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  1. Yep I do too! Have licked many toilets and urinals.... really enjoy urinal chewing gum too! Must tastier out of a urinal than its original packaging!
  2. I generally don't get hard when being pounded
  3. 28 m uk fag in Wiltshire for use! Need fucking and to be used!
  4. When I get funked, generally I'm not hard.. I don't even care nowadays if I cum or not! Just the feeling of a throbing cock using my holes is all I need!
  5. Always wanted to go to Pants, Sop etc but always chickened out when I've been stood outside
  6. I live not knowing if a top will feed me his piss or not! I'd have it every time if I could!
  7. Definitely! Kissing is part of me being a slut! love a strangers tounge feeling around my mouth
  8. I'm a faggot who can only ever have an open relationship. I like cock too much to give my ass to one man!
  9. I really enjoy drinking piss.. and have had quite a few guys piss on my or down my throat. Never been piss-fucked before but realy want to be!! I would definitely drink stranger piss and have drunk piss from an empty drinks bottles out in public many times! Also like to lick toilets and urinals with a nice layer of stranger piss on them. Haven't quite plucked up the courage to bend down, mouth open next to the urinals yet, but its something I really wanna do!
  10. Hotundilad on kik and telegram
  11. I've had a fuck from a regular guy I saw before corona a couple of times... and other than my bf I havent seen anyone else. 😞 Really disappointing but corona is no fool!
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