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  1. My BF got the shockspot. Make sure you get the control box, it's a lot less useful in the moment when you have to have a laptop nearby for it to work at all. Reasons why over all other options: 1. adjustable speed/depth/range all without having to adjust everything or get up. 2. Linear actuator likely to last much longer 3. Folds up small, which is important for travel 4. Can be put in almost any position 5. He uses seriously big toys (think hanky sized) and it can handle them just fine at the right angles (the arms will tend to sag & become loose under the w
  2. A lot of the stuff on this site isn't that "fantasy" IMO, which makes it all the more hot. Before, I've accepted a lot of stories to be too coincidental or too "over the top" in how intense they are to be true, until I met my current BF. He has done in his past some of the hottest stuff I've ever even read (let alone seen) with proof, and have been lucky to participate in some of that life recently. One of the hottest he told me was his old friend from years ago was a part of a gay rugby league, and basically at a house party he organized my BF to be the party bottom for all these horny,
  3. A week. Can't really do that anymore. Ever since moving out of the midwest to a much more sexually active area I find it hard not to get off every day or at least every other day. Having a boyfriend that riles you up big time helps too. My boyfriend though? He's almost on two months without cumming. Locked him up and he's in heat 24/7. So easy to get him cum and cock hungry now, which of course just gets me hungrier for his cunt.
  4. Was wondering if anyone else was in this situation. Me and my boyfriend have a pretty tight group of friends that are all very sex positive together. Lots of fun parties, but nothing too crazy - some friends use rubber all the time and the ones that don't just keep things casual with quick breeding/BJ and done. Sometimes it's just a bunch of naked cuddling/grinding while high, all a very good vibe. It's all very closed so the risk of spreading STD's is a lot lower since nobody in our group takes anything anonymously - its always between our partners or our closed group. That said, of course th
  5. If you want to cumdump and holding loads you have to do a combo of deep cleaning (we are talking deep enemas that will take a couple hours to expel) and fasting. My bf would do this every weekend - just stop eating for a few days prior and then do a deep clean before getting loaded up. You'll be squeaky clean and pretty much have no chance of browning/accidents all weekend long. During the weekend you can eat as it'll take time for the food to pass through digestion. Fasting is probably overkill for only fucking, if you just eat very well and make sure to eat light the days before you wan
  6. I feel a need to tell someone about this, this was my first experience not only at dore but at one of the "private" parties. Never been to dore, never done anything like this before. Me and the bf went, he's pretty experienced with the crowd - back in the day was a pretty big cumdump. I meet a lot of his old friends from his more promiscuous days, and have a bunch of fun. After getting drinks at a nearby bar, we decide to head to a private party he's on a mailing list for. Maybe I was feeling the vibe of the street fair or the booze, but I was pretty self confident about it. We get i
  7. Hey y'all, guess this is a weird thread since I know this kind of thing is just another tuesday for a lot of folks here ? I've been lurking this site for years and years, love hearing about people's stories, really turned on at the idea of cumdumps, love WS, etc. For most of my life this sort of thing had remained fantasy material for me. I've got a very high (and extreme) libido but am blessed/cursed with it being like a lightswitch - when I'm really into it I don't have many limits (which my boyfriend loves), but can also find myself happy to keep celibate for a week+. I think this is a
  8. This is super hot for me. I could never take it (or give it) raw from the get go. But back when I had a boyfriend every now and then I'd wake up sleepily grinding against him for a good 20 minutes. Just from the precum and the sweat I was able to slowly push in and slowly loosen him up. Eventually with enough precum (and maybe a little spit on the end on my cock) it would be enough to full on fuck a load into him.
  9. I think its super hot. But anyone else having trouble finding stuff online involving this for man on man? Most chastity forums I've seen seem to revolve around mistresses and femdom which isn't my thing at all. Or it's a guy who has a tumblr/xtube that just does occasional dildo play while locked with no real keyholder. Or (my pet peeve) a tumblr that is nothing but reblogs of porn studio pics with models in cages instead of original content. Where are the couples? The keyholders? The guys who are serious into it M/M? IMO one of the hottest things is seeing or reading about a guy taking a
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