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  1. Traveling cumpuppy taking loads in NYC for World Pride - getting close to my goal of 500 loads (350 so far!) - so no loads refused at this point! Please no PNP. Pics and video available on Twitter - @bammbammbarexxx Name - cumpuppy Location - NYC (June 28- July 1) hosting at Hotel Pennsylvania (BBRT parties listed for Friday and Saturday) Phone (text please) - (513) 275-9789
  2. Traveling cumpuppy in NYC for World Pride on Friday taking all loads. Getting closer to my 500 load goal - (513) 275-9789 
  3. Traveling cumpuppy in NYC for World Pride on Friday taking all loads - (513) 275-9789

  4. Hey guys - help the traveling cumpuppy reach his load count this weekend during some awesome events in NYC for world Pride. You can follow all of his adventures on his “quest to 500” on his Twitter (@bammbammbarexxx) or on BBRT (travelingcumpuppy) - find him ass up in the sling, dripping in cum, begging for the next load! Text 513-275-9789 for details of you wanna breed this sexy pup. Friday June 28 - 6pm - Hotel breeding party at Hotel Pennsylvania Friday June 28 - 10pm - CumUnion Saturday June 29 - Noon - no loads refused Hotel Pennsylvania
  5. Heading into World Pride in NYC this weekend with 350 loads on my record. Hosting a breeding event on Friday evening at hotel Pennsylvania before hitting up Cummunion, the getting bred all day on Saturday! No loads refused all weekend. Follow my adventures on twitter - @bammbammbarexxx or on BBRT as Travelingcumpuppy
  6. Taking anon loads every night after 5 this week - breeding party tonight listed on BBRT, but otherwise, taking all cummers!
  7. Load update - wrapped up IML weekend with 53, bringing the annual total to 278... having a party tonight in NYC which should put me well over the 300 mark! Well on my way to my 500 load goal!
  8. @bammbammbarexxx on twitter - regularly post my travel schedule and document my #questto500
  9. Had a good week in Fort Lauderdale with a party and then hitting up Cubby Hole for a few more! Then went to Saugatuck, MI and took a few more over the weekend - bringing my annual total to 194. My goal is 500 for the year, and I am WELL on my way! Next stops include Zurich, St. Louis, Wichita, Chicago, Nashville, Tampa, and Palm Springs!
  10. 152 so far for the year - well on track to make over my 500 goal for the year... Twitter has been keeping me busy on my work trips, and I just booked International Mr. Leather (Chicago) in May, Wet & Hot (Palm Springs) in July, IPAHW (Indianapolis) in July, and Pig Week (Fort Lauderdale) in December. I may have to adjust my goals **oink**
  11. no key card required - just a security guard that you walk past... a sign says to show your key, but literally everyone knows to just keep walking...
  12. it is definitely a dive... I have stayed here several times, but always specifically for the purpose of taking loads... most other NYC hotels have key card requirements to get into the elevators, Hotel Penn is one of the few that doesn't.
  13. So far for 2019, I am at 79 loads - my goal is to get as close to 100 by the end of January... I am in NYC from 1/27 to 2/6, and taking loads at the Hotel Pennsylvania all week, with a breeding party on Saturday 2/2, and documenting as much on my twitter as I possibly can... #travelingcumpuppy #worldtour2019 #questto500
  14. Update - last night's Toronto breeding party resulted in 21 loads - bringing the total since January 1 to 51 loads! Another breeding party today in San Francisco! #travelingcumpuppy #worldtour2019 #questto500
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