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    bottoms to fuck, generally 18-50 years old, though older can be hot too, and being fucked and bred by guys who turn me on.

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  1. Scottop

    London for first-timer

    See if there is anything on at Bloc South at Vauxhall. Was at Hard On in October and it was a fuck fest.
  2. Scottop

    How do you like your bottoms ass to be?

    Not too tight
  3. Scottop

    Preparing to Bottom - Advice Please

    Really helpful thanks. Ordered it!
  4. Since starting bottoming I am not sure how long after my last food intake I am likely to wait until I can get fucked without shit appearing. I have so far worked on the principal of six hours, then shitting and douching several times. Going to a sex club on Saturday night and want to get fucked for hours without a problem. Any tips?
  5. Hi Scottop, thanks very much for following me ☺️

  6. Stayed at the Vauxhall Travelodge many times, but have to let guys in downstairs. I'm back next month 🙂
  7. Did this group ever happen? I'm down twice in London in October
  8. Scottop

    Aaron Lamb from Pounded

    Yes, that is a great fuck
  9. Scottop

    Bottoms getting hard

    I wouldn't have any problem with you getting hard. Most bottoms I've fucked keep their erections. I see that as a sign of being turned on by me
  10. Aaron Lamb in Pounded was one of the hottest bottoms I've ever seen. Is he still doing porn?
  11. Don't know if I have met anyone on here. They haven't told me.
  12. I'd like to join the Whatsapp groups
  13. I get to London several times a year

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