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  1. le199611

    Ripe Pits While Getting Plowed

    I got fucked by a guy the other day with the sweatiest stinkiest pits he was shoving my face in them as he fucked me and smeared his sweat all over my face
  2. My first time was with my ex and it was raw. He had a massive dick and came in me too. Every guy that’s fucked me since then has been raw. Never used a condom don’t intend to start
  3. Cheers for the follow man - wish I could get your toxic load 

    1. biohazardboy79


      I wish i could give it to you, dude!

  4. le199611

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    I’m only at 75 ? lot of work to do to boost it up
  5. le199611

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    I’m a 21 year old cum slut from Paris. Love being used raw and abused by dominant tops, especially young guys ?
  6. le199611

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    Fucking love a stinky cheese cock. Sniffing it, licking it up from underneath the foreskin. Same goes for any sweaty hairy body part really ???

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