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  1. Ever tried to fuck a bottom's limp dick inside him with your own?
  2. There's a paradox relevant to this discussion that's being treated like the elephant in the room: Nobody likes to be objectified. But when seeking someone to fuck, everybody does it. Anyone want to try resolving that basic incongruity? As far as racial preferences go, as long as they're preferences, in my book that's just fine. It's when the preference rise to the level of total exclusion/stereotypical troupes/exclusivity that I see it becoming problematic. Also, if anybody reading this enjoys doing that fucking cringe pr0n where you're both screaming racist shit while fuck
  3. woof thanks sexy 

    1. FFslutboi


      You are so welcome stud! It's my pleasure, and my nature 😉 hehe

  4. I agree 100%, But the thing is, this website promotes nothing *but* bad ideas.
  5. Last year I had 5 STD screenings and tested positive for 9 different STIs. I tested positive every time I was screened for anal gono, which I guess is easy to pick up and pass around. Little worrying because I've never experienced any symptoms.
  6. Hey thanks for the follow, hot profile

    1. AlwaysBareback


      Thanks. Hot ass slut. 

  7. Oioi, thanks for followin, mate

    1. FFslutboi


      Oink, likewise mate

      Would love to get your strain if you ever visit

    2. Lockandload


      I'd be happy to oblige

  8. You mean all those chubby tops who are only into topping skinny twink bottoms?
  9. I agree 100% although when talking with some tops online they mention wanting a tight hole to fuck, which I can understand that need for friction... To each his own I guess? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Mmmmmmhh I love when tops fuck me like that! And it's even hotter when they don't bother asking and just shove their balls and cock in me 🤤 Seems to happen a lot when I'm ass up taking all cummers at the baths and the tops who fuck like that usually have a lot of stamina so I know I'm in for a nice long load edging breeding session 😈
  11. Okay well now I know for sure I'm missing out on something major 😔 The only times I've even come close, and by close I mean maybe 60% of the way to an O, were when I was stretching my hole by fucking it with big dildos or being fisted. I think the mental aspect probably pays a huge part in it too because the times when I've been really put in my sub place by a guy I've been so aroused that if he had been fucking me at the time I think I might have been able to cum hands free. There's just not many guys who are able to do that to/for me though I guess. 🥺
  12. I've never been able to cum hands free before and I've tried many times to make it happen... Dunno what I'm doing wrong but feel like I'm missing out on something major 😞
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