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    Sucking multiple cocks and letting multiple men seed my hole and no pullouts or rubbers
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Pig bottom loves to get face down ass up and after one cock fucking my ass I beg for more
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    Older tops with big loads taking turns cumming in my man hole

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  1. Would love to get in touch with you
  2. I also love to piss in my mouth and swallow and also all over myself
  3. Can host on odd occasions but mainly looking for hosting tops looking for a no recip bottom who just wants to meet and have me suck cock and take cocks and loads in my ass or swallow totally into more than one top at the same time also love to be pissed on
  4. Edmonton here and into all the same tabs raw cock no pullouts bottom here no limits Ill check back tomorrow
  5. I have a guy I met at the gloryholes he shoots a huge thick load I offered him a small personal job of filling a 3/4 cup with a sealed lid and storing in the freezer in between cumshots and when it’s full to the lid he brings it to my place with his buddy he feeds me the giant ice cube of cum and after I eat it all the two of them stick there cocks in my mouth for me to suck and have two fresh loads to make it worth his time I toss him $30 for each full bottle
  6. The key to enjoying drinking piss is have both parties drink lots of water or beer . i myself piss into a bowl over the period of the evening and then down the whole thing
  7. I love the look of uncut cock it makes me super horny but if my ass is about to get fucked and take a few loads I don’t care either way I love to get high it relaxes my man pussy so I can take a lineup of hard raw cock and drool over having my hole DP,d
  8. Looking for a top host with friends if you have a shower available for me to cleanup I’m willing to get face down ass up no rubbers no pullouts poz friendly cant do late night early evening works best multiple cocks MOST welcome msg me if you can host and have a shower hose for me to cleanup and I’ll msg you my number
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