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    Tampa Bay area Florida
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    Pig fag fuck toy dumpster. Raw loads. No limits..Poz pigs a ++++
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Contact me on BBRT..profile name is listed..or Kik... utiemeup
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    Make me a pornhub faggot poz fuck toy
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    Tie me ass high and let your demons out

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  1. Kinky bondage fag pig love amateur raw video of using sub..breeding.. name it...tie me up anywhere to use me..hit me up with details
  2. Hey.. get back to me. Talk about rainbow
  3. My kinda fucker..Love being tied down and gang raped in motel. No fucking mercy all night. Every raw load
  4. Tampa bay area PNP pig faggot fuck hole..you still need a motel dark room dumpster..tie me ass high to bed....text me 8.one.3 8.four.3 3.one.3.five
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