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    Toronto, ON
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    Poz Tops. Chatting, buds, fucking
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Clean cut guy, friendly, quiet. Busy life. I’m negative but took some Poz loads and for different reasons, it hooked me quickly. I’m not taking Prep- a recent decision. Cool to find a place with so many likeminded men. I really like reading the different viewpoints and experiences and chatting with everybody.
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    I was a stripper and also was there for the earlier live chat show years. At one time I had the most popular foot fetish show on the internet. Don’t have a foot fetish, I was just good at it😎
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    Confident Positive Topmen - preferably over 50, more dominant ( I’m not a pushover) and definitely masculine. I love to service, I love the Poz talk and I love the Loads. I’m open to friendships, fuck buddies or one offs.

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  1. How goes? Neg bottom in Toronto. Love to meet you. 

  2. Last night after not going anywhere for I hooked up with this Poz Bear - an older guy. As soon as I walked in he said “Drop”. I cleaned his workboots with my tongue then he shoved a true 8 inches of Poz cock in my neg hole and shot it deep. Thank you, Dad
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