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    far too many to list
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    100% vers. BB only. Limits are scat and animals. Love anon, cruising grounds, public toilets. Fucking a nice receptive arse. Getting fucked by a top who really knows his stuff. Chemfucker into cruising, sucking, fucking, camming, flying, pissing, smoking, sounding, breeding, jerking, cottaging, swirling, slamming, clouding, pumping, sharing, edging and spunking deep inside. Love Adidas shorts, nasty verbal about all things poz, biohazard tatts and pierced cocks.
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    I've never been in any despite a couple of offers. Nor do I really use it - especially when fucking. I'd rather focus on the local action.
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    Spunk up my hole and holes for me to spunk up.
    Personality and character far more important than looks. NO TOTAL BOTTOMS. A completed profile with decent pics. I see it as a huge red flag and don't usually give any time to guys who can't even be bothered filling in their profile.

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  1. hot profile/pix mate

    1. alwaysready


      great name. I feel the darkness closing in on me and I cannot resist it longer.

  2. Hey there what's going on stud 

  3. Good comment on Chasers post bro! :2thumbs::drool:

  4. Hey mr, looks like we're neighbours...

    1. demon4semen


      Why's that - where r u?


    2. AIDSfaggot
  5. New tumblr poz blog

    Following you bro. You might like mine too - piercedkruptor.tumblr.com
  6. I used to live in Oxford but now Manchester


    Can you or anyone you know here give me demon seed?



  7. Hot - thanks for following. Post your profile name/s on other sites or put up a gallery so we can see more and (us who are poz) could potentially arrange to meet up. Enjoy the journey you are on. You only get one.

    1. wanttoconvert


      Thanks.  I appreciate your comments, as well as, your interest.  I'd definitely like getting together with you and get bareback poz fucked and converted by you and those of your choosing for a high quality dvd porn video for say, toxxictube, or some such.

    2. demon4semen


      Be careful about discussing gifting outside of the backroom forums (even on your own profile wall). I got kicked off the site and had my posting privileges removed for a while *without any warning* for this. Post is still on my wall despite being so apparently shocking. They are unnecessarily heavy handed about it and don't seem to care about how upsetting and aggravating it is to have it done when it could be avoided with a simple message advising what was wrong (not bitter... much).

    3. wanttoconvert


      Oh, that's what the 7 point warning was about.  I can't figure this site out.  I find it difficult to understand and the terminology,  geez.😲

  8. sorry I missed your chat message

  9. Sorry I missed your chat message - Welcome to the site -  make sure yo fill in your profile and upload some pics!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fistulike666


      No hole too small, no hole too large, no holes too many

    3. RotzBBengel


      Right now, it's still pretty small - too small for my own taste, actually...:(

      I want it to look a lot sluttier than it does now...


      But who knows what it'll look like once you're finished with me...:grin:


      DAY ONE:


      DAY TWO:


      DAY THREE:


    4. Fistulike666


      ... now I reckon I can give you a hand or two with that, and a cock at the same time ... then bring myself off deep inside ...


      Dave is such a slut.jpg

      Jerking off inside.jpg

      Push more.jpg

  10. Here boy!! That cock and ass though... woof. 

  11. Looking at your posts, we are a lot a like, such a fucking turn on

  12. You are most definitely my brother from another motherfucker!

    1. FJLinNYC


      Thanks bud!!  :)

  13. Porn Wishlist

    Fuck yes!!!! Now it's you that's speaking my language brother! Agree with every single word. My 'happy place' is my head buried in a hairy daddy's pit while we sleep... salty and smelly and horny and so many things all at once. Nice pair of nips right next to my mouth too.....
  14. Porn Wishlist

    +1 to the decent verbal (toxic themed) and not the repetitive corny soundbites American porn is known for and also the taboo storylines but do it well so we can believe its real. No acting/lead up just primal horny men pleasuring their cocks with each other like pigs/dogs. Film them in real venues like real public toilets/cruising grounds etc - nothing has me reaching for the skip button faster than a glory hole scene shot on a set with a pretend cubicle wall (complete with fake graffiti) that you can clearly see both sides of at once and its clear is pretend. Also, and this is a big one for me - no extended periods of extreme close up on a cock going into a hole, more long shots where you can see the interaction, the eye contact, the sweat, the movement of the whole body. Oh and more pierced cock porn ;-p

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