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  1. I'm not on prep so probably be a red hood... id only consider a white hood because of stds etc... I know that's pare of being a bb bottom though I'd judge it on the day I go (Sorry for the very late reply btw)
  2. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): faggot/cumdump Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 07932955311 (texts/whatsqpp preferred) (hotundilad = tele.gram or rhotlad92 = k.ik) A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): South West UK (unable to accom, happy to travel) Times you're generally not available: Age: 28 Height: 180cm (5'11") Weight: 68kg (10 stone) Ethnicity: British
  3. Same boat here mate... I got on prep 2 weeks ago and now can't stop having bb sex 🤪
  4. Happy new year!

  5. When I pass my class 1/2 next month I shall be wanting trucker sex ... ass up ready to be used!
  6. 28 yo uk cumdump Wiltshire uk! Hit me up! 07932955311
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