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    Versatile guy here looking for other versatile,versatile tops or tops

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  1. I go online too a hookup app that I use and went to check my messages I see there is only 1 so I open it and start reading it. He says he is new to the scene and new to the area and was looking for FWB but he was more vanilla than anything else. He is 48 years old 5'10 160lbs average size build likes to give and receive oral and possibly looking to get fucked. He did have an interest on having a guy being tied or strapped with his wrist and ankles to a bed or sling while he gave head. Me being versatile and horny I sent him a reply back saying I was interested,after exchanging a few messages it was clearly going to be me showing up at his place to get head and depending on the connection possibly me fucking him( but I wasn't going to hold my breath) I did agree that if he wanted to tie or strap my wrist and ankles to the bed he could. During our conversations I did ask him if he liked to PnP and he said no. He asked if I did and I said I did but I didn't have to. He asked me why I PnP and how did I do it. I said I PnP because 1 it gets me more hornier and I am more open-minded plus it helps me be more relaxed and I told him I prefer getting right to the point. He asked how much do I point I said normally between a .4-.5. (but I only add enough water to dissolve the crystal) that was the end of the conversation about PnP. We agreed on meeting up the following Friday night. I went home after work grabbed something to eat took a shower and showed up at 7 pm. He opened the door and invited me in he seemed very nervous and I said if you don't feel comfortable we can just go our separate ways and he said no he was fine after some small talk and something to drink he said let's go to the bedroom I went to stand up and got real light headed and dizzy that I had to grab the arm of the chair before I fell, he grabbed a hold of me and said are you ok,still somewhat light headed I said yeah, I guess I stood up to quick but the longer I stayed standing the more I got light headed I made it to the bedroom and as i had my back to the bed trying to figure out why I was feeling like this he turns around and says you sure your ok as he pushes me backwards and I fall on the bed and he jumps on me before I even realize what he is doing and he takes one of my wrist and straps it to this Velcro strap that attached to the bed and grabs my other wrist and does the same thing once my wrist are strapped to the bed he gets off me and I say what the hell you doing he just laughs and says whatever I feel like doing as he starts to take my shoes off and my pants as quick as he was strapping my wrist to the bed he was just as quick with my ankles. Here I am butt ass naked strapped to a bed as he says to me that as soon as the other guys show up the fun will begin then puts a ball gag in my mouth and walks out the door and shuts it. I try to get my thoughts together and start looking around the room and on the bed for anything that I can use to get myself free but all I see is the nightstand so with my fingers I try to open the drawer but the keep slipping whenever I get it open a tiny bit so I try again and I am able to open it enough where I can push it open some more using a couple fingers before it stops opening I lift my head up to see way it stopped opening and my eyes open wide as I look and see the draw is has a bunch of new needles and a bag filled with T and a couple other things then in the corner I see this see this big glass tube and some clear liquid in it. I realize why I felt lightness and dizzy he had spiked my juice with the G he had. Now I know I have to try and figure out away to get myself out of the straps and out of the house when I hear the doorbell ring and a few voices. Then I hear someone say so everything going as planned. The only voice I recognize I hear him say oh yeah it went just as planned he drank the juice without tasting the G he is actually in the bedroom tied to the bed and naked and just to make sure he couldn't yell I put a ball gag in his mouth then I heard them laughing. Then I hear one guy say this is getting easier to trick a guy over thinking that your somewhat inexperienced and get them to come over. The voice I can recognize I hear him say well it was your idea to trick these guys. What this our 2nd or 3rd time doing this then he says I just hope that we don't get caught. The other voice says listen if he goes to the cops they will not find a trace of anything happened here. The house is on the market no one lives here and we always make sure we clean up so don't worry about it. Let's go see our new victim and get him ready so we can use him. Then he says the other guys will be showing up in a little bit and according to the replies I got from the ad I put out there this one is probably the most guys we have had yet. The 1st voices oh really and the 2nd voice says yeah I was actually shocked by all the replies they all that he was good looking and guess who is making a special appearances, he said Sal and Keith. The 1st voice says no way really and then it sounded like he was concerned as I hear him say to the other guy are you sure that's a good idea after what they did the 1st time and the 2nd voice said I couldn't say no to them they would have came no matter what. I just hope the guy in there can handle them. The 1st says well I don't want to be in the same room with them as they use this guy I am very experienced and I can't even handle half of their cocks they are way to big and thick for me. I hear the door open and in walks 3 guys plus the guy who had tricked. And when one of the guy starts to speak I recognize the voice who was doing all the talking before as he approaches the bed and walks over to the nightstand and pulls out the bag of T and a needle and looks at the guy who tricked me and says how much? He says he does a .4-.5 but only adds enough water to dissolve the crystal. The other guy says ok so a .65 will be perfect I lay there struggling and once the point is set he grabs my arm and says don't move you don't want me to miss do you as he sticks me and pulls the needle out and I start coughing and feel that the warm rushing feeling kick in and all I hear is let's the fun begin. Part 2 coming soon
  2. I am probably going to get a lot of negative response and probably some positive responses for what I am about to say here. This subject is like a 2 sided coin do I believe everyone who has been raped asked for it or wanted it to happen absolutely not but there are a few that do and the reason I say that is because I have been been on both sides. When I was in my mid to late teens I was raped by 2 older guys and as much I fought and said no it meant nothing to them, they did what they did because they wanted to and no matter what I did or say they were not going to stop til they were done The 2nd time I was raped it was the same scenario that always played over and over in my head( did I want it to happen right there and then NO.) The scenario that always played in my head more planned out and it was to be played out with someone I could trust. The second time when it happened I was over a friend's friends house there was a lot of drinking and drugs. I am not much of a drinker and at that time I wasn't into any drugs I may have had 2 or 3 beers tops as the day went on I started to feel a buzz coming on but I knew my surroundings and was very well aware what was going on around me. My friend told me he was going to give someone a ride home and he would be back shortly so I said no problem( I was 32 years old) everyone was pretty much gone home there was probably about 8 guys still hanging around and they all seemed to be good friends as they hung around in a circle laughing and talking but they were definitely drunk. I was sitting on this short leather couch when I noticed them looking over at me and whispering to each other 2 of the guys started to walk my way and they sat on either side of me causing me to move in the middle of them. They asked me where my friend went I said he run to the store real quick he should be back any minute but for some reason I didn't think they believed me. Then out of no where the guy on my left side looked at his friend and shook his head as the guy on my right side started to push my head down towards the guy on my left side I started to push my head up when the guy started to undo his shorts and when he pulled his cock out I pushed back even harder as this guys cock wasn't even hard but he was big and thick but as much as I tried to push my head back the guy had a better position than I did plus he was stronger than I was so he just pushed my head down even harder to my mouth was touching the head of the guys cock they said this can go either way for you. You can just open your mouth and let me fuck your mouth or my friend here will just keep pushing down on your head( just as he said that his friend pushed on my head) and I could feel my mouth being forced over the head of the guys cock so I just opened my mouth and for the next hour or so those 8 guys raped me. As much as I tried to fight them but it was an act on my part because once they started it I didn't want them to stop. I do not condone anyone raping anyone but there are guys out there that do want it to happen
  3. My biggest fantasy is meet up with this guy( who has other plans for me but never says or mentioned them to me) from a site and pnp. I get to his house where he has this Playroom/Dungeon. After giving me the tour he says why don't you go take a shower and I will finish getting things together so I said ok, right before I went to close the door he asked me what do I normally do for a point so I said between a .4 to a .5 and he said that it will be ready when I get out. I finish showering and drying myself and walk out in a jockstrap and nothing else he's sitting at the table finishing up the pointers and tells me to have a seat there's a bottle of water where I sit and he says that's for you so you don't dehydrate I twist the cap( not really paying attention if it was already opened or not) and take a big swig he tells me to give him my arm so I do. He finds the vein right away and before I can ask him if I could see the point he's already hit the vein and draws blood so I just let him continue but when I looked down there definitely was more than a .4 or .5 it looked like a .6 or a little bit more. As soon as he pulled it out I started coughing(and I hardly cough) and the rush was something I have never felt my ears were ringing my vision got blurred and I started sweating so bad I could feel the sweat dripping off me. I remember hearing him if I was ok and I said yes he helped me up and we walked to the playroom/dungeon and I went directly to the sling I had trouble climbing it so he held it til I got in it. My head was still swirling so I didn't even notice him strapping my wrist to the sling but I remember feeling him pull me towards him as he was now at the end of the sling where my feet were and feeling my legs being lifted up pushed back but I don't remember them falling back down( as he strapped my ankles to the sling.) After he was done doing that he came back with the bottle of water and I gulped it down to cool my body down about 10-15 minutes later I start to feel somewhat normal and know I realize that he strapped me to the sling and there was no way of getting off it. That's when he said to me plans have changed your going to be used over and over for the rest of the night and depending on how I feel I may keep you for another day. He said after reading my profile and seeing my experience or lack of experience that should learn more and what better way to do that is by letting anyone come and use my hole for their own pleasure by now the T is ful affect and the G that was in my water started to kick in and for the next couple hourly my mouth and ass is used over and over by different guys and when I think it's all over he gives me another point and we are in his car and 10 minutes later we are at this bathhouse where I am on my knees bent over a fuck bench tied to it and guy after guy fucks both holes and the longer it goes on he is pushing big shards in my hole. Before I know it I am walking out his door still high and 2 days later my ass and stomach full of cum
  4. Once Pete and Luke were done coming in my mouth and ass and didn't move til they got soft, Bob was sitting over at the table preparing drinks and points. I was just laying on the bed and thinking about what just happened and my cock started to get hard, I went to rub it but I was stopped and told to get in the sling. I had no idea what time it was so I looked at the clock and it was still early as the clock said 5:15pm I climbed into the sling as Pete and Luke strapped 1 wrist to the sling and both ankles with my legs spread opened and pulled back far enough that my ass was lifted up a little from the sling. They asked if I wanted some water( I started to feel dehydrated) so I said sure, they handed me my cup and I drank half of the water and just relaxed( also wondering why they wanted me to get in the sling), thinking no one was coming for at least another couple hours. Then I went to ask Pete if had posted anything but when went to ask him I started to feel lightheaded and slurred my words as Bob walked over and started to rub an alcohol pad on my arm and put a tourniquet around my arm as give me my second point of the night. When he was done he released the tourniquet and I started to feel the warm rushing feeling along whatever was in my drink and it was like the horny level doubled I reached down with my free hand and started rub my cock and balls pre cum was already leaking out as i was rubbing and playing with my cock and balls I would rub the pre cum on my hole and start playing with my hole as Bob stood on a wooden box that was next to the sling and told me to take a couple hits from the poppers as i was taken the second hit he removed the bottle and to me to open my mouth( again Bob had to be at least 9-10" but not really thick but thick enough) I opened my mouth and took his cock as I started to finger my hole. Luke got dressed and said he would be back and Pete said well I am not just going to sit here and watch. I heard him moving around then out of the corner of my eyes I saw him bring a chair over and place it between my spread open legs then he leaned forward moving my hand away and began to give me the best rimming I had in a long time. He started kissing,licking and sucking on my hole making me moan( I guess the moaning on Bob's cock drove him nuts because he pushed towards me while placing his hand on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and saying oh yeah take it, you horny slut between Pete rimming my hole and Bob fucking my mouth I felt like a horny slut as i started to push my ass into Bob's mouth( letting him know to go deeper) then it was like a shock wave went through my whole body when I was pushing Bob started to stretch my hole with his fingers while sucking and sliding his tongue deeper in my hole. I was in a trance as i started to taste Bob's precum and him telling me take more as he pushed my head towards his lower stomach area. After 10 minutes of Pete rimming and sucking on my hole he stopped and unzipped 1 of the 2 duffel bags he had brought along. I remember him saying which one which one then he said yes this should help open his hole up more. He told Bob to stop for a minute and told me to look when I did he was holding the double headed dildo( it must of been a good 18" long and somewhat thick maybe 3") he asked if I ever had anything this big and thick all I could do was shake my head no. The size had left me speechless but also wanting him to use it and use it now. Bob went back to fucking my mouth but now he started to go faster and deeper then another shock wave ran through my body as he started to pinch and twist my nipple and I felt more precum start to leak out as Pete took my cock and started to lick and suck on the head of my cock as I felt him push the head of the double headed dildo that was well lubricated. I was in total heaven here was Bib fucking my throat and Pete was licking and sucking on my cock and balls while trying getting the head of the double headed dildo in my hole I started to mumble so Bob pulled his cock out and I asked him to undo my wrist I went behind me and did I took both and and placed them on my ass cheeks as I started to pull them apart so the head of the dildo could go in my hole as I was doing that suddenly my head fell back as Bob unhinged the headrest of the sling and now my head was hanging off the sling as Bob moved in and started to push his cock back in my mouth but he didn't stop he kept pushing( in my mind I started to wonder why I had started gagging or chocking it was like my throat never ended then his abs were pushing against my nose as he started to doing short but hard jabs deep down my throat. Pete and stopped licking and sucking on my balls and cock as he instructed me to pull my cheeks open more and when I did he pulled the head of the double headed dildo out and put more lube in my ass and when he put the head back in I could feel him pushing on it as I slowly started to go in and I felt this burning as i knew that he had put some T in my hole( found out later the lube was mixed with some t) but all that did was make my hole open and stretch as I was pulling on my cheeks and I could literally feel my hole stretching as the dildo went deeper and deeper then he stopped with about 6 or 7" in me and then I felt him start pulling the dildo back and then push it forward as I was moaning and I heard Bob say oh my god( the moaning had caused some vibrations) so I kept doing it because I could feel his cock start twitching and in one big push my nose buried into his abs I felt what was 6 or 7 strong shots of his cum shooting down deep my throat. Pete had the dildo sliding back and forth at a good speed and just when Bob was about to pull out Pete pulled the dildo back a little to fast causing the dildo slip completely out of my hole, that happened it caught me off guard and I took a deep breath as i did that I sucked Bob's head back in so he took that as to fuck my mouth again even though he wasn't fully hard he kept fucking my mouth. I heard Pete say oh yeah as i felt the dildo going deeper and deeper then my whole body started to shake as i felt my first ever ass orgasm when I started to orgasm Pete pull the dildo out fast as I felt like I was pissing out of my ass as Bob pulled out his cock and said. Let's get ready for round 3 to be continued
  5. I was online not looking for hookup just glancing around I received a message from a guy on bbrts( his message went something like this @2:26 am) definitely interested in getting together with you. You ok with getting completely naked from head to toes with me? Lick/suck cock,balls,ass,pits and feet all good with me. Can host have sling,toys,ropes,handcuffs and more. Looking 4 now. I said to him that it was kinda late because I had to go to work in a few hours but I definitely would like to get a raincheck. The I said 2 if my big weaknesses are the sling and toys. He replied back ok then asked when would be good and how long could I stay. I told him weekends usually work for me and I could stay as long as he wants then he asked if my head were in the clouds or pointing towards the stars( knowing what he meant I said I prefer pointing towards the stars brings out the pig more than having my heads in the clouds I then asked him what he liked I said either one. Then this is where things took a turn he said I knows some others I can invite over while I am there(blacks,latinos and daddies. Ok or not ok with you. At this point that was the conversation we had( now I have never been gangbanged or even been to one) the most guys I have pnp with was 2 guys. So I asked him are you looking or want to setup a gangbang( telling him that I was versatile and never been gangbanged) but I would be lieing if I told him that I have never thought about it. He asked if I knew how to administer and if I didn't he knew a few guys maybe he could invite 2 of them over. I said that sounds ok but then I followed it up with asking him why dud he bring it up and he said that he always wanted to host a gangbang and film it, going back to the question I said why ask me though he said he liked my pictures and profile where it says like to get my limits pushed and thought that I might enjoy it. I asked him how many guys were you thinking about and he said about 5 or 6 and then I started to get hard thinking this maybe the only opportunity that I may either get so I agreed with certain rules no scat blood and or extreme pain, he had agreed. Then I received a message the next day saying he was thinking about getting a hotel room not around where we live so no one I know shows up,he said we could set the room up with the sling and lay out the toys and the other stuff he had. Then once we were done getting everything ready he would post on quick connect"new meat in town" saying a versatile older male looking for his first gangbanged play in sling and bed toys,lube and poppers will be provided action starting around 7pm. I asked him how many guys are you looking to invite, he asked me how many did I want( never thinking I would find myself in a situation like this so I never really thought about it) I said I didn't know. He then said why don't we start of with 5 or 6 and see what happens I said that was fine. So the day comes we set everything up and I just got out of the shower when there was a knock on the door and he got up to answer it and here comes 2 guys( I find out that they are his 2 friends and they are their to administer the T) we talked for a bit then the older one he's about 55 crewcut blond hair muscular and the other guy was in his mid 40's black hair stocky build. The older guys ask me what my normal dosage is I told him between a .4-.5 but i add enough water just to dissolve the crystals so he had set up 3 points and point the guy who set this thing up( call him pete) I watched as the T start to take affect and he was stripping his clothes off( I am still sitting in a towel) I was asked to lay down on the bed and did( bob)the older guy came over and prepped my arm as Pete removed my towel and started to rub my cock and balls as i felt the point hit the vein( first try) I didn't notice right away but once the point was in I saw it had more than a .5 it was close to a .65 and I already could feel the T going in as and then Pete moved his hand down and lubes my hole up as i felt him slide something in then a minute or 2 later I realized what he slide in my hole as it burned a li3 bit once the point was out the coughing and rush was in full affect and Pete is on the side of the bed pushing my head onto his cock as Bob stripped and told me to look and I saw his cock it was close to 9 maybe 10" and he lived my hole up some more before living his cock up and I felt the head pushing in my hole as my mouth was getting fucked. Bob kept pushing in my hole as I moaned and then he stopped and when I looked he was pointing himself( I have never had anyone point themselves while their cock was in my ass) but this was the 1st and oh my god I could feel the heat from him as his cock seemed to get bigger and harder as now Pete and( the other guy call him luke) were now trying to get both their cocks in my mouth I was told to hit the poppers that was being held under my nose and when I did I felt their cocks in my mouth as all 3 started to get me prepared for the gangbang. After what seemed a long time I heard Bob moaning and saying he's about to cum and pushed his cock in as deep as he could and I that was the first load of the night then Pete pulled his cock out of my mouth and mounted my ass and began to fuck me as Luke kept fucking my mouth just then Pete and luck at the same time( luke pushing my head down his cock as Pete pulled my hips towards him I felt them start to shot their loads. They stayed in my mouth and ass til they went soft. Then Pete said now the fun begins. More to come
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