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    Barebacking, Bug Chasing, Being a Poz slut, Hot sex leading to Full Blown AIDS . Fucking, sucking, ws, boots, more leather, hot tight workout wear showing every curve of your cock in public (and letting me suck it public) Want to be a fistee
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    GWM , Former Bug Chaser with Full Blown AIDS. AND STILL HORNY ALL THE TIME. With a Super Toxic High VL count.
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    More Poz cum!
    High Viral Load dudes to share
    Hot AIDS wasted looking guys
    Hot sex leading to Full Blown AIDS
    To recharge me with more toxic strains
    Barebacker tops to fuck me all night !
    For a partner to tattoo my body.

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  1. My mouth and hole are waiting. I want full blown too.

    1. Poz2play


      You sound so hot.

    2. funtime42013


      Why not share your bug with me then?

  2. Extremely HOT , Exciting and Beautiful - No such thing as Refusal - Open to taking ALL Loads !    :)

  3. Super Hot profile! 

    Full-Blown AIDS here too.

  4. Would love to play 

  5. Hey ... thanks for the follow ;)

  6. Poz for the last two years and not on meds. Looking for the same toxic full blown strains too.
  7. Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Please post pix. Gifters like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to breed it, & swap too. My VL= 100G. Aidsgifter. Thanks

    1. Poz2play



      Can't wait till I become an aidsgifter like you. 

  8. Guest

    Come up to Kingston, NY 


    1. Poz2play


      Super HOT profile! Makes me horny reading it


  9. I would love to take that POZ load of yours!

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