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  1. I wonder what happened to Chris the husband from the hotel. Did he get knocked up?
  2. Doesn't it take a while for the PrEP to work? He's in for a big surprise.
  3. will they find out prep is not 100% effective after just 7 days?
  4. why not use to hide the hetero parts from anyone offended and provide a summary (slept with his wife, now conflicted about it)? wouldn't that work to keep the story in one place, not offend anyone and leave it up to the reader to read the hetero bits or ignore them?
  5. fucking bi and gays they need to get pozzed
  6. If you hate him so much why give him such an amazing gift?
  7. If there's enough interest I might return to this story and finish it. Not before the new year though
  8. will be in Berlin, maybe take some loads. Can stay the night, if anyone's interested.
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