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    Austin, TX
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    Dicks, Cum, Gaming
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    Just an otter passing by, if you wanna drop a load feel free.
    I have a bf but we are in an open relationship.
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    A raw load pumped into me, I wont ask status and i don't care about looks ;)...
    If you wanna piss inside i won't stop you

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  1. god damn that cock

  2. No condoms allowed. I want to get my load counter up to above 100 before october, I'm at 3 :P. (last guy used a condom :<) I won't ask your status feel free to pump away One warning: Im hairy Piss fuck for extra points xP
  3. Hello, I'm harmmoo but just call me Elijah. I've just joined recently, my craving for cock led me to this forum late one night and I've lurked for maybe a weekish now. I need some loads for my backdoor <3.
  4. God yes, and then it starts to get so bad you can't focus on anything else because all that's on your mind is cock and where you can put it.

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