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    southern calif ventura county.
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    Sexually adventurous,verse top but do love to btm too.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    Hard working adventurous type.
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    Playmates!Neg or poz.Top or btm...am looking for a dedicated gifter or a hit and run poz man.Very much love young bottoms who need to be bred.:)

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  1. chargedodger

    Any taboo perv

    Like being of service to poz men including being ordered to bottom bareback for them.:)
  2. ummm...I'm in love with your ass....:)

  3. Don't ya just LOVE waking up with morning wood?:)

    1. workmyhole


      What's better is when there is guy in bed with you to share the morning wood.

  4. chargedodger

    How did you learn to suck cock?

    The meat man at the local supermarket taught me a LOT.Was out with my mom while she did the grocery shopping and like any cock conscious young man his crotch caught my attention...he caught me looking as he punched the time clock and put on his meat cutter apron.Coming around the counter he said hi to my mom and asked if he could borrow her son for a few minutes as he had some heavy boxes to move and needed help,and that he would pay.Followed him into the cooler where he threw off his apron and dropped his pants,and pressed my shoulders down so I was on my knees face to cock with his rapidly swelling member."suck it" was the only command needed...Did the best I could and it does come naturally I think,and soon he was fairly raping my throat with long deep thrusts that hit the back of my throat.The salty taste of precum was soon replaced with a gout of semen as he erupted ,and I blew some of his semen out my nose as it choked me.He pulled out,and I saw a bead of cum swell out of his piss slit and liicked that off too.He dressed and put his apron back on,pushed me out of the cooler and gave me 5 bucks,and after wiping his cum off my face with a paper towel took me back to my mom.Told her i was a big help and thanked her.Her suspicious gaze was there,she seemed to think something was not quite right but I showed her the 5 dollar bill and that seemed to work.Went grocery shopping with mom quite often after that.:)
  5. chargedodger

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    omg...instant bone reading this!Love the twisted cheater and the mistaken identity aspect.Well written!:)
  6. Have had a storyline brewing on this very subject.Involves an std that endows its carriers with ability to pass strong psychoactive components with semen during ejaculation causing a very intense euphoric state in the inseminated,resulting in addiction to semen from infected tops,and eventual certainty of infection in those who keep seeking the sexually transmitted high.
  7. chargedodger

    Sex Roulette RP game

    Ooo mila you my kinda girl!:)
  8. chargedodger

    Disappointed in CL

    Have had a LOT of fun meeting guys from craigslist adds.Be more discrete in your wording maybe.:)
  9. chargedodger

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    Verse here...love to top or bottom!Despite getting an early start at 11 years old as an irresistably cute kid for some reason never got around to actually fucking a man and cumming in him until I was 35 years old.Had an active bisexual life and loved fucking women,but never topped another man until I met Sierra...at a local bar catering to alternative oriented customers.Sierra was a CD...part of a drag queen show that was at that bar for a show.Bought him a drink at the bar where we sat and talked for better part of an hour...and we both remarked how quickly a natural rapport developed.Invited to accompany her group to the local holiday inn where they were staying I naturally said yes and we were all soon naked in a room with two beds and much action going on.Sierra was a very beautifuil cross dresser and when the clothes came off the way cute man he was soon had us kissing and my cock getting blown...just regular gay stuff.Others in the room were already fucking and we watched....then he said he wanted me to fuck him.Told him I had never done that.His eyes got saucer big and he said"Really?How does that happen?NEVER?!?"Gave a quick explanation and it was clear he was very taken by it,and excited at the chance to bottom for me.So we did it,he on his back because he said he wanted to watch my face...pulled his legs back exposing his pucker smeared some cream on it and waved me towards heaven...My cock quickly found home plate and the head popped in....the feeling was indescribable hot slick and inviting deeper thrusts.It was a GOOD first fuck...memories of seeing his eyes watching me and that cute lil smile as I fucked him,and soon ejaculation was imminent,then a reality.Deep and intense,it remains as one of my most memorable orgasms.Never saw him again,as I lost the paper he had written his number on.But I very much wanted to as we had a very natural rapport and connection going.But carried forward a love for topping men that continues to this day.Thanks Sierra.:)
  10. Kinda nice to be thought of as a hot daddy type and have a young admirer.:)

  11. chargedodger

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I want to feel a man ejaculateing in me knowing he is poz,and possiblt infecting me.Want to experience the fuck flu conversion process as his virus multiplies within me.Want to see me status change from neg to poz and share that moment with him.
  12. chargedodger


    GOOD for you!Remember on the other side of that GH is a man equally happy about servicing YOU!:)
  13. chargedodger

    Just joined and I’m finally ready

    Welcome!Come sit on my lap and lets talk.:)
  14. chargedodger

    Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    Don't understand total bottoms...Get that some guys just ARE that way but...wonder if some were turned OFF by some early negative experience?truly verse here,love to top or/and btm.See a skinny twink ass and just HAVE to fuck it.An older hot daddy type makes my asshole twitch at the sight of his hard cock,But a young man with a stiff dick does the same thing for me.And an older guy with a pucker winking at me makes my cock throb....man I am SUCH a SLUT.:)
  15. chargedodger

    First Fuck Location

    Why thank you.:)It was my very first sexual experience too.Soon discovered there were LOTS of men in my hometown who found the blonde haired blue eyed skinny kid I was irresistable.Grew to love sucking cock after learning how,loved getting fucked and feeling a man cumming in me as they usually bellowed at that moment.First time I ever came was between a man's lips.Learned how to "read" a mans interest by how he looked at me,and found if I stared at a man's crotch he would get the message,and in time an oppourtunity to be private with him would present itself.Got the clap at 13...that was quite the doctor's appointment.Most of the men would give me a few bucks too,and that's how I paid for summer camp!:)

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