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    Mutual hand jobs, sucking and occasionally being fucked
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    Very closet bi, who had an experience once with a older man and since I crave cock!
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    Someone who is clean HIV neg and STD neg, who likes mutal J/O and sucking.

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  1. anamous2018

    Glory Holes in Denver

    I have pretty good luck at pleasures on Washington. Sometimes you get those guys who block the holes with there feet or chair, but you usually get felt up in the halls.
  2. anamous2018


    Bought myself a 8" realistic toy. Tried it out and at first it was difficult to get in but once I did, "wow" I lmost came in minutes. Now wanting to try it with a real one. Been married for ten years but I continuously think about big dicks.
  3. anamous2018

    Glory Hole

    What I like about the glory holes is that it's so fucking hot seeing a fat cock slide through the hole right in front of your face. First I admire what I see and if pre cum is oozing then I do a taste test. If it's sweet I will automatically deep throat that cock and mik every drop out. If it's bitter tasting I suck that cum out and spray that cum all over my face. Sometimes I will wrap that cock with a condom and back my ass into it. Mmmmm that feels so good. What's your take on a glory hole?
  4. anamous2018

    Glory Hole

    First time at the glory hole was amazing, I must of looked new and lost. One of the patrons knocked on my door and asked to watch the movie with me. I did not know any better so I let him in. It felt awkward having some one next to you watching porn but he started to grab my crotch and pulled my shirt up and sucked my nipples. He told me this was normal as he pulled down my shorts and started deep throating me. It felt so damn good and he came back up and pulled out his fat dick and asked me to kiss it. I knelt down to kiss the head and he slowly push my head as more of his dick went in my mouth. He groaned as he started to taste sweet and long strings precum was coming out of his dick. He pushed me back up and went to town on my cock until I shot my load all over his face. I went down and finished him off he tasted delicious and now I'm hooked!
  5. anamous2018


    I am craving a fat thick cock who needs drained..I'm thirsty
  6. anamous2018

    Zack Grayson

    Wow I don't blame you...nice package
  7. anamous2018


    I'm dying for a nice fat thick cock, big cummers a plus..
  8. anamous2018

    how many loads can you swallow?

    I had three loads at a glory holes, could of had four but the guy freaked out when his phone went off.
  9. anamous2018

    Incest cum swallowers

    I had a continuous sexual relationship with my nephew who has a bigger cock than I do. We would play Nintendo and and while he took his turn I would slide down and suck him off. Would get him to the point where he had precum leaking and I would wait because I wanted a huge load. When it was my turn he would do the same to me and sometimes I would have to fight him off because he wanted to fuck me. This would continue I let him fuck me. I would drip for hours mmmm.
  10. anamous2018

    Zack Grayson

    No never heard of him, how beautiful is he?
  11. anamous2018


    I need a fat large cock! Can anyone help me? Please be clean
  12. anamous2018

    Pig slut bottom for Ft Collins private group

    Use an app called Grindr seems to work fine
  13. anamous2018

    Molested as a kid

    I was molested by my cousin who came down to visit over the summer. I had to share my room with my cousin since we were close in age. He was 16 and I was 12, he was more developed physically than I was but anyhow we had to share a bed and I typically slept naked but left my underwear on. I went to bed early to get ready for school and when he came to bed he slept completely naked, I could see the silhouette of his body in the dark. Now I am sleeping with my back towards him and he lays in the bed almost like spooning. I didn't pay much mind as I went back to sleep but then I felt this wet spot on my lower back and when I reached down to see why I was wet I felt something stingy and sticky, and accidentally touched the head of his cock. I quickly moved my hand away and pretended that it never happened. Thought maybe this is the way he slept in bed so I paid no attention. Dur6the night I can feel this hard mound pushing on my ass and I was getting that wet feeling again. This time he spoke up and said, " aren't you getting hot, you ought to sleep nude like I am it's cooler." So I unthinking removed my shorts but felt weird doing so and later on I felt his dick slide into my butt crack and he kept pushing until his dick was at my asshole. I moved forward and turned on my back to sleep so I can avoid whatever he was doing. He at this point started to accidentally touch my cock and kept saying ooops. So I moved back to my side and he did it again he pushed himself really close to me and pushed his dick back by my butthole. I could feel the head of his dick spreading my hole open so I turned over facing him and he was sweating up a storm. I fell back to sleep and once again I woke up with that sticky feeling on my lips. I licked my lips unknowingly what it was but it actually tasted sweet and tart. I opened my eyes again and his dick my on my lips and he was acting like he was asleep and his dick was oozing pre cum all over my lips. I was opening my mouth to wake him up and he shoved his dick in my mouth threatening to not say anything. He kept moving back and forth till he shot his warm liquid in my mouth. He told me to swallow otherwise he would tell what I did. I did and it really tasted pleasant. The next night he pushed his dick in my asshole and came inside of me to where I couldn't walk the next day.
  14. anamous2018

    Sucking Married Guys

    I suck alot of married men, but the only draw back is that they cum way too fast. I like to take my time with the cock and just enjoy the flavor.
  15. anamous2018

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Last load received and given was at the pleasure arcade in Denver, was walking by a glory hole and his huge black dick was just hanging through the hole, so I lifted his meat and took his load while another patron was taking mine at the same time.

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