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  1. young hairless submissive cumdump looking to keep my pussy swollen and drippin in Vegas from January 19-28, 2018. Hit me up if you're interested.
  2. After reading your Bio my cock started dripn lots of pre cum. You really do need lots of cocks. That's GREAT! 

  3. Hairy Backs

    LOVE hairy men. Hair all over!! YUM!
  4. Taking Multiple Loads

    If I am going to have a long night, I have only a liquid diet for 24 hours, like soup broths, yogurts, pudding, etc. I also clean thoroughly before I go out (see shower shot conversation above). And I drink cranberry juice, which flushes out the colon.
  5. Hairy Backs

    i love dom tops with hairy backs!
  6. check out my blog posts for some hot party stories

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    2. hungrypighole


      go to my profile page and click on Blog.  I've got a bunch of bathhouse stories there.  Please comment, so I'll know what you like.


    3. bttmsubslut
    4. hungrypighole


      Club Z sounds fun


  7. An older neighbor used me from when i was 13-16, almost daily. i used to stop by his house on my way home from school. he was my first. when i was 14 he started sharing me with his friend. i loved it. by 16 i was a slut looking for men online.
  8. Tan lines or all over tan

    i like having a tan of a speedo. i'm also pretty white, so a tan line looks hot/ trashy on me, but sometimes it's hard for me to tan. doesn't stop me from trying.
  9. Only Ever Topped or Bottomed?

    Born a total bottom. Never felt a desire to top and have never tried. I am also locked in chastity. I don't even like men touching my dicklette. But I LOVE them touching my pussy.
  10. Do you tell tops you already have loads?

    i tell them if they ask. proud to have man cum in my pussy!
  11. Do You Medicate?

    i wasnt a chaser back then. i just didnt care. i was owned by a daddy back then. he said i'd get pozzed eventually, and i did. i medicate now yeh. with as nasty as i am, i kinda have to.
  12. Daddy / Son

    total submissive bottom son here if any dom top daddies are looking!
  13. Being a total faggot bottom bitch and masculinity

    the only time i feel like a man is when i get to have some man cum or cock in my boy pussy or mouth. i love men.
  14. Aggressive tops

    It's your place to take it. Your ass is there for Real Men. Take it.

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