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    Chem sex, party and pozzed, being poz fucked and converted, the sooner I'm diagnosed, the sooner I can give back either alone or with other perverted poz pigs. perverted fetish(s) blood slammed, getting gang pozzed, stealth pozzing,
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Bathouses, pick up sites, pnp sex parties
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    No experience, however, would be eager to be in a RFC conversion porn
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    If I bottom, a hung poz top. If I top, the youngest boy I'm able to bleed tben breed.

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  1. wanttoconvert

    Jay from Scruff

    Thank you for your comments and for following me. I'm still learning how to navigate through this site, etc. therefore, sorry for the delay i responding back. And fuck yeah, I'd love to get together with you and get bareback poz fucked and bred full of cum by ya! I love taking a poz load from a viral poz pig. Still Negative here and eager to be converted over to the brotherhood.
  2. I'd like to get together with you and get bareback poz fucked by ya!    I wish you could spend a weekend bleeding my hole in order for the line of toxic dna to be bred into me and blood slammed as many times as you wanted to.  All while making a Porn Movie calling it, 'The Conversion Factor'  Fuckin' Hot, huh?

    1. dickluva


      Hail666~! ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your cumholez. I can bloodslam you too. I haven't slammed in years. Def record it. xox

  3. Only when I slam. Then I really crave raw bareback fucking.
  4. thanks for the follow, stud!

  5. I love a toxic poz guy that loves to poz fuck his strain of toxix seed into a wanting and needing hole.  It's very difficult to find such types here in Phoenix Arizona. 

  6. You have a gorgeous cock. I'd love to get poz fucked by it when you convert. I live in NM and have family in AZ. What is the gifting scene like there? In NM it's very slow and hard-heh-to get pozzed here.

    1. wanttoconvert


      The scene here sucks. Plain and simple. 

  7. wanttoconvert

    Jay from Scruff

    The weekend of the 4th of August: I was horny and had just acquired some party favs with the end result of hooking up with a hung poz pig that gets off on breeding his toxic poz seed into a wanting hole, as well as, getting fucked. Jay, hits me up on Scruff and wants to come over and breed his poz seed into me and more than once. I agreed and when he arrived we went right to it. He had a nice cock, great for fucking and deep seed breeding. The more we partied the more intense our sexual interactions became. It was at one point after we had exchanged dna that I had asked if he ever slammed. He said yeah and did he want me to have him admin to me? I said, sure. As I began preparing the point, he asked me how strong I made it. I replied, .60. He asked me to make it a double and that he wanted the first half and then slam me with the rest along with his raw poz blood. I was stunned for a few seconds. But I became instantly boned up, rock hard and began to pre-cum. When he slammed himself, I licked his arm of the little blood that remained and he asked if I was ready? Yeah, I replied. I watched as he injected into my vein the mixture of the t and his toxic poz blood. It was a good slam, I was out of breath for a second as he walked me over to the sofa and bent me over and began to rim and eat out my hole with such veracity. Man, it felt so fucking awesome. Without any notice, he raised up and rammed his cock into me, balls deep, and began pounding until he asked me if I wanted another dirty load? I replied as to be practically begging for it, Yes, please. He must have blown 5 or 6 loads into me, and I only 2 in him. When he left I had cum oozing from my hole. I kept his toxic seed in me until the next morning. I'll be anxious to get tested soon and see the results of that pig nasty, perverted night.
  8. wanttoconvert

    05.20.17 Poz Fucked.

    No, I didn't bleed and yes, I've been tested since that occasion with results of negative.
  9. Hi ... thanks for the rep ... you'd always be welcummed at my BBQs xx:*:drool:xx

  10. wanttoconvert

    05.20.17 Poz Fucked.

    Early this morning, I'm on Grindr and I'm smoking and the more I smoke, the more uninhibited I become. I then saw a guy with a hot body and a screen name with devil in it. He hits me up, "you bottom?" I replied, "Sure." Address? 16 minutes later he's at my door, I have it dark. He walks in takes me to the bed pushes my head toward the center of the bed while positioning my legs and ass where he wants me. In the mirror I see this 5'7" chiseled stud with a red beard and a beautifull huge fat cock and above it his cock below the band line is a bio tat. I took the can of Maximum Impact and sprayed it into a sock and inhaled deeply. As I felt the world exlpoding around me he was fucking me so intently he began to explode inside me! I reached back and with both hands, I pulled his body as close to me as possible and he pushed his poz cock as far up inside me as possible and he moaned. It was so fucking awesome.
  11. Hi ... thanks for the rep. Good luck with hunting your conversion! xx:*:2thumbs:

  12. thanks mate

    1. dad4BBTop


      awesome pics!   way out of my league but ole man can wish!

    2. PozSpandexJock



       I guess your phone number is a mute issue  now.......

    3. wanttoconvert


      My phone number?  Sure you can have it!

  13. Hi Convert ... thanks for the rep & comment m8 xx xx

  14. Hi ... thanks for the follow  ... hope your route to conversion is awesome xx:*xx


    Join Me .....jpg

    Extra creamy pie.jpg

    1. wanttoconvert


      And, thank you for your comments.  I love the pics. A buddy of mine in Tucson, a hung 26 year old, is really toxic right now and were gonna get together next month, when I can take some time off, and he's gonna prep my negative hole for his poz strain as well as in the second point, he'll do half, back fill with his raw poz blood and then slams me.  

    2. Fistulike666


      Have fun ... hope it goes well Buddy.  Spin out one for me too!!  :* xxxx

      Otter slam.JPG

      Spinning out.jpg


      STraighT Up.jpg

    3. Pnpguyny


      So beautiful 

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