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  1. omg the perfect rough pozzing scene!:)
  2. I am 60 and 175.I adore smaller guys as a top or btm!Wait...maybe I just like guys in their infinite variations.:)
  3. well as a bottom its kinda up to us to read a man's needs...lotsa men need a good workup before fucking,learn to edge them to get them loaded with cum and near the edge of orgasm.Then get them inside you and let nature do the rest.:)
  4. No I don't get bored sucking cock.Its the openning act in a developing sexual encounter,a good sign we are going to be intimate on a deeper level or it can be just a gay "Hi I LIKE you!"sorta thing.:)
  5. I can cum again,but the real sexual driver for me when I bottom is "a man is fucking me...:)"and I love that.:)
  6. I didn't decide to be gay,that decission was made for me.The first time a man seduced me I knew nothing about sex at all,and each man after that dragged pushed or motivated me further down that road..:)
  7. yeah.:) Love cocksucking,its usually the sign he and I are going to go all the way with this.:)
  8. drugs and alcohol works to help still the jitters.:)once he is poking a hard cockhead into you nature takes over.
  9. Don't have any sex toys but DO have a sweet memory of one!Only used it a couple times it was owned by a friend.We played for a couple months in the mid 1990's.It was a thick clear silicone rubber tube openat both ends.You and your partner inserted from opposite ends.Squeeze all air out and fuck in it.was a lot of fun!He may have made it as I have never seen another.
  10. Love this!Sweetest boy/man trap ever!:)
  11. Never thought much about it,first time was kinda forced on me as a boy and just accepted...no craved is more correct-from then on.it was fun cruising park restrooms,public pools and anyplace a man could get blown.Lotsa times got a ride hitch hiking that led to a stop off in a citrus orchard.:)
  12. not felt like that in many years,But yes...have felt like that was my highest purpose at times.:)
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