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    traveling, piss play and taking toxic cum
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    been taking any load for about 3 years, but started chasing fall 2015. tested august 18 - still neg! Poz my ass in 2018
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    Toxic Cum and Hot Piss.....and experience lots of kinky sex and piss play!
    Berlin is my dream town....

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  1. FUCK.... I want to be POZ!

    1. aussiepoz


      MMMM - you need to join the club man

  2. still NEG - fuck how is that possible?

    1. Saturn1


      OH, NO!!! Sounds like you thought that you were going to be officially poz. How long have you been trying? Sorry that you are still neg!!! :( 

    2. bigo420


      3 yrs in december

  3. need to convert!

    1. wanttoconvert


      I'm going to Denver to spend two days with a hot and hung toxic poz top!  While on Zoom, he is going to make sure that his hot poz  viris is going to be coursing through my soul before I fly back home!  

  4. In BERLIN and don’t want to leave this city without being converted, charged up and full of TOXIC CUM. where’s my poz fuckers? 

  5. who has toxic cum for me? july includes london, budapest, athens, and berlin - dont send me back to the usa neg

  6. fuck i want to be toxic

    1. TagBoy87


      Totally feel you

    2. alwaysready



      finding a breeder is not easy. there are not many left.


    3. wanttoconvert


      So very true.  

  7. Fucking love seeing a young lad want to become kinky toxic cum dump and breeder!  So damn hot

  8. Oh man I need your toxic cum!! Can’t wait to breed neg holes 

  9. need RAW TOXIC COCK

  10. Thanks for the follow!

  11. need to convert! need toxic cum and hot piss

    1. POZaddict


      That’s the way it should be. Offer your kinky neg hole to all seeders and don’t go on PReP to make sure every demon drop of seed counts!

  12. bigo420

    create a toxic cum dump

    chasing and need to convert. anyone in the denver area want to help me out? i wont go on meds and make sure to convert neg ass frequently
  13. so need toxic cum, hot piss and white clouds!


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