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  1. steve-tmq. I would love to make bareback breeder porn, as a poz bottom with you. Hit me up. (323) 970-7700. Thanks, Mark
  2. There aren't any tops in LA. They all became bottoms. Pozwhore1968
  3. Say what U will.... the rest of the world views us all as faggots. They give no destination between tops & bottoms. 2 bad, in most cases, we do. 👁️'m a bottom. But, make no mistake, 👁️'m millions of times more a man, than every top on this bitch. Just because 👁️ take it in the ass, doesn't mean 👁️'m not a man. & 👁️ resent any Gay man who thinks otherwise. Believe this ladies, if 👁️ bent any of U so called "Angry Tops" over & just put the tip my dick in Ur ass.... U'd B screaming, yelling & crying 4 me 2, "Please take it out Sir, it hurts!" & yes, that is the voice of exper
  4. Gay male here, though when I was in the closet, I did have sex with women and loved it. When my marriage failed, I decided to come out. I never thought I would ever be into being fucked raw or unsafe. But as I experimented with using Crystal Meth to enhance the feeling of taking a man's raw cock in my ass, I soon after taking my first slam at the old Hollywood Spa, a Gay bathhouse, add a dose of Ghb to rid myself of any remaining inhibitions and as I felt the rush., I knew I wanted to be HIV positive or have Full Blown AIDS. Or anything else for that matter. So the journey began. 6 1/2 years later I was playing with this awesome white guy who said he thought I was very brave to do this, said he would be all too happy to infect me with his big poz cock. A black friend of his said he wanted to poz me as well. He infected me alright, but not with HIV. He gave me Syphilis. Nice huh? As I was getting rid of his Syphilis, I got the news that I was waiting for. I am now, HIV positive. I haven't suffered any ill affects in almost 3 years since being diagnosed. And I'm not on any meds. 

    Long story short. If you come to Los Angeles, I will make the attempt. I can't promise you I will be successful, but you never know until you know. And even then, you don't know. You can contact me through this website. For security purposes, for both of us. 

    Hope to hear from you. Then again?



  5. I have answered Sarah Palin's call. Former straight guy into fucking pussy. Became a bottom faggot. Got infected HIV positive 3 years ago and happy about it. I now hear Sarah Palin calling me to make the ultimate sacrifice. I want to be painfully blood raped and infected by dying AIDS menso at the end of it, I will be in the death phase of AIDS. I can't wait to die of AIDS for our mutual sexual perverse pleasure. All you AIDS men rape and murder this willing faggot. My life is such a small price to pay. Hail AIDS death.

  6. I feel, if you tell your top that you are a cumdump, then you'd better prove it and take any and all loads given to you, by any top, no questions asked. Just take the risk and take the loads.
  7. I would love to be fucked and infected with your AIDS cum on camera in your homemade porn. Just be sure to make me a copy. Woof.

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