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    southern calif ventura county.
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    Sexually adventurous,verse top but do love to btm too.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    Hard working adventurous type.
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    Playmates!Neg or poz.Top or btm...am looking for a dedicated gifter or a hit and run poz man.Very much love young bottoms who need to be bred.:)

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  1. signed up to attend"Ball Buster's"looking forward to it!:)

  2. Used to think stealthing was an evil despicable act and only a real psychopath would do that.But with prep and condoms and such the real burden is on the uninfected to remain that way.As a neg guy I accept that risk and realise the virus wants to live on and the infected men in the early most infectious stages experience a dramatic increase in libido as the seed seeks new ground in which to grow.They become tools of that need,and a bridge is formed in the union of sex with uninfected men.I find the idea of the seed sensing neg uninfected prey nearby and guiding the host towards contact communion and infection of the unconverted as a perhaps more common means of hiv contacts than most would suspect,especially given how many men are stealthed and pozzed as a result.I will accept it if that happens for me.:)
  3. chargedodger

    Bottoms touching their dicks

    I LOVE watching a bottoms cock bounce and dance while I fuck him.:)
  4. chargedodger

    Very short fucks?

    Adore quick cummers too!:)
  5. chargedodger

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    The risk aspect shouldn't be discounted.As a very young man the question was always if a man would respond to my interest...my crotch watching or licking my lips at him in the mens room, all the things I did with my heart pounding hoping he would take notice and know he could have his way with me.The same excitement plays out today with my chasing.Can I get a poz man's interest,and get him thinking about fucking me and blowing a toxic load into me?Can I get him to WANT that...to crave it?Its a high stakes game I am playing and I can win AND lose.Can handle the life of a poz man if that happens.:)
  6. chargedodger

    Older Bottoms. How do you get what you want?

    I am 63,bugchasing and look good enough to turn heads at the baths or adult bookstores.Video booths are a fav breeding zone!As I have gotten older have become much more of a top and find there are LOTS of younger men that want a good hard fuck fom older men like me.I ADORE young guys...and am only too happy to top them.Haven't slowed down too much but seem to be enjoying it MORE.:)
  7. chargedodger

    Neg guys don't mind fucking a poz bottom

    Neg and LOVE to top.If a man who was poz asked me to fuck him bareback I would.I know the risks and am okay with them.If a bottom wanted to poz me up that way I think that would be hot!:)
  8. chargedodger

    HIV risk and Older Men

    63 and ditto what the rest of my older brothers said!:)
  9. chargedodger

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    I was 12 and a half or so.Was masturbating and cumming dry for some time,one nite finally ejaculated.Was amazed at how far it shot!:)
  10. Been having an email chat with a fellow chaser on bbrts and he used a phrase to describe how rare it is to find a poz man who is not undetectable and still toxic...he called it "unicorn hunting"...I like that!:)

    1. ronnie4u


      Same here - love to see the results !  :)   :)

    2. Willing


      Love to see him unicum in my ass, mmm😋🍆😈

  11. chargedodger

    Taboo question to ask a poz guy?

    I ask out of a need to know how they have handled the change....if it is a subject that brings up a lot of anger or resentment then maybe they have a lot to work out,and maybe I could help with that.I am by nature a caring nurturing sort.If they answer in a way that shows they have handled it well and perhaps even sexualized their poz status that definatly makes me view them as a sexual partner.The dream date is a man who chased to poz,and now enjoys gifting.:)
  12. Needing a breeding.:)

  13. I like this discussion. It completely on track for more raunchy SEXUAL encounters. Let's just FUCK!  Can't get enough anymore. 

    1. chargedodger


      Agreed!Confident poz men are so rare tho.

    2. chargedodger


      off work for a couple days and my ass is available.:)

  14. chargedodger

    Any taboo perv

    Like being of service to poz men including being ordered to bottom bareback for them.:)
  15. ummm...I'm in love with your ass....:)

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