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    Kik or wickr me at throwawaycub Getting fucked everyday and pure, raw,no pull out sex.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Im in Colorado now but I am southern boy and I started taking dicks very early in life and have never looked back. Always bare, never pullout( except to push it back in) Grew up sucking down sweaty redneck cock everyday very very early in life. Once I hit puberty I grew a fat ass and started getting fucked and sucking cock constantly, rednecks, southern black dudes, thugs, wiggers, asians, married men, senior citizens, school friends dads.

    Now I am a happy cumslut with a wonderful boyfriend that is just as perverted as me. I take cock from all races and types but a trashy white guy, cholo, thug, ruff trade type guy will get me going and I won't stop. I like my men to be clean smelling except for pits, those can be raunchy bad( fuuucking woof!!) kinky fuckers that just want to fuck for hours and flood my hole and churn butter.
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    Tops to flood me or whore out my ass to any taker.( short and sweet) I am kinda sub, like to do what I'm told as long as it gets me cock filling my mouth or ass. My biggest fantasy would be to be the whore and piss boy for a big group of truckers. Just let them use me however they wanted.

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  1. Whoa, you're SEXY AF!!!

  2. Anon bareback loads welcome always shoot up in me and walk away, toxic  Poz loads welcome 

  3. Great feed What s up sexy 

  4. I wanna seed your ass real bad

  5. I'd be down to swap some loads for real. Anyone interested in chatting and doing this for real kik me: cumdumpcub ill happily video eating them or shoving them in my hole. Or even getting a bud to fuck them in.
  6. Almost every guy I hook up with prefers loose hole if not already sloppy with cum. Haven't met too many tops that say I'm loose but I've taken fists and huge dildos. Id say no regrets
  7. No limits but scat, extreme pain and puke. Everything else is fair game. Poz, stealth, rape, pnp. Into donkeys and horses. Hit me up on kik. Cumdumpcub
  8. Honestly trying to force a fantasy never works for me. If I plan on being a slutty bottom I'll end up topping or something. My bathhouse tip is go with the flow. It's the best way to have a good time. Otherwise you'll get frustrated if it isn't fulfilling your grand plan.
  9. really want to find like mind perv for few limits chat on kik, find me at cumdumpcub


    1. bols59


      do you use zoom ?

    2. rawblkmeat


      i have used zoom once   but i dont  remember where can i download it on my PC

  10. That's a tough call man. I would have done a little of both
  11. Last time I was in vegas I never left my hotel lol. So many guys came to my room security actually came by to make sure I wasn't a unregistered prositiute lol. But I love a good bookstore breeding.
  12. I have done this and would do it again. For me it's about letting someone control who uses me. My Sir has taken me to bathhouses and bookstores and made me take anyone he wanted. It's not always about setting up big gang bangs. Having your ass traded for a few bucks, drugs, anything really feels amazing. Knowing that your pimp or sir sold your ass to a random dude off the street. Knowing that you will do anything to make your pimp or Sir happy. Couple times I have had my assed used and bred by really disgusting guys just because my Sir thought it would be funny. And I'm glad I did because it m
  13. If a guy has his cock in my ass, it's going to be bareback for one and two he has every right to cum anywhere he wants. He doesn't need to ask. He is the top. Why in the hell would a bottom get to decide if someone comes in our ass? Tops don't need to ask. Tops should cum wherever they damn well please. no questions asked.
  14. I'm at 15 oral loads and 12 anal so far. Shaping up to be a good year.
  15. Two nasty fucking bottoms like us could do some real damage at a bareback orgy or parTy. Unless it involves shit or blood i dont say no ?
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