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Raw Vikings - Barebackers From The Nordic Countries

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    • By Hozzel
      In My Neighbour's Backyard
      By Hozzel
      A loud noise from the neighbour's backyard first attracted my attention. A solid thumping noise, as if someone punched metal over and over. A strange, weird noise accented each thump, like repeated grunts, with a staccato rhythm, "Uh...uh...uh..."
      Curious, I snuck between the leafy shrubs up to the corrugated iron fence and peered between the branches into their big back yard. Next to a big shed, the yard was littered with old cars, parts of old cars, wheels and tyres.
      "Oh, fuck!" I heard. 
      The vision startled me. I hopped back, shocked and aroused at the same time. I quickly peeked over the fence again.
      17-year-old Roger, the younger brother, spread face-down over the bonnet of one of an old car. His fists beat the dirty white bonnet while his bare bum and legs quivered from the hammering he received from his older completely naked brother, Flynn.
      Mouth open, I realized my breathing had deepened and I had become instantly solid.
      Flynn fucked fast and hard into his brother. I could hear his hips as they quick slapped against Roger's bare arse. I saw Flynn's fingers curl and then heard Roger yelp when he thumped the bonnet again. Between his spread legs I could just make out Roger's tight balls and stiff cock. It flopped up and down with every pelvic punch from eager Flynn. As I stared I realized Roger was pushing back in time to Flynn's heavy thrusts. They were fucking each other.
      Roger yelled, "Harder, harder!" and Flynn went into overdrive.
      Clearly no one was being forced here. The boys wanted to do this.
      "Hey! Not without me!"
      Their dad ran around the corner of the shed, dropped his board shorts and kicked them away. My mouth hung further open as I marvelled at his big hardening cock. The grey fuzz surrounding the thickening base was not enough to hide its size. Is he going to…?
      "What have I told you boys about doing it in the open!"
      Guilt and shame suddenly washed through me. I was spying on my neighbours having incestuous male sex. I was peeking, [banned word], a naughty voyeur. And they were men! I wasn't into men, although I had secretly enjoyed trans and gay porn and got off from it. I knew my straight-laced wife would throw a tizzy if she caught me with the porn or doing this. Luckily she was out shopping. I could not help myself and simply had to spy again.
      Peter, their bear-shaped bearded dad with a dragon tattoo on his left upper arm, stepped up behind Flynn, roughly grabbed the boy's narrow hips and thrust that great big hard thing into his son's skinny arse. He didn't take his time and ease it in, he pushed hard and grunted loud, causing Flynn to shout.
      "Fuck, Dad!"
      "There's a real bareback cock in ya now," the older man said firmly. He slammed against his older son and the late teenage son pushed against his younger brother. "I know you love it up the arse just as much as Rog."
      Flynn cried out as his father began to fuck like mad and let out a continuous loud moan. It escalated into a non-stop holler which quavered from his pounding. The hairy older man held his son's hips and just hammered relentlessly.
      Flynn shook from the body hits and Roger kept pounding the bonnet and yelping, "Shit, that's good!"
      That was it. Decency be damned! Intrigued, I unzipped, pulled my hard dick out and began to wank the foreskin back and forth.
      I watched them go at it for the next five minutes. Peter, clearly a strong fucker, never missed a beat. He never slowed or paused except to change his footing. He fucked his boy hard, with an ongoing animal growl, until, suddenly, I saw his shaking rear clench. I heard a loud grunt and watched the boys' father jam hard and deep.
      "Feel that? Fuckin' loading you, boy," Peter said loudly.
      Roger yelled something like, "You fuckin' got me goin'! Gaaa…" I glimpsed his cock jerking and guessed he was coming, too.
      Their dad slapped and grunted a few more times then pulled out. His singlet topped chest heaved from deep breaths. Fluid dripped from his son's arse. He turned toward me and motioned, "Come on over and join in!"
      I could not believe it. I was caught! Embarrassed, I scrambled back.
      I heard, "Come on, hop over, Ben. It's okay, isn't it boys?"
      Peter's bearded face appeared on the other side of the fence. "I knew you were [banned word] on us. My boys like to be fucked and they don't mind bein' watched. They do it to each other all the time. They're supposed to keep it inside but on a day like this, what can I say? Perfect weather for havin' a root outdoors." He turned and called, "Hey, boys! Would you like to have a go with Ben?"
      I heard thumping on the car and, "Yeah!" Then the rhythmic squeaking of the car resumed as Flynn fucked into his young brother again.
      "Hang on," I said, tucked myself away, and came back with a step-stool. Peter helped me over the fence.
      "Strip off," Peter instructed. He reached down and unbuckled my belt. "Can't fuck properly with all this gear." He quickly removed all my clothes. "You're hard as a rock," he observed, fondling my erection. It felt weird having another man paw at me, but in my aroused state, I actually liked it. Wearing flipflops only, I walked barearse naked, with their father's fingers rubbing my knob, up to the rooting lads.
      I had visited their home only once before and now something made sense. All the inside doors had been removed. No secrets. Easy access. I had heard yelling and even screaming before and now I knew the cause.
      Peter pointed, "Don't be shy, mate. My boys really like to suck and fuck. There's a nicely slick arse right there for you. Go ahead, stick it in. Or would you rather be the bottom?" He shoved me toward his sons.
      "Both," I stammered. I knew what he meant.
      Flynn pulled out of his brother, stepped to the side. I stood behind the young boy and looked down at his rear, right where his older brother's cock had just been.
      "Go ahead," ordered their father. "He'll love it."
      "Yeah," Roger chirped. "Stick it in me bum."
      I shook my head, stepped up and pressed the swollen head of my cock between the boy's cheeks. What the fuck was I about to do? When I hesitated, Flynn shoved me in the back and I suddenly pushed all the way into Roger. My shocked dick went in easily. One push and I penetrated deep. It felt unbelievably snug and positively marvelous. I felt Roger's internal muscles clench and clench on me as he started to move. My wife had never, ever, allowed anal sex. For that matter, sex between us had become almost non-existent for years. But now, here it was, I was doing anal for the first time, and doing it with a teenage boy, my neighbour's youngest son. Gay sex. I was not freaked out, and it felt wonderful!
      I would never be the same again.
      "Go ahead," Flynn said to me. "He likes it rough."
      I placed my palms on Roger's hips and, started to shove in and out. Roger grunted with each of my thrusts. "Uh…uh…uh… Fuckin' come on," he snapped. "Give it to me!"
      Right. I grabbed his bony hips and began to pound into him. The intense sensations mounted quickly. It wouldn't take long. I slowed, trying to draw out the feelings and my quickening climax. "Too good," I muttered.
      "Here," I heard Peter say, "see if you like this." He stepped up behind me and took my hips in thick-fingered hands. I stopped and felt his big cock push between my arsecheeks. Stunned, I held still and let him have his way.
      Flynn said, "Dad likes to fuck us when we're fucking each other."
      This was another wonderful fantasy: to be taken over and over by another man or a strong trans. I had dreamed what it would feel like when a real penis fucked into my guts instead of a broom handle. Now here it was and the reality felt far hotter.
      Peter slowly pushed into me. It felt like a huge slug invaded my body. I stood rock still, leaned over Roger, felt all the astonishing sensations, and panted while his father slowly slid his enormous prick up my rectum. This was great!
      When I felt his hips against my rear, he paused and said, "You're fuckin' tight. How does that feel?"
      "Good," I breathed. "Huge. Full."
      "Hurt any?"
      "Barely," I admitted. In fact, there was almost no pain, just the feeling of being stretched and stuffed full. I had no idea I could take that much.
      "Like it?"
      "Love it," I said truthfully, bent over his son.
      "Good. You must be a natural. Here goes, slut."
      He pulled almost out then pushed himself back into me. I let out an explosive breath. I could feel his entire cock slide in and out as he began to fuck, a fabulous carnal feeling. Soon he was fucking me quickly. This caused me to do the same to Roger. My own penis swelled further as it slipped inside the boy's arse. Peter shovelled and something inside my rear began to tingle. It felt as if an orgasm was quickly rising.
      In an attempt to hold off I huffed "Oof! How often do you do this?"
      "All the time," Flynn said.
      "Do you like it, Rog?" I asked. I slid my palms over the youth's bare back while Peter fucked me with short, jabbing strokes.
      "Fuck, yeah."
      "Do you ever get to do it? Get to top?"
      "Yeah. But I like being a cumdump best."
      "You do it with anyone else?"
      "Sure. When me mates or Flynn's mates come over. Or Dad's buddies."
      Their father suddenly slammed into me, knocking my breath out through my nose. "Yeah, he's a right cumdump, Roger is. Flynn, too. I'm getting' there. How're you doin'?"
      "Fuckin' hell, I think you're screwing my prostate," I said. "I'm coming without squirting." My body twisted in pure pleasure as a fluidless orgasm flashed through me. I had never felt anything like it before and it was unbelievable!
      Despite coming, my erection remained hard inside Roger's arse, and I felt as if I could do it again immediately.
      But I felt Peter ram himself against my buttocks, felt his enormous cock swell even further, and felt him begin to pulse inside me. Felt the strong volleys of thick warm fluid as he shot into me, over and over. It triggered my own stronger orgasm. I could no longer hold back. I yelled very loud and shot over and over into the teenage boy.
      "What'd ya scream like that that for?"
      "Better that way," I panted. "Like karate. Yelling and screaming makes it feel stronger. Greater punch."
      "Have to remember that at the next gangbang."
      The weight on my back suddenly lifted. My anus felt empty, my rear cool and exposed. Peter smacked my bum.
      "That your first time, mate?"
      "Cool. Ready for more?"
      I started to stand up. My legs felt weak. I shook briefly, but I stammered, "Okay."
      "Anyone else want another round with our new slut? He's been broken in."
      Roger levered himself off the car and faced me. He was hard again. Long and thin and straight up. "I want to fuck you."
      "Go ahead," I heard Peter instruct. "Ben, here, is our new fucktoy."
      Roger stood before me, grabbed my arms roughly, and pulled my body against his. For a skinny boy, he was quite strong. Face close, I felt his hot breath then lips on mine then tongue as he tried to lick my own tongue.
      What the hell, I let him, and returned the passionate kiss. My hands descended to his round rump and I felt his hard cock rub against mine.
      He then wrestled me to the dirt. On my back, eager Roger spread my thighs with his hips and knees and proceeded to fill me nicely. Grinning, he pushed up over me and began to fuck me in earnest with long steady strokes and panting breaths. Flynn fell onto his brother. Roger paused while Flynn inserted. And then their father, his fat renewed, stepped between our legs and pushed into his older son. My legs stretched wide, I revelled in the amazing but awkward four-way fuck.
      "He's ours, now. Let's go, boys! Breed him! Knock him up!"
      "You gonna poz him, Dad?"
      "Why not!"
      Three more loads in my butt later, Flynn and Roger took turns sucking and licking me hard again. I felt ready to fuck once more. Instead of being worn out, I was super-charged, energized for the next hit of fantastic, shameless sex in my neighbour's sunny backyard. My rear tingled with only slight soreness. The boys, however, pissed off, literally leaving me with their insatiable father. Peter placed his hands on the old car, arms straight, spread his hairy legs and offered himself to me.
      "I'll teach ya how to bottom, ya old cunt."
      He did.
      He came hands free, too, this time screaming like a banshee.
      Me, too.
      After, as he escorted me back to my home, he said, "My buddies'll be over Saturday night. You can be the slut at the centre of our next gangbang. In fact, come over any time. We have a 'not allowed to say no' policy."
      I nodded and admitted, "Sounds great. Love to." I had loved it. The feeling of their cocks filling my arse still tingled nicely. I had crossed a new line in my life, one I was not about to reject.
      "Applies to you, too, of course. Whatever any of us wants, you have to obey."
      Late that afternoon, my frumpy wife commented that I seemed in a particularly happy mood and asked what I had done during the day.
      "Hopped over the fence and visited the neighbours," I said. "Turns out we have a hobby in common, so I might be spending more time over there. I'm going over to watch the footy Saturday night." Visions of men taking me raw danced in my new-found wicked imagination.
      "That's nice, dear," she said. "Always good to have a hobby."
      July 2021 by Hozzel. This is a work of fiction. It is not based on a real event. Or is it? If you liked this scene, if it turned you on, especially if it caused a throbbing response, I would love to hear from you! Always up for email fun, too. Ping me at athenamorgansbox at gmail dot com.
    • By HotSauce
      Hey. I'll be going to the LA Cumunion sex party this week.
      If you have any recommendations or advise on how to enjoy it, or if you've been there, please share your experience 
      PS: Pics included for attention 

    • By Hozzel
      Persephone Jones held a profound secret and Michael Barnes intended to discover it.
      Mistress J was certainly not telling. She and Persephone played almost as close as sister wives, with their wicked sexual demands.
      Two amazing women, both his masters, both requiring worship, both sexually demanding creatures, both using him and each other for their pleasures and the pleasures of their friends.  His perverted experiences with them were the greatest events in his life. Their amazing ability to achieve multiple back-to-back orgasms still stunned his senses.
      As he drove through the autumn night he remembered.
      Weeks old, an image still burned bright in his memory, the cause of his renewed sexual obsession. Hung by leather straps from a hook in Mistress J's playroom's ceiling, his wrists and arms aching as he dangled naked, exposed, vulnerable, Mistress J, her playmates Tish and Persephone each and together abused, aroused and denied him with their erotic caresses and taunting words, their flashing eyes and wicked smiles, their overt sex before his astonished face. He recalled his exposed erection throbbed as he was first forced to watch Persephone launch herself at big-breasted Tish and then, tossing aside her black microskirt, she had shocked him with the sight of her erect penis, which she had immediately plunged into his submissive arse, not once but three different times that very night. Mike felt his rear still tingle at the erotic memory.
      He recalled the recent gangbang. While bound, Mistress J's male friends and her husband took him over and over, spunking happily into his near-virgin arse many times. She cackled in glee and, incredibly turned on, not only pounced on Persephone but also her cuckold husband. The evening had ended in kind tenderness with Persphone. Later, she had visited him at his office and had gifted him with amazing fellatio.
      He had become their plaything, their sexual slave, available at their whim, dedicated to their fantastic pleasures.
      Persphone's surprising call required his attendance. She had planned something wicked, she said. Come to the Flinders City University to Pricilla Bok Hall after dark. It would be open.
      He had not visited the university campus in years. Parking always a perennial problem, it became a long hike to the science building. He circled for half an hour until he found the old two storey structure topped by a wide silver domed.
      He hesitated at the glass door entrance. Lights blazed inside as if waiting. Should he do this? Despite the strong attraction to Persephone, he had made a commitment to Mistress J. He tramped through the logic again.
      It was safer to stay monogamous to his Mistress. He did not want to harm that important relationship. Last week's session in her private dungeon had become incredibly intense.
      Persephone was her friend and lover. One of others, true, but still they had a history.
      He had been warned that Persephone used men without shame.
      Persephone was transsexual. Is that what he wanted? Or was he interested because his Mistress got off watching men enjoy steamy sex?
      He liked Persephone as a person, they even seemed to share common interests, and he secretly wanted to know more about her. Becoming emotionally hooked might be a serious problem given her wildly promiscuous nature.
      His fizzing hormones might mislead his better judgement.
      Sex once or twice was a fling but three times formed the start of a relationship. He had visited Mistress J six times now, and had cemented their fetish relationship. She had instructed him to have sex with others only on her command. Should he be seeing Persephone alone? Or was she? Did he want a relationship with two demanding, kinky women at the same time? One who enjoyed lashing him up and watching him being taken by her husband and other men? And the other who liked to take him with her ceaselessly stiff cock? Was it really possible? Could he live up to their expectations? Or would it turn into a puddled mess?
      Persephone looked simply gorgeous. Beautiful elvin face, lovely red hair, tall and statuesque, large firm breasts, flared hips, muscular long legs. An amazon goddess in the flesh with an unequalled sexual hunger.
      Persephone turned him on tremendously.
      Multi-orgasmic: she could cum and cum again and again in amazing quick succession, without a break, without wilting, without seemingly needing to recharge and recuperate. So could Mistress J – the mistress of the continuous long orgasm - but she was female and Persephone was trans.
      Persephone admitted she felt an emotional connection with him. He knew he felt a similar link with her and hoped it was real.
      She wanted him. He wanted her. Simple.
      He shuddered and tingled at the memory of her oral onslaught the other day beneath his office desk.
      What was the problem? They were all adults. Mistress J apparently lead a fantastic life of exhuberant sexual excess, something of which most only fantasized. Persephone and his Mistress seemed more than lovers, indeed, it felt as if they were sister allies. So what was his problem indeed?
      Heart thumping, he pushed the metal bar. The old glass door creaked, swung. He slowly ascended the wide tiled stairs then headed left at the top as instructed. The lit hallway swept ghostly silent. His shoeclicks echoed as he made his way along a corridor that could fill with students in an instant during the daytime.
      He arrived at the open double-door entrance to a dark cave and stepped in.
      The doors swung shut with a loud, echoing click. Ink blackness descended.
      A rustling sound echoed and he was grabbed. Someone impaled his body against the door. A cold bar jammed his back. A tall body slammed against him, eagerly pressing. Strong hands gripped his forearms. Her lips slid against his own, her insistent tongue sought his, her body writhed with keen intent. Firm breasts pressed his chest. He felt her heart beat as strongly as his own. He mindlessly slid into the passionate kiss, eager at first then softer and romantic. Mouths opened and tongues caressed each other, sliding like wet silk in a cooperative oral dance. His arms surrounded her back and embraced, pulled her tight. Her palms slapped the door and she pressed against him. Something prodded his own instant erection, still encased in his trousers but silently shouting for release.
      Persephone grabbed his wrists and pulled away.
      Deep feelings triggered and they both burst into mutual, uncontrollable laughter.
      "Way too long!" she breathed. "I would have contacted you sooner but I just couldn't."
      "It's been a week."
      "I know but it feels like a lifetime. We shouldn't have parted the other night. I so wanted to take you home and have my way with you all night!"
      Visions swam in Mike's imagination of her strong, naked body thudding against his own, her solid cock playfully boring into his wet yielding anus, driving and driving until they were both utterly consumed. His senses ached for her, and he knew it would take all his willpower and strength to avoid immediate entanglement.
      "Sorry I interrupted," he breathed.
      Before he could move, she again pulled him roughly against her muscular body and both of her hands playfully squeezed his rear cheeks. "I have so missed this wonderful, round arse!" Her hips thrust and he felt her erection jab. Clearly, she did not want to wait for preliminaries. He sensed her own lust fired her in the explosive way of men. She was immediately ready without significant foreplay. His own hard-on screamed, too, but uncertainty helped him divert the insistent drive.
      In the darkness, she pulled his wrist. "Come."
      Blind, he stumbled behind her, bumped into a seat then something large.
      Persephone smirked. "Here we are."
      Filtered light gradually rose, revealing the extent of the spacious cavern.
      Like a heavenly cathedral, an enormous white dome arched overhead, he estimated ten or more metres across. Along one wall, the glass case displayed 3D photos of planets, moons, nebulas and galaxies. In another display case, models of satellites and old-fashioned rockets hung from wires. An ancient brass telescope, a type manufactured over two hundred ago, decorated a shelf. Rings of padded theatre seats circled a bulky monster. Two large black hemispherical heads bracketed either side of a long framework body. Dark arms curved out and up, like multiple erections thrust toward the sky, each topped with its own bulbous glass knob. Hemispheres like little breasts dotted the frame. The sleeping beast lay shackled inside a complex yoke and gimbal arrangement as if content.
      Noises of their steps and the rustling of their clothes echoed despite the carpet. The merest breath seemed magnified. Mike felt a quiet lumbering, an almost religious reverence.
      Persephone hopped onto the dais - her long boot heels ticked - and stood before a gold control panel studded with switches and dials, mechanical eyes and ears. He saw she wore a long black leather coat, cinched at only the waist. Swirl of coat revealed her long, tapered legs sheathed in tall leather boots.
      "Up here, Mike."
      He stepped up.
      She whispered, "Watch." She touched something on the console and folded herself around his body.
      The beast came quietly awake. Globes filled with tiny sparks and the ends of tubes geysered restrained light. Over their heads, thousands of stars whispered into existence. Without a groan or even the merest squeak, the monster began to turn. Tiny lights touched their bodies like slowly spinning snowflakes. The Moon rose. He could almost imagine the sound of crickets and frogs, but, in fact, it was utterly silent. The breathtaking spectacle verged on spiritual.
      "Magnificent, isn't it."
      "Fantastic," he whispered.
      She released him and picked up a laser pointer.
      "This is my Doc Savage Fortress of Solitude. There's a Digistar projector as well but you can't replace something like this." She pointed at a group of stars lifting from the horizon. "See that? Orion. Plenty of interesting stuff around there. Following are his hunting dogs, there and there. That bright star is Sirius. It's a binary with the second white dwarf ever discovered. Over there is Procyon with the first. Orion is chasing that V shape, Taurus the bull, and before it is M45, the Pleiades, a young loose star cluster. Just below Taurus is Gemini, incestuous twins linked arm in arm. The Southern Cross is over there. That dark spot is the Coal Sack. That's Alpha Centauri nearby, only four and a bit light-years distant, and the one next to it is Beta Centauri or Agena, a B1 binary over 350 light-years. They're the Pointers. The South Pole's around there. Everything spins around it but there's no star like there is at the North Pole. This -" her arm swept "- is the Milky Way and that ghostly egg shape is the Core in Sagittarius. Way on the other side may be paradise."
      He had seen the Orion pattern: a belt of three bright stars with a sword hanging upwards, all surrounded by a crooked body outlined by four other stars, including white Bellatrix, blue Rigel and orange Betelgeuse. His father called it the Saucepan although Mike could never see that shape, not even here where far more stars seemed visible. Perhaps it was different if viewed upside down from the Northern Hemisphere.
      "Earth circles a single G2 class star which orbits the centre of our bared-spiral galaxy every two hundred twenty-five million years. There's a giant black hole at the core surrounded by eldrich arches and filaments of gas and dust and stars and planets and powerful fields -" long fingers clenched, turned "- almost as if it had been engineered by faeries long ago."
      "That's ... wow. But faeries?"
      "Magical beings trying to tap power from the core." She set the pointer down and sighed. "This is my place, Mike, the university's planetarium. I answer questions, help with the staff's research, make sure facts are accurate. Sometimes I present a show myself." She turned, sighed. Starmotes whispered her soft chin. As the ghostmoon dipped low, a tiny comet flew into view. Its tail stretched longer as it arced upward and a fainter second tail slowly revealed.
      He felt mesmerized by the swirling pageant as well as Persephone herself.
      A mote floated across her smile.
      "I don't think there are many alien species out there. Evolution doesn't necessarily twist toward intelligence, and they won't be warlike if they've been around a long time. They'll know how to survive by keeping the peace. Actually," she said, turning, with a suggestive grin, "they may be quite loving. Perhaps even more sexual than ourselves."
      She leaned over him, bowed her head and kissed him deeply again.
      He leaned back, "How does this work?" embarrassed to admit what was really on his grubby mind.
      "This is really lovely, Mike, being here with you." She suddenly pushed him away but held his wrists. "There is something wonderfully naughty I have wanted to do for a long time."
      "And that is?"
      "I have never played with anyone here."
      She snickered. Her body moved against his and, through her coat, he felt her hardness poke against his own. A familiar, cinnamon-like odour quaffed.
       "I would like to have you right here, right now."
      He gulped and stammered, "Ok." Is that all he could come up with? Just a lame ok? But his body suddenly surged and he became instantly hard.
      "What if someone comes in?"
      "They can join us. Shhh…"
      She lead him off the dias down to a long, low cushioned seat. He sat facing her and waited, not knowing whether to act submissive or just polite or even take the initiative or run.
      Smiling, she slowly unbuttoned her coat to reveal her gorgeous near-naked upper body: ripe breasts, hour-glass waist, hips and thighs tight. She pulled open the coat to reveal long muscular legs. Right at her juncture, dominating everything, her hard penis stood tall and proud and aimed right at him.
      "Oh!" he gasped. "Don't you ever go soft?"
      "What would be the fun in that?"
      With her arms akimbo, the coat became a dark cape as if she was a nude super-hero who only wore slick boots. She bent and tenderly guided his hands to her large, firm orbs. Her erect nipples invited play: she shivered when he palmed them.
      "Pleasure me, please. Get me going."
      She stepped up and thrust at his face. He leaned forward and began slowly stroking up and down that turgid pole using both hands as well as lips and tongue. It felt warm and solid.
      "Oh, that is lovely. You'll have me off in no time. Yes ... just like that but harder now."
      This woman obliterated his standards and altered his view of sexuality. Never before had he felt like making love to a man's cock. But now, it was the only thing he wanted to do. And it was not a man's penis but a woman's, a strong determined sexually demanding woman.
      He ran his teeth along her sensitive head. "Oh, yes..." and, placing his lips on the tip, he teasingly tongued the foreskin back to expose her swollen gem.
      "Mmmm... "
      Withdrawing his mouth, he carefully rubbed his curved palm over his prize as if polishing.
      "Ahhh... "
      Her rubbery penis grew extremely solid and pointed at the stars as if ready to launch. Her glans stretched tight and slick.
      All his doing!
      Completely uninhibited now, leaning forward, he looked directly at her happy eyes and grinned with naughty expression. He flicked the tip of her cock rapidly with his tongue's wet tip and she giggled. Without relinquishing eye contract, he crouched forward, cupped her swelling balls gently and slowly licked back up along her shaft. When he reached the top, he tried to smile with his eyes and the corners of his mouth. Clasping the base again, he took the whole length to the back of his throat, as far as he could manage ... and almost gagged. Clearly, deep throat technique required practice and perhaps a special person, not him. Instead, he sucked harder just as he would have liked. Attitude, he thought, is so important here. For her.
      She gasped again, closed her eyes and groaned, "Oh my."
      Stars swam over his moving hand and her delicious, trembling body. He pressed her glans to the top of his mouth and moved his head using only his neck. His palm slipped and his finger found her anus. It was open. She jumped when his middle finger touched the sensitive ring. He pressed.
      "Mmmm, yes."
      She clenched her buttocks and clamped her anal passage on his two probing fingers.
      "Oh yeah."
      He probed, found that smooth spot, and fast rubbed his fingers inside her.
      "Oh yeah."
      His head and other hand moved quickly.
      "Oh yeah!"
      She panted and thrust into his eager mouth with short, excited jabs. When he felt her clench again, he eased off. He smacked his lips, looked into her eyes, grinned and tightly gripped her rigid pole.
      "Come on!" she shouted. "Stop teasing and fuckin' finish me!" Her shadowy face looked down over her swollen breasts and her fingers dug urgently into his hair. She pulled his head back toward her waiting upthrust cock.
      He knew this urgency well: foreplay was not on his own erection's personal agenda either. His body chanted fuck, fuck, fuck, come, come, come, a constant powerful message. He wanted to please this woman, too, so he resumed rubbing her erection.
      "Are you going to come for me?" he asked.
      "Fuckin' oath, you have to ask?!"
      "Let's see it then."
      She stabbed back into his mouth and he sucked and stroked faster. Impatient, she took hold of his ears and began to push and pull his head. Her cock bashed the back of his throat causing him to cough. Trying to swallow it helped.
      As she drove on, his fingers crept into her anal crack again. She clenched and yelled, jumped, yelled again, and suddenly exploded.
      As her rear clenched hard on his fingers, he felt her cock begin to pump, an astonishingly lovely feeling, perversely enchanting. His mouth suddenly filled with multiple shots of salty thickness. He clamped lips tight and tried unsuccessfully not to gag. He spluttered, unable to swallow. Precious fluid escaped. She pulled back while still ejaculating. Thick gooey ropes coated his nose and cheeks. In triumph, she yelled to the stars above, "Fucking yes!"
      Quickly, he gulped the last bit with as much noise as possible. He pulled back, gazed up for approval and licked his lips. Salty, tangy, sour, not like lemons or oranges, but it was not awful. He stroked her cock gently and, retaining eye contact, used the tip of his tongue to carefully lick off the remainder in the exact manner he wished might be done to himself.
      When he finished, he said politely, "Thank you."
      Persephone roared, "More!"
      Unflagging, she roughly pulled him up and spun him around. After tugging his pants down, she shoved him over the seat. She roughly pulled his pants off, gasped his hips, and shoved herself deep into his yielding body. With amazement, his anus automatically opened for her invasion. The thick unstoppable bare slug filled his body and soul again, stretched him in an amazing painless manner. He felt her slide deep inside, back almost out then in again. A glorious, enchanting erotic feeling, a feeling he was unable to describe properly. He felt every centimetre of her raging cock slide along his tight anal passage. Uninhibited, she fucked his arse with hard long strokes, on and on, minute after minute, deeply panting, even telling him what a fucking little slut he had become and how great he took her. Body slapping sounds filled the echoing chamber while silent starmotes swarmed. She slammed against him with increasing tempo and power, and he began to move back against her. Spurred by her relentless sexual friction, his own cock stuck out stiff and bloated. While they fucked, his feelings quickly climbed the orgasmic ladder. Whatever she did inside his body worked well. His entire body began to spasm. As he started to shoot she shouted, "I'm fucking cumming!" She slammed into him and fired a second strong volley. Shot after hot shot smashed inside him, causing his own shots to renew. The powerful combined sensations obliterated his senses. All he could feel was her cock blasting inside, and his own loving reply, both at the same moment, together. For an age, he felt they connected as one, a mutual pleasure pair, unable to stop, unwilling to end.
      But when their joint spasms began to subside, winded, she breathed, "Oh wow. That was so fucking good! I just could not hold back. You're hired!"
      She pulled back. He stood and turned to face her smiling face. Grinning, he knelt and kissed another drop from the eye of her penis.
      "Thought I already was."
      "Bonus hired. Double duty."
      "Very expensive overtime," he laughed.
      Standing, he grasped her shoulders and kissed her. She leaned into the kiss, unperturbed by the taste. She licked and kissed sticky goo off his cheek then neck, pressed her still-rigid cock between his legs and kissed him again, this time almost romantically.
      He smiled, "That is the first time I have ever made a, uh, male come that way, with my mouth. How was it?"
      "You don't know? You've sucked men before. I saw you!"
      "I was ordered to only get them hard, not off, and they did not come in my mouth. You didn't either."
      "Isn't it great?"
      Nodding, "I have to say, it was an unexpected thrill."
      "Did you like it?"
      "Yes. Yes, I did."
      "Well, you're bloody good at it, let me tell you, and you can do it again in future."
      "Thank you. I enjoyed giving you that." In fact, he was genuinely surprised that the experience had indeed been astonishingly delightful. He never thought he could be that loving toward another's penis, nor for that matter, it could turn himself on so much. Especially when he was able to make such a strong reaction.
      Her expression changed. Lips suddenly tightened. "Not enough. Have to fuck you now."
      Hands on his shoulders, she urgently pushed him down. They slid onto the carpet. He gloried at her silhouette as she hovered over his prone body for a moment. Her knees parted his and she descended into him, thrusting hard. Crying out, he pressed his knees against her waist, and in joy wrapped his legs and arms around her hunching body. The magnificent woman speared him again, thrusting hard and fast, over and over, on and on. Spurred by her exuberance, he dug his heels into her buttocks and pushed up against her. Together they fucked hard and fast, riding physical passion, racing upwards, spiralling toward the spinning stars, gasping, crying out when they both exploded. Her pumping cock, that was all he could feel, as she filled him again. Her cock and her strength and how deep she had penetrated. She suddenly yelled so loud his ears hurt. His Mistress had taught him this: loud yells and screams further enhanced the powerful feelings.
      Undaunted, she resumed her frantic fucking while kissing him deeply. But she soon slowed, raised her body and smiled down at his panting face. "I could keep doing this all night here, but I have another idea."
      She stood, held out her hand and helped him stand before her. She leaned forward and licked more of her juices off his face. "Can't have you going out in public looking like you've been the slut at the centre of a gangbang."
      "I did that with you," he laughed. "I think it is so ballsy you're like this under that coat," he said.
      She laughed. "Clothes and I are not the best of friends. I only wear what I have to when I have to."
      "No bra even?"
      She shook her head, thick hair flicked. "They're constricting but sometimes a necessary evil."
      "Even when you're lecturing?"
      "Okay, I do wear clothes then. But I love to smirk at the hard-ons I make when I'm wearing short shorts, no bra and a low-cut clinging top."
      He gazed at her gravity-defying, apparently always braless breasts. He cupped the lovely handfuls, swirled the nipples with his flat palms.
      She dimpled, kissed his nose. "I love boobs, too, and pussy."
      "I remember," he said softly, lovingly.
      She kissed him again. "This has been a dream come true for me. Thank you, kind sir, I am in your debt. Whatever fantasy you would like I shall grant thee." She giggled. "No matter how filthy!"
      "I have some naughty ones."
      "The naughtier, the better," she laughed. "I would love to take you to Lizzie Arnold's grave, but how about we go fuck on my office desk?"
      He thought: The woman is certainly straight up. "You can still do that?" he said.
      "You know I can keep going. Once is never enough."
      "Three times already."
      "Each time just makes me want it even more. I hate stopping until I am exhausted."
      "Never done that myself at work, in the office."
      "I gave you a blowjob."
      "I mean fuck."
      "Come on. You'll love it."
      Mike's pocket phone bleeped. Holding up a finger, he  dug into his pants, pulled out the phone and answered the call.
      "My pet," the voice on the phone snapped. "Mistress requires your presence."
      "Right now?" he blurted. His mouth dropped slightly, eyes searched Persephone's. Hers laughed.
      "You know our arrangement. Whatever you're doing, whoever you are with, wherever you are, stop trying to get into her pants and come to me at once. You are my sex slave and I have needs."
      He felt the blood run from his face as a nasty sense of guilt blossomed.
      "Go to her," Persephone mouthed, voiceless.
      "Mistress, I am on my way." He thumbed the phone off. "How would she know we've just done this?" Guilt exploded. He suppressed a shudder.
      Pesephone's tender fingertips slipped along his cheek. "She doesn't. She likes to imagine your situation. It's alright, love. I understand. Pity, as I see you've sprung up hard as a rock. She and I both do that to you, don't we? Don't feel bad, you have done nothing wrong and you won't need to tell her. Pull your pants back on and go." She reached down, briefly fingered the aching knob. He thought of taking this wonderful woman and giving her the same love as she had just gifted him. "Two of us in one day. Cool. Have fun with her."
      "I'm sorry. We shouldn't have done this."
      "Bullshit. Go, my love. I'll see you later. And stop worrying!"
      "You will be alright? I know you can do more."
      "No worries. I'm sure I can find someone and continue."
      Her words speared his soul. Someone else? But he understood her enormous desires, her sexual appetite that knew no limits. How could he possibly even consider he might be the only one.
      She hopped onto the dais, adjusted a control. Stars faded, uplights brightened the dome. The metal monster returned to hibernation.
      Just before the doors closed, framed by the open black leather coat, he glimpsed her beaming face, magnificent body, and upright powerful cock.

      Author's note: Persephone Jones and Mike were introduced in the stories "The Girls Come Out to Play" and "Gangbang His Virgin Arse", originally released on asstr in 2012 then in the ebook "Mistress J's Playthings" published later by Chimera Books under one of my pseudonyms, Athena Morgan. This modified scene is from the unpublished, much longer, fifth novella "Persephone's Secrets". If you liked this scene, if it turned you on, especially if it caused a throbbing wet response, I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted on athenamorgansbox at gmail dot com.
    • By boybottom4use
      I’m offering my cumdump slut ass up Friday night 7/16 at Heretic darkroom and then Toyko Valentino for all cocks and loads!  Will post a Quick Connect ad on BBRTS this evening with more details.
    • By Bisub
      Just a short story from a bi guy. English is not my native language and I´m no born writer:

      Dan was 20 and 6" 140lb, your lean, bit slutty, bit nerdy kind of guy playing it cool, discovering his same-sex desires while keeping a girlfirend, and kind of a jerk.

      One of those days, when Mary would not feel like having sex and he wasn´t, yet again, very sucessful finding a girl behind Mary´s back, he yet again browsed the gay dating sites. There he stumbled across a guy, aged 35, 6", 180, average, slightly working out according to his profile, no photo attached (with which he had no problem as he wanted to play "discreet"), who was writing he and his friend want to have a fun in three, "just some drinks and we´ll see where it leads".

      Danny had some experience with guys, a guy once wanked and sucked him in the park, he was once with two guys his age and really liked the special attention they paid him, at the time before he found his, at times reluctant girlfriend who at times he thought must be teasing him by depraving him sex and then enjoying the extra mood he had to fuck her after the abstinence period was over and "she felt like it again".

      The two decided to meet that night at the guys´ place with his friend, be surprised by each others´ look, not forcing the photographs since all of them agreed on discrete approach and at 9PM, the guys seemed to be genuinely surprised when he rang their block of flats´ intercom at the ground floor. It was a bit weird for Dan, though - normally, he always managed to get the other side´s photo and refuse the meeting offer if he felt like it, making fun of some of the photographs and not replying to some of the guys he found too fat, old or weird. All of this started to get to him as he was riding the lift to the apartment of the guys on 13th floor.

      As the guy opened the door, he thought that he would just turn around and leave. The guy didn´t look that old, but he certainly wasn´t his type. The only thing that intrigued him was the large bulge in his jogging shorts, the guy, his friend appearing just seconds after him, seeing it, smiles forming on their faces quickly, before Dan faced them again and saw the guy´s friend was even older than Josh. "Say hello to Dan, Mitch", said Josh and Dan greeted him, somewhat uneasily, unimpressed by the guy´s face, but impressed to a degree by his huge muscular physique. If Josh was 6" 180, Mitch must have been 6" 2, or 6" 3 even and at least 200 pounds of muscle and body, very well built.

      Josh, seeing the potential for Dan chickening away, asked Dan to come inside to just join them just for a drink or two and see. Unbeknownst to Dan, Josh recognized in him the prick who turned him down just two years earlier for his looks, then really out of shape, now 40 pounds lighter and more muscular, not the handsomest, but still a nice man. The kid had no idea.

      They started with a boringly long small talk and some beer, after which Josh tried to caress with Mitch Dan on his thigh, to which Dan replied it is nice of them but he really just want to hang out and don´t see them being match in this way. Josh told the two he is going to get some more drinks while Mitch started to bullshit the kid talking how nice it is to meet him, how gorgeous he is and how nice it would have been if they could be more intimate, distracting Dan´s attention, following Josh´s plan.

      In the meanwhile, Josh prepared nine shots of vodka, adding just the right amount of Rohypnol in two of them, sorting them in three rows by three glasses in each. He was happy the kid didn´t remember him and he was looking to it he won´t remember this night, but will remember his lesson.

      End of Part I


      Let me know if you like where this is heading and you want a Part II
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