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    Filled up with man cum all the time, bending over for real men, never refusing a fuck
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    A bottom born for pleasing real men.
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    I want to be filmed being fucked in a sling
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    Real cocky men who knows how to treat a man slut. Men who like to whore my body to their friends.

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  1. You are not Straight. Come out of the false sense of security. If you get sexually aroused by same sex you are not Straight. Most so called straight men who fuck a guy thinking that a hole is a hole are many times responsible for spread of diseases bcoz they think they are invincible. You are a bisexual and there is nothing wrong in accepting the same. Have an honest and open discussion with your woman partner if you have one and avoid bareback sex at all cost. If you hide this from your woman partner then be prepared to be ok if your woman partner is spreading her legs for someone else.
  2. Edmonton is my home town and it used to be a better place for gay hookups. However that has since changed and not sure if it is changing demographics or something else but every time I have visited Edmonton it has become difficult to hookup. Again I am in Edmonton for 3 weekends 16-17 Oct, 23-24 Oct and 29-30 Oct staying at Days Inn downtown 100ave/106street. Just need some bare tops to breed me. Open door and open ass fun.
  3. In fact I was about to start a similar discussion about the obsession guys have for pictures and that too pictures in certain position etc. Once the discussion turns towards certain pictures that's a red flag for me that this isn't going to work out. 95% men on gay chats are people who are either a reject by women or unlucky to find a woman or certain group (ethnic or otherwise) who can't accept their sexuality and scared of losing 50% to the woman they are cheating on. My policy is straightforward. If you are horny enough to unload my ass is available however we have to meet either close to my place that too without pictures drama. If guys are horny and really need to fuck they will make that effort. I have had no problem getting laid on my condition not theirs. After all I am giving them access to my body to satisfy their sexual needs. Sorry but I totally disagree with many here that a bottom should be a dump. Absolutely not. In fact bottom should have more say bcoz if bottoms close their asses to these jerks they are anyways a reject with opposite sex. Go use your Rosie palm.
  4. The issue with virtue signalers is that they say think and do differently. They lack consistency. Most don't even agree to disagree. I have my views on universal health care and I believe that health care should be available for a cost. Just because health care and other social nets are available people have misused that system in such a way that it has become a burden to people who pay their taxes to feed the lazy ones who sit on their asses and collect free money. Social systems are nothing but a breeding ground for a beggar society without self respect. That's what Canada is anyways. I do stand by my statements and people who think free health care is must just reflect how deep rooted lack of meritocracy is in them. I try to be nice to people so a discussion can be done with disagreement in a mature manner but some have this in built character of stupidity in them. Indeed reflects a lot about them too.
  5. That is a well thought out reply. Possibly a myopic view however I disagree with you on the concept of universal health care system. That system is a total waste of money and resources. I do not and will never agree with the fact that the entire society is responsible for the health of every individual. To certain aspect yes but entire health absolutely no. We had one of the strictest lockdowns and that too was not to save lives but to protect the ever failing universal health care system. People who cannot afford health care should evaluate themselves and their profession as to why cant they work better jobs when many of us are really working hard to earn and afford luxuries of life. Thats another debate for another time. However I really liked your reply.
  6. I learned sucking my step brother's cock at 10 years and he was 19 years then. I started getting dry orgasms at 12 years when my step brother used to jerk me off. I came for the first time which was just a few drops and tasted my cum at just after 13 years. My anal cherry was taken at about the same time. While my step brother is married now I still keep him happy from time to time and I envy his wife who gets to ride his 8incher thick one almost every night.
  7. I was introduced to gay sex by my step brother and step father without condoms. The best way to loose anal cherry was to get fully bred. My step father also shared with a lot of his trucker friends so did my step brother who shared me with his jock friends. Never knew what a condom feels like and continued playing bareback even with random strangers at cruising areas, gloryholes and bathhouses. Idea of condom entering my body is so repulsive. Sex is meant to be natural without barriers.
  8. Few surprises for me for sure.... 1. Gifters and chasers are a very minuscule community and that too in my opinion doesn't exist beyond this forum. 2. Hard to believe that many bottoms or to that matter tops are negative but not on prep now that prep has almost become mainstream HIV prevention strategy. 3. Almost hard to believe someone with HIV positive wants to remain unmedicated and risk their own health. 4. I believe it is still criminal to knowingly spread diseases like HIV charged for bodily harm causing death. Am I missing something here?
  9. Human hypocrisy is at its height. Public opinion polls highlight the fact that majority of the western world population is either fully or partially supporting mandatory vaccines or vax passports or mandatory testing. As I had written earlier and got quite a bit of negative comments but what is the harm in rolling this mandatory testing/vax/passport for other infections? Every body reacts to the infections differently. Some may survive covid while others may not. Similarly some may develop complications from STIs and HIV while others may be cured or managed easily. Why such hypocrisy? At least in places where public sex is a possibility. It will keep the community safe just like COVID. As always please avoid negative comments and engage in civilized discussion only.
  10. Sex is always intended to be skin on skin. As a bottom I go through a complete mental transformation into a woman looking to bear life with the top. Some emotions are better experienced than explained. Prefer to be in missionary position always and love to see the lust and then the satisfaction in the eyes of my top. Bare sex and cum inside me completes my being.
  11. Visiting Toronto from 30 July until 01 August. Staying DT on BlueJays Way. Trip to Black Eagle and Steamworks is a must. Seeking sexy company or a quick fuck. Want to ensure my bf is jealous as well proud of his slutty bf and his ass
  12. Visiting Toronto from 30 July until 01 August. Staying DT on BlueJays Way. Trip to Black Eagle and Steamworks is a must. Seeking sexy company or a quick fuck. Want to ensure my bf is jealous as well proud of his slutty bf and his ass
  13. I am aware of the research and link between the increased risk of HIV when other STIs are involved. However if Prep is involved whether that link between increased risk of HIV in case of other STIs still exists is the question? If the risk exists then Prep strategy needs a rethink. Most guys take Prep to protect from HIV and bareback. This eventually increases the risk of acquiring other STIs.
  14. Americans are just name sake liberals but when it comes to sexuality most Americans are pathetic. Urinal hugging towel dance in gym etc are still ingrained in Americans. Whereas Europeans are so open to sexuality. They openly accept the fact that all men have cocks of different sizes and types.
  15. I am still BBC virgin. Always thought black men have huge cocks. But have seen quite a few black men naked in bathhouses and seeing their cocks was a huge turn off. For the ones with huge cocks I am undesirable for multiple reasons including I don't have a white ass. Not sure if that fantasy will ever come true. Had a thing for middle eastern men but they are the least passionate people in bed with another guy. The main reason I am told by many is culturally they remain segregated from females until marriage and pre marital sex is blasphemous. Hence they pound their sexual frustration with a bottom. No feelings no emotions no passion.
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