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    U.K. guy living in Singapore but travelling for work, normally wanting anon pump and dump when travelling
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    Pump and dump, or being pimped. Gangbanged

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  1. Cumdump guy visiting over Easter... any recommendation for hotels with no key card required access .. love to be ass up/face down but find most Sydney hotels have lift key restrictions. Not worried where I stay, the sleazier likely the better!
  2. Cheers ... maybe u add a load to my ass whilst I am there
  3. My mate wants to whore me out whilst I am in DC for a weekend in March any recommendations for a hotel suitable for anon action with direct room access... in an area which will be popular with blokes who wish to use my load collector ?
  4. Been in Hong Kong for the last 24 hours and have a dripping hole for most of it! Cock 1 - Philippino guy on his way home to his wife drops by to dump a load. Door ajar and ass up dumping situation. Cock 2 & 3 - local HK uncles at the public showers ... both small cocks but load givers Cock 4 - fellow resident in same hotel, think Irish. White load mixed with 3 Asian loads ...some sleep... Cock 5 - Asian American on his way to the office Cock 6 - the boyfriend of the Asian American (sent by him because of the wetness of my hole) - fed some of the wetness to me!
  5. Capital Hilton has always worked well for me...
  6. Trying to register with doublelist and having problems dont have a US phone number for verification and it states not accepting registrations at this point... any help or advice anyone can give?
  7. Neg on prep Scottish Btm Slut staying in NYC next week (E47th at 3rd)... looking for tops to use my hole or whore me out as they see fit.. if interested then get in touch
  8. Found these co2 suppositories for sale, looking for advice if they are any good for clean outs ? When travelling hotels do not always have hand held showers so cannot follow my normal routine anyone used them, any feedback ? cheers
  9. White stocky British guy... neg looking for genuine guy to whore my hole out Friday 23rd in downtown DC hotel Msg me .. if interested
  10. Hilton Midtown happy to be a toilet or cumdump for any top and whoever he chooses
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