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Young Bi Guy Takes 3 Loads In A Bathhouse

bathhouse bisexual poz loads
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Posted 02 August 2010 - 03:30 PM


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I was on vacation and headed for the Baths. It had been a week at least since my last visit, and my malnourished Cock tented flagrantly beneath my towel. I stopped to watch a couple guys fuck bareback. Fed up with sitting on the sidelines, I wandered downstairs and passed a cute Dude on the stairs. He gave my hard Dick a wistful look, massaged his crotch, and brushed against me as he passed.

"I have a room," I advised brashly. He nodded and followed me upstairs. His name was Marky, with a beautiful long Dick with purple head, nice balls, and one sweet Butt. And he was POZ.

We both liked three-ways and headed out in search of Pussy. We passed the john, where a young Twink, twentyish, reclined against the wall. When we walked by, we startled him, and his loose towel fell to the floor, inadvertently revealing, to our pleasure, a beautiful straight Cock, hard as a rock. Embarrassed, he reached down to pick the towel up, revealing a Bubble Butt to die for.

Marky and I glanced at each other, literally grabbed the Youth and escorted him to my room, AKA, "The Lions Den." His name was Johnny, and the first words from his lips: "I'm NEG." Marky and I quickly changed the subject. I got down on hand and knees and took the Boy's hard Shaft between my lips. Marky got behind him and slipped his tongue between his NEG Ass Cheeks. I mouthed his Balls and sucked that sweet NEG Shank while Marky began to tongue his Pussy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a POZ Dad I knew well observing from the hall. "NEG," I mouthed in his direction, bobbing my head towards Johnny best I could. Not nice to talk with your mouth full. Soon, the tongue in the Kid's Anus was replaced with Marky's Poison Shaft, and the NEG appeared to love it as Heavy Balls made slapping sounds against his Bubble Butt.

The Daddy in the hallway stole in the room, fucked Marky in a threesome, then slipped it in my mouth for me to savor. That was how he always said "Hello." I sucked that Shaft with relish before he stuffed it back up Marky's Pussy.

Soon Marky started panting hard and pumped his POZ Jizm up the Young Man's Cunt. He pulled out soft, still spasming. The Daddy quickly took Marky's place up Johnny's A-Hole and was the next to Cum, squirting huge gobs of POZ Jizz up the DDF Youth's NEG Pussy. I continued to suck the Kid, as his hard Pelvis ground against my kisser and his spasming Penis thrust down my throat. Greedily I devoured his NEG Seed.

The Daddy and Marky had had their fill, leaving the Twink and me alone on the bunk. Johnny announced he'd better shower. I said the room felt hot (it wasn't just the room was hot) and I was sweaty. We turned on the faucets and showered side by side.

I began to lather Johnny's back and buttocks beneath the shower so I could work my magic on his pubes. Pretty soon the warmth and my massage rejuvenated Johnny's Rod. The Kid was ripe again.

I used my towel to dry him off. My arm around his still damp shoulders, and my wet towel about my neck, I guided him back to "The Lions Den" where he had cum of age. That time I locked the door behind us. They two of us began to 69 as instinctively my hands kneaded his buttocks, my prodding digits exploring his NEG Pussy till—to gratify my growing angst—I rolled him on his stomach. I rimmed that beautiful Mancunt. You get pretty good at it with years of practice, and pretty soon the Kid was putty in my hands.

My own Dick was almost sore from being hard yet unappeased, so I quickly rammed my POZ Rod up his Anus. Obviously he hadn't fucked a lot, evinced by tightness of his Mancunt and his unafflicted Status. Still, entering him was not a problem. With Marky's and the Daddy's Cum in him, I had all the Natural Lube I needed.

Hot as I was, it wasn't long till I was ready the Kill. Gobs of Poison Spooge pulsed up his NEG Pussy, for his 3rd POZ Load that day. I wanted to congratulate the him on his possible conversion, but since the Boy had been the only one to mention Status, discretion seemed the better part of valor.

To top the evening off I flipped him over and sucked his Rod once more. For the 2nd time that night I was treated to a copious Load of his NEG Spooge—presumably, his NEG Finale. I licked my lips and completely sucked that NEG Rod dry, at which time he announced he had to leave to meat his girlfriend.

"A girl?"

"Yeah, he replied, "We've been like this [crossing his fingers] since the 6th Grade." The Kid was Bi! I could almost picture him humping her. I was sure he hated Condoms, which is probably why he'd been so quick to declare his Status in the beginning.

Johnny wrapped his towel about him. "See you around."

I doubted I ever would, especially if the Kid got sick. I wondered if he'd been the perfect setup—and none of us had even been aware.

I ruminated about him for a few minutes, unconsciously jacking as I fantasized, until I decided to head out myself. It wasn't till I was pulling off the sheets till I noticed the massive wet spot where the Twink had lain. The Kid was leaking POZ Cum like a faucet. It occurred to me he probably hadn't even noticed till he was driving home, and suddenly realized how damp his panties had become.

I stretched the wet spot taunt between my digits and tongued off the excess, once again savoring the potent brew of Marky's, Daddy's and my own Cum. What a fitting way to end the evening!

I descended the staircase towards the exit, when who should be ascending but a new arrival—another Young Twink, whose youth and freshness stole my breath away. I stopped in my tracks.

"Wow!" I wondered, "Should I?" "…Nah, not tonight." I'd save him for another day.

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