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Raw Vikings - Barebackers From The Nordic Countries

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Uniting all barebackers from the nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland)


A group-post to gather all raw vikings. So if you are from or live in one of the nordic countries, make yourself known here.




I'm a norwegian barebacker. Vers btm, neg (or was on the test in june 2015)

Looking for hookups, chat and friends for raw fun. Can be more top with some guys.

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3 of us so far, there must be more of us on here

I'm sure there is, but not everybody is logged in every day, or maybe they are not looking so far down on the forum.


I know of at least one more, whom I've been chatting with on Gaysir today.

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The world will never have enough Nordic barebackers :)


Going to Norway soon and eager to try a few loads

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