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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Poz Dom Top w/ a breeding fetish. Into verbal sub bottoms, restraints, chastity, mpreg, pnp, & poz conversion.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I have a breeding fetish. Neg chasers who wanna get knocked up to the front of the line.
    5foot8; 150lbs, 6.5"cut
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    eager bottoms who want to get poz pregnant off my charged seed

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  1. Love to take your poz load 

  2. I love your sexy pics. And i would love to get converted by you.

  3. hot pics bud.  I'd take that toxic load in a heartbeat!!!

  4. Thanks for the follow, sexy! I would love to be converted by you.

  5. hi

    You sound hot. Need to get bred by you and other tops. Do you have a group session? Let me know.

  6. Hey Hot me is open for your seed to need get permanent


  7. thanx for follow mista

  8. I need to visit Phoenix

  9. Jimmy,

    Will you be the one to breed and poz my hole?  I want it anon and verbal..please?!

  10. Fucking hot! Would love to breed you w/ my poz cock, kid.

  11. Feel free to donate as many charged loads to my hole as you want buddy!

  12. Hot, I wanna donate a few charged loads to that hole...

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