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    being a furry and a puppy.
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    anything risky. being a slut as a puppy or a fursuiter. ripe armpits, dirty foreskin. smegma is so hawt. love letting normal people fuck me in suit. being degraded is so loved too!.

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  1. I got a fursuit and live near seattle 😉
  2. new to the area and looking for fun with other pups/furries, or who are into them.
  3. Diapers are hawt. both as a bottom or top i love someone padded and soggy!
  4. rang in a 278. I'm ok with this score! now.. to make it higher!
  5. took 5 loads at a St Patties day party. was not supposed to be a sex party at all. but I got led upstairs and 5 people took turns in breeding me. sometimes being the dog is nice [more like always ]
  6. was with my second BF. forced me to drink it. i failed to swallow it all the first time and made me do it again the next day. HATED it at the time and hated it for like the last 12 years when it comes to it in my muzzle. in the butt has always been kinda hot. but lately, i have been doing it in the muzzle again cause im breaking my no list.
  7. I brought in the new year by taking a couple raw loads at a party. by 2am the 1st I had 3 loads in me
  8. I almost don't play if I'm not in gear. for me, headspace is a big part of sex and being slutty. puppy gear gets me into it really quickly. even fursuit sometimes. but there needs to be some headspace and some aspect of kink to get into things. even at a bathhouse or an online hookup I'm in neoprene puppy gear. playing out of gear is like playing wearing a condom, why bother its not as much fun.
  9. looks like i should bark at you when I'm in the UK 

  10. my last was at a friends place after a week of bareback slutty sex. was a nice evening of true piggy fun. first time doing anything as piggy and it was super super hawt
  11. I dont see it as that weird but i know some do but the big one for me is the puppy play. im also ABDL (Adult baby, diaper lover) thought more the DL part. uh, LOVE musky unwashed foreskins and smeg which some find gross.
  12. I got a lot of "Anon is really hot, can i see a face pic?" no..no you can not. i have photos of me on my profile in puppy gear and anon listed for a reason. I get it so often too. its more annoying than when people message you and call you a freak or tell you you are going to hell for being into weird shit (which is highly amusing coming from other gays. XD)
  13. will you be at MIR?

    1. leatherpunk16


      I will not. The requirements of getting around and getting back to home so I can do my job on Sunday morning have too many variables that, if they go awry, could lead to disaster.

    2. SomeGayDog


      a shame, you would have been fun to hook up with

    3. leatherpunk16


      I like to think that I am.

      But if you'll forgive the apparent insanity of the remark, why do YOU think it so?

  14. foreskins are meant to be dirty and pups like me are meant to clean them. thats how its supposed to be!
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