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Can True Submissive Bottoms Reasonably Expect To Stay Neg?

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I think it is possible, as long as you just have the one master, where the master doesn't do bb or allow others to do bb. But that is in the hands of the master! If a slave is told to do bb he should without question. If a sub is pozzed as a result of his masters decisions, the sub should thank the master regardless of whether the he wanted to be pozzed!

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Librayboy - you're making an assumption that the "true bottom sub" you reference is such *to every man he meets*. There are "true sub" bottoms who have met a Sir/Dom/Top/whatever to whom they are faithful, and if he both is negative and does not give permission to his sub to take loads from anyone else - then he's unlikely to get pozzed unless his Sir does first.

Focusing on the issue of "truly submissive" is beside the point - the real issue is, does the bottom take loads from a variety of men, or not? All other things being equal, the more men whose loads he takes, the greater his risk of infection.

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I'm like barebacksaunaslut, a bareback bottom who decided more than 12 years ago to have indiscrimionate bareback sex and take any load who came my way. I'm bottom but not "submissive" in the master-slave relationship. Using definition of "to submit" as "to give over or yield to the power or authority of another" I'm submisive in the sex act of "giving over my hole" to the "power [use] of another [top]"

I've taken more than 1,000 loads and not because I'm a bug chaser, but because I just like to "submit my hole for another to use it for his pleasuree" and I enjoy the feeling when my hole gets creamed. But I'm not a chaser or submissive in the general master-slave relationship.

Im not at all into the masters and slaves thing, never been into calling my tops sir, or all that jazz... no one owns me in that sense.. however my hole is there for anyone to use, i'm there for anyone to use.. no questions asked.

I accepted a long time ago that as i am never going to say no to someone who wants to fuck me, and they're always going to fuck me raw, that invariably, i will one day become poz. It's something i thought long and hard over, and accept fully. I acknowledge, and to a degree, even desire the HIV virus... as no true cumdump, should be neg for long.

Guys doing what i do, getting used by the guys i get used by, in the places i get used, as often as i get used... should not still be testing negative.

When i'm with a guy, my hole is his to breed and seed... he can use it to cum inside, or piss inside... he can also whore me out to any other tops who want to breed and seed me. He can profit from my hole. He doesnt own me in the master/slave sense... i'm not going to call him sir, or boss, or Mr. ABC... In short, i dont identify as a slave.... just as a trashy fuck slut.

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i agree completely. a good sub knows hes a cumdump.

No. a good sub or bottom understands that his role is to be a cum dump. If he is lucky enough to have a Master, his Master has the absolute right to whore him out. If he has not yet found a Master, he needs constantly to demonstrate his worth to potential Masters. This, of course, involves honing his skills and demonstrating them Either way, his destiny is to take loads -- as many as possible. The outcome may not include his every finding that Master and owner, but the inevitable outcome is that he will convert -- and he will be grateful
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I have found this old thread, and have the following opinion.
For me as a sub bottom  the answer "no" is NOT an option.
Will do anything my Master ordered and i know that he loved when ill be fucked by poz cocks and I know that ill be pozzed soon.
Must sound crazy for some people but this is the lifestyle i always wanted.

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When I have been lucky enough to have Daddies in the past. (Not masters) I make it clear to them that they may use my holes to please or service whomever they choose. I don't feel obligated to do it for them. I like that it takes the choice of who can use me into someone's else hands. If they want me to suck off a group of homeless men, I'm down. If they want me to be a urinal and swallow anyone's piss, I'm down. They want to get a group of poz men to convert me, I'm down. I don't need to be whipped and dressed up like a slave. I want to do what I'm told. I don't need the extra shit. My Daddy( that moved away recently) had me taking poz seed all the time. I'm not on prep but I'm still neg. He wasn't trying to convert me but if he wanted to I wouldn't object. He just liked making me take whoevers cock he wanted. Small, large, poz, neg, ugly. Anyone. It was amazing. If anyone would like to be a long distance daddy for a trial. Please kik me at cumdumpcub

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I agree that if you are not on prep it is inevitable that you will become POZ , if your Dom, partner or as in my case Master allows others to fuck and cum in you regardless of status . I am not on Prep as my insurance will not cover it, they consider it a lifestyle drug , just viagra,cialis. Go figure , anything so big insurance companies don't have to pay premiums

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Neg submissive bottom here who does whatever necessary to please my Top Man.  The answer is no for a true submissive.  Unless you have the gene or are on PREP you are gonna end up with the bug.  As a submissive you get pleasure from pleasing and in many cases you will be providing a raw/unprotected asshole as requested.  I never ask status and rarely use a condom.  If a Top wants to use a condom I try to talk or persuade him to go in raw at first.  Most times that does the trick and I end up with the prize.  Cum and Cock are most important to me as a sub.

BBRT- fucknfeedme

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Unless you're a sub bottom who only hooks up with virgins or something unlikely of that nature then unless your on PrEP and that is not 100% then you should be realistic in coming to terms with the fact that you may end up poz, sure you could escape getting it but that would be as likely as winning the lottery.   But if you educate yourself it makes acceptance of the risk much easier and then you can get on to taking loads and enjoying it to the fullest.

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It all depends on the bottom's sexual habits . . .

If he only plays with a few trusted tops his risk will be lower than a slut who's up for anything goes with anyone but there are no guarantees. You never know for sure where his dick has been or if he's a closet bottom taking taking loads on the down low.

If he's an any cock, any load, no questions asked type of guy it is unreasonable for him to expect to stay neg.

PrEP will reduce his risk similar to that of condom users but it's not 100% foolproof. It could still happen.

Bottom line, if you're not on PrEP and take raw loads (especially DADT anon loads) you'll probably get pozzed at some point.  If you're not willing to accept that risk and the consequences you should make him wrap it before he taps it. 

I'm a non-PrEP bareback cumdump and accept the risks of my behavior. I know I'm going to get pozzed someday. It's just a matter of when. I love the thrill and risk of being a cumdump which is why I choose to behave in a manner that some would consider reckless. I take any cock and any load in my ass but do so with the knowledge that my neg days are numbered and it's going to happen eventually.

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      Jamal complied automatically, eagerly. The sweaty, mascinline aroma buffeted away every concern, thought and need, but...
      Slack-jawed, Jamal barely hesitated as he took the pipe, melting the crystal with the lighter before putting it to his lips.
      "Suck it deep. Deep and slow."
      After twenty seconds of filling his lungs, Jamal exhaled a large cloud into the air. The remainder of his doubts exhaled with it. The boy sat back on his juicy black ass, grinning dumbly as his whole body buzzed. His mind was foggy. He felt good... detached from himself, but very aware of every sensation his body felt. He felt warm, electric, open...
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      "Yesss Masser."
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