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  1. Sorry for posting part 5 twice, and sorry again for such a long part 6. I wrote it in 2 very separate occasions, so it came out huge. Part 6 I couldn’t believe how fast this fuck den is getting filled up. Days after Brent showed up, he had a genius idea. “Hire” escorts from advertisements to work for us full-time. Since he was working on getting Johns for Faggot, it would reduce the competition and bring the money to us. After talking to this gorgeous Latino party twink named Johnny for a few days, he decided it was a good idea to bring him over. Johnny was a 19 year-old bag-
  2. Part 5 It’s been 3 weeks with Faggot, but it’s felt like an eternity. At this point, life has become regular, and we’ve faced our challenges. As much as I’d love to, there just aren’t enough local guys around who are willing to pay to dump a load. A few regular clients sure wasn’t enough to count as any significant income, but I made sure Faggot spent his time wisely. I started serving as his personal trainer, getting him to keep that perfect toned twink body. When he wasn’t getting fucked by johns, I often had to leave him chained up alone in the Cave while I went and made drug runs. I
  3. As an Asian slut bottom who loves getting fucked up and fucked ever since the beginning, I have to say there must be something natural or innate in me that makes me want raw cock and cum. Specifically, I have always had an intense worship for white daddies. The older, hairier, muskier, and filthier the better. This even extended to a fetish for truckers, rednecks, military, (ex) cons, etc. These kinds of men are guaranteed to fuck purely for lust and are more likely to not only welcome but also enjoy degrading the bottoms they fuck. I always kept myself smooth. Shaved my legs, holes, everythin
  4. Part 4 Henry crawled over to Faggot and nestled himself behind him, right between those two smooth legs split wide open like a public invitation. "Fuuuuck," Henry groaned, running a finger up from the boy's balls up to his cunt. He donated a generous wad of spit to those used pussy lips before sliding his finger in. "Holy shit, bro. How did you get so lucky to find a boy like this?" "I don't know," I said, grinning. "Maybe good things happen to bad people." "Haha, you're definitely fucked up, man," Henry chuckled. "And he's OK with that?" I looked at Faggot threateningly, and he
  5. *Disclaimer* All characters are fictional, and none of the men displayed here have any relation to the characters themselves. However, I decided to post the men who inspired the images for the main characters. Jaxx (Inspired by Zak James from TIM's Cumsloppy Buttholes) Chris/Faggot (Inspired by ??? from Familydick) Officer Marino (Inspired by Ed Hunter from TIM)
  6. Part 3.5 I apologize - this is a short interlude section. I wrote this at the end of one of my own benders, where I was utterly exhausted from partying and fucking. I practically passed out writing this with my dick in my hand lol. I promise I will write Part 4 and I haven't forgotten about this story. Henry didn't come until nighttime. A classic junkie, he operated on T time and would go in and out of responsiveness. I knew Henry to be like this, but I wasn't about to let Faggot rest. By the time I was done using Marino's sloppy seconds, Faggot looked like he survived a bomb blast.
  7. Part 3 There really is such a thing as a person who was born to be used for sex. Before I had my Faggot, I had always assumed that if I wanted to sell someone's body, I'd have to coerce them and control them through violence. To wipe away a person's entire identity and turn them into an object for gratifying men isn't easy - there's a lot of planning and a wide variety of illegal tasks that need to happen. Faggot, however, was always a bad boy at heart. He had been living with me for only a week, and sometimes I almost find myself having a soft spot for the kid when I see how much he trul
  8. Part 2 I slowly lifted his shirt up his body, not fully undressing him. Before he knew what was happening, he was underneath me on the mattress, his jeans unbuttoned, with one of my hands still groping his nipples and the other hand sliding underneath his briefs, down his dick and balls and resting over his hole. I knew Chris was smooth, but through touch I confirmed he didn't have a single hair on his genitals or his hole. Didn't even have a single chest hair. I felt my dick stir. Fuck. It's like the boy knew exactly what I liked. Don't get me wrong - I've fucked my fair share of g
  9. The Brothel Part 1 My name is Jaxx, and I own one of the biggest, most infamous criminal businesses in America. I've dedicated my life to spreading drug addiction, diseases, and prostitution, and this is the story of how it all started. When I was 35, I thought I was the shit. I was a tan 6'4" cue-ball made of 280 pounds of pure, bulging, tattooed muscle. Some people called me a meathead, but fuck them. When I got angry or aggressive (which was often), everyone shut the hell up. If I wanted a hole to fuck, I could pick from any number of holes that were begging me to fuck them.
  10. Hey Can you please remove all pics/albums in my gallery? Thx
  11. damn I thought even the most extreme things turned me on but this was way too much. this story tries to be as dark as possible but just leaves me limp and kind of horrified
  12. Dude, I'm mostly a bottom but I would totally blow my charged load up in that chemed up cunt.

    1. PoliceManuel


      Would love it me too taking your ☣TOXIC☣ and ☣CHARGED☣ load up my cunt.

      ☣TOXIC☣ load from sluts like you, are the best what I can crave and beg for my cunt.

  13. Part 3.1: Where it Began - Induction as a Slampig and Cumdump Part 1 I remember Ricky in his tight jeans and giant, sculpted body towering over me in his living room. In his ripe forties, he was tan with a few wrinkles, spiky gelled hair, and a goatee. He didn’t smile much. He licked his lips a lot, and I wasn’t sure at the time if it was just a habit or if he was hungry for pussy. I would realize soon it was the latter. For me, he was the human embodiment of sex. Ricky’s living room was truly gigantic, with a plasma screen TV and couches arranged in a maze in between with little gla
  14. Part 3: Three Generations I remember the first time I met Ricky. I was only a few months into eighteen and overwhelmed with the freedom of being able to drive and it didn’t take long before I started meeting guys on bbrt and A4A. Having lost my virginity not too long ago and greatly inexperienced, I was at first reluctant to meet many men online. I guess I was a good high school boy. I did, however, exclusively fuck raw. I knew of the dangers, which were beaten into me in sex ed, but from the moment I touched my first cock, I knew. Was I scared of getting HIV and diseases? Of course, but ove
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