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  1. Last Sunday night I was with a bottom friend of mine, but as dawn came up I had the urge to get bred. I went online, clear what I was looking for, and a guy under half my age messaged me on grindr. His approach was "Hi Ass pics". I sent three pics and he sent a photo back revealing his slim figure and dark cock (half-latino). "Wana come over". Silly question! Then he sent his location and wrote, "Make sure ur ass is douched and ready for me to breed". I was going to walk there as it was close to the city centre in Birmingham, but was getting unsure of my directions so called an Uber. This was not without complications as the driver headed off in another direction. Seems I had mistyped where I was going. We re-touted and I ended up in a smart street. I found his flat, very nice too, and he took me straight into the bedroom. He was a stunning guy and I checked his age again as he seemed so young looking. Perfect young body in great shape. He knew exactly what he was doing. Got me to kneel down in front and suck him. His hand went down my back towards his target. He repositioned me on the floor and got behind me. Some lube was fingered into my very welcoming hole. Then pushed in. Was a bit sore so he quickly got be lying on his bed on my side and he stood at the side of the bed and penetrated me. Felt so fucking good at that angle. He fucked hard and my hole opened up with each thrust. I was then ordered by this very self-confident young guy to lie on my stomach, which I did without his pulling out his hard cock. He then lay on me and fucked like a rabbit, grinding his groin into me, backwards and forwards. Several times I felt as if he was ejaculating as his cock pulsated deep inside, but he kept going. Then there were some strong thrusts as he shot his last seed in me. He lay on top for a short time as his cum swam around in me, then pulled out. I pulled up my shorts, got my trainers on and left. He needed to cum, and I needed bred. We achieved our goals. I walked off back to my Travelodge with my arse wet and filled. As I walked through the quiet streets of Birmingham, I enjoyed the sensation of the cum around my entrance. Life was great. This is one of the photos I sent the young guy...
  2. Lucky you. Still haven't met anyone through this site.
  3. I was in London this past weekend (Saturday till earlier today) and requested an invite to a party on bbrt, but never got a response. Maybe age was a factor, although that wasn't clear in the details. I found fun elsewhere.
  4. Staying over from the 4th to 6th May and wanting to get bred. Will take any load. May top in return. Is Joxxx still good? Any other recommendations?
  5. As soon as I glimpse a condom...I switch off...unless it is condom to bareback ?
  6. As a relatively new bottom, I found great difficulty in getting some cocks into me. However I bought a ribbed "dildo" that has a pump. I insert it, with enough lube, It is hard at this stage, then pump and it balloons inside, stretching both inside and my hole. It really works well for me. Once my hole has been stretched, it gets used to taking a cock very well.
  7. Had an interesting weekend. Was up in Glasgow and met a guy who I had joined on a previous session with his pal. On that occasion his friend took a leading role and we didn't do much. On Sunday night it was a different story. I went to his flat, but we had to keep the noise down as his flatmate was sleeping. I had strong poppers which did the trick and after sucking him, he gave me a powerful fuck and shot a four-day load up my hole. He had soaked a sock with poppers which went straight to my head. He was a fit guy with strong powerful legs which meant on the bed he pounded into my arse - and it felt fantastic. He was much younger than me and had a hard body. Afterwards I sucked him a bit and he got hard but he had already done the business. He got up me again, but wasn't sustainable. I then rimmed him and sucked and licked between his balls and his hole, which he seemed to like. Relaxing, he said. He was 100% top btw. That night I had chatted to a bottom, but the chat got nowhere. Before leaving Glasgow we chatted again, got his address in Knightswood and arrived there. Got no answer on the flat intercom. Then he messaged to say he couldn't douche sufficiently. Was pissed off as I had taken time to get there to fuck him. This morning I was in Blackpool and, after a lot of chat with folk on various apps, I chatted to a guy. This time I had to get cleaned out. After all that he didn't answer my messages. Gave up on him and started to drive out of Blackpool. Got another message from the same guy, could I come round. Arrived in a bedsit and he went off and brought back an older guy in workman's clothes. He stripped off to reveal the thickest cock I have ever seen. It was fucking incredible. The guy who had arranged it moved away. It appeared I had been invited for this older guy. I looked at the cock and thought I'd never be able to take it. I have only been bottoming for a year, after a gap of 20 years, and found it difficult at first to open up. I, however, have perfected a routine which helps to open me up. I started by fucking him, then he sucked me (good technique) and then I got this fucking big cock in my mouth. Not much more than the head. His red old cock was like a beercan. He then went behind me and proceeded to push some of it in and was able to fuck me, at least with the head which was huge. I couldn't believe what was happening. So fucking hot. He then came...I think out of my arse as, when I turned round, there was a blob of white cum appearing from his slit. We then dressed and he - and I - left happy. Damn it, I don't have his contact details.
  8. See if there is anything on at Bloc South at Vauxhall. Was at Hard On in October and it was a fuck fest.

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