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    BB poz pig. Chased to poz and love gifters and chasers. Charged up since 2/19/09
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    poz breeders for recharging and neg chasers who love taking poz seed.

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  1. Can you hook me up with bbseroman?   I want him to fuck me raw and poz me!  Thanks.

    603-410-7622     Kevin

  2. Thanks for the follow, sexy fucker! Oink!!

    1. dickluva


      Hey Pig, Welcum to BZ~!  Fuckin' Oink~!! :drool:Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot~! Please keep sharing your pix and adventures too... Thanks for following me and reps too. xoxo

  3. Hi.....I live in the NW burbs of Chicago.  I'm off meds and VL climbing.  It's at 26,000 and only climbing.  

  4. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Holla if you go off Rx. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

  5. Are you going to cumunion

  6. One hot pig!!!  

    1. evilqueerpig


      And you're my BIG BAD WOOF!

  7. Fuck!! I want more. I am so boned. Every part had my cock throbbing. Very hot story. VERY HOT!!
  8. I think poz, not on meds guys are sooo hot.   

  9. Thanks for the compliment.  Love your beard too.  Awesome!!!

  10. I like your beard, bud!

    1. curmud



      his tongue is a saliva live invite too

    2. BBBeard


      oh fuck yeah, crumbed, lets use our tongues well with spit sucking cocks and licking ass!

    3. BBBeard


      crumbed -curmud.


  11. I go to monthly piss parties in Chicago. They are 4 hours long, and we get approximately 30-50 piss pigs at the party. We have plenty of water, beer, soda, or gatorade. I drink a ton of piss at the parties, and I have never had an issue. Just keep well hydrated and enjoy!!!!
  12. hell I understand its the feeling of having total control.  the feeling that you will allow anything into your body to get the high

  13. Herpes is very common. Some STI clinics don't routinely even test for it because it is so common. They will swab for herpes if there is an active outbreak, but otherwise they don't even test for it. For some people they will have an initial outbreak and may never have an outbreak again. Some people have it worse. A lot of people will have an outbreak and a few more outbreaks, but the longer they have it the outbreaks are less frequent and farther apart between outbreaks. I would think the statistics that "justsexnowatl" posted are pretty accurate. For a lot of people herpes is a nuisance and nothing more. Some choose to go on treatment to suppress future outbreaks, and some aren't even having outbreaks, but they can still transmit herpes to others. I'm sorry for the people who get bad outbreaks. For the most part I think a lot of people don't even know they have it because they don't show any symptoms or have outbreaks.

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