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  1. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I want to feel a man ejaculateing in me knowing he is poz,and possiblt infecting me.Want to experience the fuck flu conversion process as his virus multiplies within me.Want to see me status change from neg to poz and share that moment with him.

    GOOD for you!Remember on the other side of that GH is a man equally happy about servicing YOU!:)
  3. Just joined and I’m finally ready

    Welcome!Come sit on my lap and lets talk.:)
  4. Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    Don't understand total bottoms...Get that some guys just ARE that way but...wonder if some were turned OFF by some early negative experience?truly verse here,love to top or/and btm.See a skinny twink ass and just HAVE to fuck it.An older hot daddy type makes my asshole twitch at the sight of his hard cock,But a young man with a stiff dick does the same thing for me.And an older guy with a pucker winking at me makes my cock throb....man I am SUCH a SLUT.:)
  5. First Fuck Location

    Why thank you.:)It was my very first sexual experience too.Soon discovered there were LOTS of men in my hometown who found the blonde haired blue eyed skinny kid I was irresistable.Grew to love sucking cock after learning how,loved getting fucked and feeling a man cumming in me as they usually bellowed at that moment.First time I ever came was between a man's lips.Learned how to "read" a mans interest by how he looked at me,and found if I stared at a man's crotch he would get the message,and in time an oppourtunity to be private with him would present itself.Got the clap at 13...that was quite the doctor's appointment.Most of the men would give me a few bucks too,and that's how I paid for summer camp!:)
  6. Secret Admirers

    Profiles can only tell ya so much and pics may not even be real,or him.Usually have to meet to tell if there will be anything happenning between us.Some VERY hot guys do not express themselves well with words.
  7. how to made a sissy for BBC

    Hi Morgan...the process is more psychological than physical.What the mind desires the body will provide.Thats why so much attention should be paid to the process....It is VERY much like befriending a wild dog.Properly done the bond and loyality between a dom and sub is very strong and something BOTH need and desire.We are building a relationship....not just having sex.:)
  8. How do ya'll feel about the Big Guys?

    I adore big guys!Getting pinned under all that weight as a hard cock spears me and knowing I cannot escape...some very hot experiences with big guys.:)
  9. how to made a sissy for BBC

    This subject needs to be explored in a bit more detail maybe.Ideally you want a young white boy about 18 to 20 thin,waifish even,the kind of kid you know gets NO sex and that will play into your plans.Scout out one at your normal places especially places where a minimum of clothing are worn,the gym,pool,beach...so you can accertain weather his body is to your liking.When you have a target in sight get to know his name,and say hello by making his aquaintence by some means.Call him by name every time you see him,and stand close to him.Make sure he knows your name and keep telling him until he responds to you by name.When talking to him,always stand with your crotch pointed at him,even from a distance.These are signals he will pickup subconsciously.Any chance you get at the pool or the gym to be around him naked DO SO...and keep your cock pointed at him so he will see it,and if you catch him staring compliment him about something.You are grooming him for a sexual role don't be shy about touch.Remember you have to get into his MIND...using subconscious signals eventually all the parts will fall into place as your friendship develops.Get a locker above his so you can stand over him naked as he sits on the bench,let your cock bounce inches from his face.spend as much time naked around him as you can.After this has worked on him for a while make sure he sees you watching him,and when he does TELL him you just love white boys and that he is cute!And smile when ya say that so no offense is taken.Any chance you have to place a hand on him,spotting at the gym or at the beach...do so.Develop a touch familiarity with him and press it if he withdraws.It seems verymuch like befriending a wild dog doesn't it?When the two of you become comfortable enough around eachother invite him over for a beer or a joint,whatever it takes to get him alone with you in your home.Watch the game or whatever and change into gym shorts only..and encourage him to do the same,maybe even buy him what you want him to wear.At this point you will become overtly sexual,stare at his lips,at his crotch,nipples.stare at him.Let your desires be known subconsciously and he will accept it when you kiss his shoulders and neck.Remember to use weed or alcohol to disinhibit him,and soon you will be lip to lipin a sloppy wet kiss.Free your erection so he can see it...make a display of it.Ask to see his,and just play.Put his hand on your cock,encourage him to stroke it.A hand behind his neck and gentle pressure will encourage him to tasts it,and maybe even suck it.This is an important hurdle to jump because it is an overtly sexual act,and you need to build on this by returning the favor.He needs to cum on your first encounter,that will be another barrier crossed.When he erupts in your mouth take it all,kiss his nipples when he is done,say he tastes sweet and that you enjoy his company.Lay with your weight on him to encourage his interpretation of your dominance and kiss him again,make sure some of his semen goes from your mouth into his.And if he accepts this,slide up his body until your cock is pointed at his lips and look down at him as you press it between those lips.He has allowed you to orally copulate him and he will most likely return the favor with a bit of coaxing.Push your erect cock all the way in to the back of his throat,and when he gags pull out a bit then do it again,he will learn how to take you if you insist.Encourage him with compliments and suggestions,and tell him when you are going to cum and do it deep and make him accept your cum in his mouth.Remember while you sucked him off rather gently you are now orally fucking him,and it is key to defining his position in your future sexual relationship.Take some time now so you can both cool off and enjoy eachothers company.Thank him for being there,and for any sexual favors shared,give plenty of positive feedback and don't be in a hurry to get him to leave.Maybe make dinner,order pizza etc.Your first sexual contact must be important enough to encourage him to return.Make a date before you part ways,assuming he doesn't stay that nite.Make sure you will see him the next day or no more than two days later.You have planted a seed and a relationship is budding and must be tended.In the next installment we will turn up the heat sexually in terms of activities and roles.:)
  10. Celebrated the first week of legal weed with a visit to a fav abs video arcade.Invited a young man into the booth and knelt before him and eyed his crotch,junior got the hint and soon had his cock between my lips.Read his body language and when he started slamming his cock deep into my throat I knew he was close so picked up my game and he soon gushed.Sucked out all I could.:)His cock still twitched a bit when he pulled out and it was beautiful sight there glistening in the flicker from the video screen.He hurriedly yanked up his pants and fairly ran out of the place,perhaps embaressed or even frightened by what lust had made him do.But he'll be back.The man who had watched us thru the gloryhole tapped at the door and I openned to to admit a middle aged latino man.I adore uncut cock,and as it went past my lips he ran a hand down my ass and touched my hole,and finding it lubed pulled out of my mouth and turned me around.Pulled my levis down exposing myself to him and that bigheaded cockHands on my hips he pushed that cockhead against my pucker,pausing for a moment to hold poppers under my nose/In the hard popper fueled rapefuck that ensued my own seed gushed out,forced from my body by that big headed cock.pooled in my jockstrap and settled around my balls.He came pretty quick,pulled up his pants and left.I left too,driving home with juniours cocktaste in my mouth and his semen coating my tongue,and a latino man's seed deep in me leaking out as I drove.Man why can't EVERY nite go like this one!:)

  11. Baths

    As a young man at the video arcade in back of the local abs I usually got free tokens.They thought it was a good idea to keep young cute guys there so the older men would spend money to get a booth next to mine...gloryholes and action were the attraction.Not quite the same as a sex shill at the baths but along the same line of thought.:)
  12. POLL: At what age did you take your FIRST load?

    Hi Billy-great story,and you seem to have dealt with your seduction as a boy rather well...Maybe this story-yours,mine and all the other guys who had a young introduction to gay sex-is much more common than polite society wants to believe.Sad your lover didn't see the value in developing a relationship with you.You may have interpreted that as rejection when it was probably the legal consequences he was responding to.Was fortunate to have several older guys in my young sex life who formed a window into an adult world and life into which I was growing.I saw how work,marriage,money and friendships- all the stuff of which adult life is composed -articulated in a man's daily activities.Saw lots of men who were unhappy with their life situation too-trapped in loveless marriages,had wives who drank were true bitches etc and swore I would NEVER get trapped like THAT.I OWE all those guys a debt of thanks for helping the younger me develop a perspective that remains to this day.None of us is here to be miserable,a martyr on someone else's cross.Sometimes wonder if some older men develop a sexual interest in boys as a way of re-connecting with a time in their own lives when they were happier carefree and innocent.
  13. 2 days off after a hard workweek.Looking for a lil christmas gifting...any horny tops want to donate?:)

  14. Give Yourself to Me

    Well written and well fucked.:)
  15. have thought about this question for a few days.I am vers,love to top or bottom with equal enthusiasm.Love the feel of a man's cock fucking me.Love the cum spurting out deep inside,but truth is lots of men just don't cum when fucking another man and have to jackoff to orgasm then plunge back inside me.Thats okay.Once in a while run into a man who is hard dominant and insistant and bottoming for such men takes me back to the wide eyed 11 year old boy that was me taking a cock for the first time,heart beating wildly scared and excited at the same time,not really understanding what was going on but went thru with it.Rode my bike home with cum leaking out of me,full of questions and nowhere to get answers and an awakening desire and passion to do it again!:)

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