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  1. Sucking with condoms

    Yes I have done this many times!Way back before they knew much about hiv and everyone was scared but still HORNY adult video booth sex sometimes called for condom use or I wouldn't get to suck a cock at all.So developed a technique of putting the unwrapped condom on my mouth and rolling it down his hard shaft with my lips.Rather do oral sex without one but it was fun to see guys react to this method.:)
  2. how to made a sissy for BBC

    Believe this sort of enslavement appeals to far more white boys than you might think.The first time he sees a black cock his interest is real,and a part of him wants to experience it.It may become part of his sexual fantasy,thoughts and desires start to revolve around that whole black/white thing.A smart black man will see this and act on it,befriend,cajole,let him walk thru the doorway that has opened for both of you.Remember that black cock is a strong symbol of dominance,and he will submit to it eventually,and crave contact.At the outset he may not even BE gay,just curious,and you can build on that.Remember he needs this as much as you do,and he will crave the taste of your penis and semen,and if you can get him that far you are nearly home to where you should be,him pinned beneath you taking your erect cock deep inside him and submitting to that first insemination that is destiny for BOTH of you.
  3. Good Friends Are Hard To Find

    oh please continue....:)
  4. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Think the burden to disclose sorta lightened up with the advent of prep,pep and so many poz guys being med compliant and undetectable.If you are NOT on prep and going to the baths and taking raw loads you are accepting the risk.
  5. New law signed by the governor changes the charge of intentionally exposing someone to hiv from a felony to a misdemeanor.Evidence cited in bill support said new drugs make living with hiv not the debilitating death sentence it once was.Curious if this will make more guys stealth.

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    2. pozpig


      I agree that having a signed risk consent would be ideal and should be enough evidence to eliminate full responsibility of the infected party. Unfortunately it's been my understanding that such documents, even those that are legally notarized are not binding and not admissible as evidence should it come to that. That is the aspect that I find to be wrong and unjust for those who truly do want to chase and why there are a far greater number of guys going out to anonymously stealth. I personally do "screen" guys who want me to infect them, always leaving the initial meeting to meeting ONLY with the clear understanding I only wish to meet and no sex or gifting will take place until later meetings. I can usually determine if the guy is genuine or just masturbating to the fantasy. Unfortunately thus far it has resulted in no one continuing on a second meeting. Not that I choose, but that I am very forthcoming that it's just a meeting to find out about the guy and subsequent meetings will likely involve my attempt to fulfill their desire. It's amazing how many calls and texts suddenly go unanswered or even better, they're suddenly too busy or unavailable all the time. I think my personal experience goes to show that most guys are just talk and little or no action. 

    3. chargedodger


      Probably true for all chasers but at some point most of us WILL commit to what we desire.Just take a long time for some,some might NEVER commit and stay at the permanent wanker stage and some just go to the baths and slut themselves out for annonymous cum and get pozzed that first nite.Your attitude and behaviour is admirable.:)

    4. chargedodger


      Your comments are causing me to re-evaluate my actions.It is one thing to play around at the baths or adult video arcades etc and take annonymous cum of unknown status,and quite another to meet a man you know is hiv pozitive and toxic for the express purpose of deliberatly infecting myself  by being his bottom and accepting his seed into my body and life.While the former behaviour depends on the "safety"of the unknown, it has been my practise until now.Ready to take the next step and get more deliberate about this now.

  6. Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    I adore small cocks!Don't know why really,just find them so much more interesting and fun that a big slab of meat.:)
  7. POLL: At what age did you take your FIRST load?

    lol..Rotz we were same age!11 years old here too when that first load of cum ejaculated into my rectum.Blonde blu eyed freckles and slender made me a pedophiles wet dream walking.After that shock of first seduction soon realised there were a LOT of men that liked the boy I was,and several told me they had been watching me for YEARS.Had an absolute BLAST as a kid and young man.
  8. So, do we discuss Kevin Spacey here - or ignore him?

    The amount of emotional trauma the victim endures differs with a LOT of variables.The age and sexual maturity physical and mental of the victim being perhaps the most important.We have laws against sexual activity between adults and kids for a reason-to protect the kids freedom to develop on their own at their own PACE.Spacey was wrong to have any inappropriate contact with an underage person.Has NOTHING to do with being gay or straight.
  9. First Fuck Location

    In a camper behind the local alpha beta supermarket.I was 11.And LOVED it.:)
  10. Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    Level 6 now for past few years,before that level 4 to 5.Never used a condom as top or btm and still neg too.
  11. The Conversion Club

    what can I say?This has me rockhard and asshole twitching...:)
  12. Video Arcade Breeding

    Adult bookstore video booth sex is an important part of the gay cultural imperative!:)
  13. Thx for following me. 

  14. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Neg,so says oraquik as of end of sept.:)
  15. Practice makes perfectly good sense. Especially when you want to be the best fuck while getting POZd. Transport yourself into taking as many cocks and loads deep session's. So when that toxic load hits. You'll be an uninhibited CUMDUMP worthy of more loads. 

    1. chargedodger


      sound advice.:)thanx

    2. AZRawPig


      Yes!  I happen to believe in the practice. And if it feels good repeat often as needed. 

    3. AZRawPig



      Someone I admire too....use of dildo's can bring about lots of interesting results especially; when sharing it with another pig. 

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