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    bottoms to fuck, generally 18-50 years old, though older can be hot too, and being fucked and bred by guys who turn me on.

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  1. Hi Scottop, thanks very much for following me ☺️

  2. Stayed at the Vauxhall Travelodge many times, but have to let guys in downstairs. I'm back next month 🙂
  3. Did this group ever happen? I'm down twice in London in October
  4. Scottop

    Aaron Lamb from Pounded

    Yes, that is a great fuck
  5. Scottop

    Bottoms getting hard

    I wouldn't have any problem with you getting hard. Most bottoms I've fucked keep their erections. I see that as a sign of being turned on by me
  6. Aaron Lamb in Pounded was one of the hottest bottoms I've ever seen. Is he still doing porn?
  7. Don't know if I have met anyone on here. They haven't told me.
  8. I'd like to join the Whatsapp groups
  9. I get to London several times a year
  10. Scottop

    I have a 3.5 inch penis. Can I be top?

    There are a lot of size queens around. As long as you can get your cock up a hole and empty your balls up there, no reason why you shouldn't top. I'd let you.
  11. Scottop

    Exploded up my arse

    I went to Blackpool Saturday night; no didn't stay at Trades this time. Got chatting to a guy, let's call him X, on grindr and we agreed to meet later. He was meeting a guy first for some fun. I headed up from the Pleasure Beach to the Tower, comedy carpet etc. Got message that X had gone home after the guy hadn't lived up to expectations. I said I'd message him when I got back to my hotel. I did and we exchanged a few more messages and he offered to pick me up and take me back to his. We got right down to it. Turns out that he had been exclusively a bottom and was now acting as top sometimes. Me in reverse used to be a total top and now occasionally bottoming. He had a large really perfectly formed cock which I sucked on. He practised oral on my very stiff cock. Then I fucked him a bit on his back them he got under me, raised my arse and tried to get in my hole. I was really tight. Then I fucked him more, then he turned me on my side and ploughed in. It was fucking painful but I tried to relax a bit. He was really turned on and raised my arse and fucked me hard. It was both uncomfortable and fucking hot.I pushed back on his cock and took some control. Then he groaned as he started to shoot in me. I squeezed his cock inside in a pulsating manner which made him explode and coat my insides with his cum. When he pulled out my hole was completely wet. I dipped my finger in and licked his tasty cum off it. I managed to keep much of it in me until the morning. Some escaped and left a patch on the bed, which coated by right buttock which was slippy. The rest of his seed I kept inside so it seeped into my arse walls. My hole was sore, but in a good way. I felt totally fulfilled. A former bottom with a great cock and body had got so turned on that he unleashed a three day load. I love being a bottom :-0
  12. Scottop

    Bbrts Profiles

    Scottop UK
  13. Scottop

    Mistakes made as a chaser

    Worst I had in London was I arranged a meet - guy in Kensington. Got an Uber and was on my way when I got a message...don't come, some story about a call he had to make. Couldn't change routes so arrived outside his address and walked off to find a tube station. Costly and annoying.
  14. Scottop

    Jockpussy FTM

    https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a149c7fc8498&pkey=59798522 This FTM turns me on

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