ass up in my hotel room taking anon loads... be the best cumslut available in london ?
  13. cumholes

    LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    Thanks guy... have now booked Ibis Euston... can be cancelled still so if anyone else has any other recommendations they are still welcome BBRT is cumholes87 ill set up an event on there soon i've never took even one anon load before but started prep last year and have proudly become a total BB cumpig, the thought of anon sends me wild so i'm planning to get a good 30 loads over this weekend please feel FREE to give me your nut anyone got any tips for how best to get the best out of my weekend?
  14. cumholes

    Bareback Dilemma

    hey... i started prep last year and it was the best thing i ever did! it has allowed me to be the absolute bottom cumslut pig i never realised i was. i know you said cost is an issue but it is possible to get it delivered to germany from the same place i do, it costs around £30 per month or about 40 euros a month if you buy 6 months supply. look at the website - technically it says you can't get delivered to germany but if you look on the link there's a 3rd party courier who will get it to germany http://www.purchase-prep.com/european-union/
  15. Hi guys, I am visiting London at the end of September and looking to take as many loads as possible over the weekend COMPLETELY ANON. I'll be advertising my arse out on grindr, BBRT and on here for a NO LOAD REFUSED policy. I need to know which hotel is best to book on a budget which will allow lots of guys to cum and go? I've currently got Travelodge Vauxhall booked (I can cancel), but I believe there is a key card for each floor? People have previously mentioned putting selotape on the door latch on whichever floor I am on so I'm thinking of that option at the moment but if anyone's got any better suggestions of more ideal hotel's PLEASE let me know??? Much appreciated Cheers Cumholes

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