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    Oral. Anal, 1:1, Groups, Gangbangs, WS
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    Sleazy meets where I can be the filthy sub slut I naturally am

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  1. Group of horny bears tag teaming and loading a sleazy cumdump in Central Park hotel in London. Playing from 5pm, 11 guys and looking for more to cum unload in this sloppy cumbucket. Other bottom bear playing too and available. Comment below if you’re free and up for fucking a raw sloppy hole or two
  2. Better sized rooms, beds in Central Park Both big anon discreet places with easy access. And after a marathon all Night gangbang, breakfast at Central Park is better 😂
  3. Shaping up nicely to be one busy sleazy and messy meet. Anyone on here up for playing with us in a couple weeks time? 😜💦😋
  4. Bottom here. Fabguysprofile is sleazebot
  5. St Giles is ok. Central Park is better. I’ve used both and my next cumdump meet in couple weeks is going to be in Central Park again 😜
  6. Ok first should say this is a cumdump meet. I’m the cumdump and I’m taking loads from 7 genuine breeding bears (who I know and have been bred by before so know they are genuine). Looking to play with a lot more guys though, pump dump and go or play and stay. Where: Central Park hotel near Paddington in London When: Friday 7th October from 4pm til late. Message me below if interested or WhatsApp on 07900 533724 and I can share vids from previous horny meets with these guys breeding this ass
  7. Yes im an admin on some WhatsApp and Telegram groups with around 400 guys on them. Send me private message and I’ll share details or add you if you want.
  8. Yup. It’s addictive. Next cumdump meet booked for Friday 7th October in hotel in London. 9 guys up foR it already…every one of them I played with the first time at one of my last two cumdump sessions. They want more of this arse…which is just fine by me! 😜
  9. I been loaded by a homeless guy in his tent in some woodland. I went back another three times for more. Does that mean I get quadruple points in that category? 😂
  10. Occupational hazard for cumdump and breeders. Well done for doing the responsible thing and letting guys know and hope the antibiotics do the trick quickly for you 😀
  11. I can highly recommend turning fantasy into reality. It’s addictive though. Addicted slut here can’t get enough cock and always looking for guys who want to unload in my arse 😜
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