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    Getting breed
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    Horny fuck bottom taking all cocks enjoy poz loads among other things as well
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    None professional live being videoed and photographed being used and dominated
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    To take as much poz cum and as many stains as possible. Wanting to come over to the dark side where I can live the way I should to be free.
    I have no pride love being used by others for there pleasure.

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  1. Would live it Tampa area show my face would be amazing
  2. Swallow, OMG that's our job, place and duty. Those spitters should have there license revoked from the gay cock sucking society. Makes no difference horrid or amazing it's what we do.
  3. It's awesome can't say enough how good it feels especially if it's big enough to really open me up and hit my prostrate and the second ring is heaven.
  4. Been ganged a few times the best place is a bath house where everyone feels free. Being a bottom cum slut helps greatly cause you know you want it. The pain really there isn't any if you except the fact your going to get fucked good and hard a few times. Was at dreamworks a few yes and was on the horse face covered and have no idea how many fucked me but I do know I took 3 fists in my time there. Once you open up and have a few loads of cum in you it's pretty sweet and feels amazing . Now a few hours later and the next morning your going to be sore and maybe see a little blood but that passes
  5. I've asked them to take it off or pull it off if I can get away with it. But never like getting fucked with one. Like getting breed.
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