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  1. As a early 20s boy, I can hookup with most guys on the apps I want to so I have a fairly large pool of guys so I generally go for the type Im very attracted to. My first 2 hotel gangbangs were anon but I had seen the guys body and dick pics to know I was attracted to them. my third gangbang a top was there with me and he used my phone and invited truly anon tops over to duck me. Never saw their face or picture and waited for them blindfolded. Found it way hotter not knowing what the guys looked like and just focusing on being a cumdump. I took 10 loads that night and saw none of them
  2. I’ve been advertising my glory hole on a bunch of different sites and have had a really good turnout in the dc area
  3. Anyone else feel that suck cock the best through a gloryhole? I love not knowing anything about the top (other than knowing he has a nice cock) and being able to suck without him watching me so I can really get sloppy and worship it without being embarrassed. It’s so hot peppering up and having an anon cock slide through and feel it grow hard in your mouth.
  4. Have had 3 regular cocksuckers who could remove their dentures and give me a gumjob. Feels a lot more like a pussy and love it when the bite down and their gums press on my cock like a cunt clamping down. All 3 got off on me being verbally abusive, I’d call them Pussy mouth
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