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    southern calif ventura county.
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    Sexually adventurous,verse top but do love to btm too.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    Hard working adventurous type.
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    Playmates!Neg or poz.Top or btm...am looking for a dedicated gifter or a hit and run poz man.Very much love young bottoms who need to be bred.:)

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  1. chargedodger

    What's the best way to take someone's virginity?

    If he is interested in it and wants to learn how to bottom he must have a part of his sexual being that needs to be released.He sounds like a bird with wings he has never used.All that is needed is a good comfortable seduction,the moment a hard cockhead touches his pucker nature will take over.:)
  2. chargedodger

    What's the best way to take someone's virginity?

    Wow am stunned!Very well written.:)
  3. chargedodger

    How Do You Know?

    I think this is cute!:)
  4. chargedodger

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    What is ugly?find the more time I spend with a man his ugly looks disappear.Besides all men look better naked.:)
  5. chargedodger

    Cut Or Uncut?

    uncut gives you foreskin to play with.:)
  6. chargedodger

    Best LA Bathhouse

    I miss the Corral club.:(
  7. When in the zone cumming doesn't alter my state of horniness.Usually stay hard and can cum several times a nite.
  8. So Fucking HOT !  HOT !  The first time knowing your needed a Dick / story !     :)

    1. chargedodger


      Why thank you!:)

  9. chargedodger

    What Just Happened?!

    Sweet story!Thats how a young guys gets broken in and introduced to fucking in public.They should be welcomed seduced and enjoyed!I surely owe a debt of gratitude to the older man who poppered me up in a abs videobooth and fucked my 19 year old ass that had been there teasing men every sat nite for weeks.He openned the sliding door so many could watch...Even thru the poppers haze I could hear"alright"! and "It's about fucking time!"From the guys watching my first public fuck.He came pulled out and told me it was about time I grew up as he re dressed.Then he left,door open and me with his seed running out of me and a few guys still looking at a young man who had just been fucked.One stepped forward and enterred the cubicle dropping his pants exposing a hard penis that begged for release.More poppers and he was pressing me up against the screen as a hard rapid fuck ensued.He shot pretty quick too,but after he left I closed the door and latched it,ignoring the taps and noises outside.A man in the next booth took my still throbbing cock thru the gloryhole and my own seed soon left me.From that nite on anytime I was there it was like as a member of a club,guys said hi squeezed or pinched my butt and generally made me feel welcome in a way they never had before.Came to enjoy putting on a show,and to realise there is in the gay community a celebration of sex in public that many of us enjoy.I am 63 now and many times have seen a new guy getting seduced as I was,maybe we all were,and it always brings a smile.:)
  10. chargedodger


    Well written and thought provoking story.Kudos!:)
  11. chargedodger

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    Definitely unplanned.Knew NOTHING about sex.A horny older man popped my anal cherry in his camper and came deep inside me with his hand over my mouth.1966.:)
  12. chargedodger

    Number of days without cuming

    Interesting topic!I am 63 and at two days I am generally getting horny,at a week I am constantly cruising.LOVE being an older daddy type now!:)
  13. signed up to attend"Ball Buster's"looking forward to it!:)

  14. Used to think stealthing was an evil despicable act and only a real psychopath would do that.But with prep and condoms and such the real burden is on the uninfected to remain that way.As a neg guy I accept that risk and realise the virus wants to live on and the infected men in the early most infectious stages experience a dramatic increase in libido as the seed seeks new ground in which to grow.They become tools of that need,and a bridge is formed in the union of sex with uninfected men.I find the idea of the seed sensing neg uninfected prey nearby and guiding the host towards contact communion and infection of the unconverted as a perhaps more common means of hiv contacts than most would suspect,especially given how many men are stealthed and pozzed as a result.I will accept it if that happens for me.:)
  15. chargedodger

    Bottoms touching their dicks

    I LOVE watching a bottoms cock bounce and dance while I fuck him.:)

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