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  1. Any toxic pigs in the dc Baltimore area?
  2. Haven’t been able to since COVID, but during a convention in DC MAL. I put on a hood and went ass up after a slam. Took 11 loads that night. I loved how silky and wet my ass felt. My bud who was with me used it for lube and added his. Then I pushed it out as it dripped down my leg
  3. God you are so sexy. Come to DC and get all the raw cock and party you can handle
  4. Dc metro area looking to slam and take as many toxic loads as possible gulz26 on signal and twitter at THEgulz
  5. Just stumbled here 6’0 200 7.5” vers bbc nice ass love to pnp. Smoke or point don’t know my status been taking lots of raw loads hoping they’re poz 😈🐷 in the dc area
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