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  1. you stole my story from reddit. wow.
  2. I'm probably the only one to object here but i had to babysit a cousin when i was 16. He was 12. We were siting in the loft watching tv and just hanging out and i had a random boner i tried to hide. about 15 minutes later he was clawing at my fly, got my hard cock out then proceeded to start blowing me like a pro. it felt great for about 60 seconds until i realized wtf, a kid is sucking my dick (pretty fucking well) and i freaked out and told him to stop. had to grab his skull to get him from slobbing me to orgasm. never happened again and told my mother he was too much to handle so never had
  3. I lived next to fort riley for years and a lot of military guys are into disgusting raw sex. it's amazing lol. there are quite a few on the apps too. oddly enough a lot have wives and girlfriends and most of my experiences they got off on sharing a bottom
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