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It all started about a year ago. I was visiting some family in the Bible Belt and was bored so I turned on Grindr. I filtered for all the usual: tall, black, muscular. I've always had a thing for black guys. They tend to be so masculine, with an attitude that makes me go crazy, and God do they know how to fuck. Of course in a rural area that meant most of the guys popping up were far away. That's when I saw him, or his profile pic at least. He was tall (6'4"), a few years older than me (29), and had one of the hottest profile pics I've ever seen - shirtless, huge chest and arms, swollen like a serious weightlifter but not super toned like the usual gym queens I find in Miami, a little fur on his chest, and a light glisten of sweat. I though for sure he wouldn't be sexually interestedin me. I mean I'm 6'2", white, blue eyes, cute face, nice round butt, but I'm just naturally thin and smooth, not muscular or toned enough to grab the attention of most muscular gods. But I've always found that big muscular black guys are into guys like me, so I messaged him: "what's up?"

He told me he was bored at work (as a cop), so we chatted for what seemed like forever. He told me about his career, his college years, how he'd always lived in the Deep South but wanted to move, he was bi, loved drinking and playing shooter games online all night. We will call him John. He just oozed the sexiest confident masculinity in everything he said without sounding like he was bragging, from how he described himself as mercilessly competitive when playing sports with his bros to how most straight and bi guys he'd been with turned into bottoms for him.

He never got sexual with me or indicated he was interested in more than friendly chat, which just made me want him even more.

He sent me another pic with his face. He was perfection. He had a big, strong jaw, beautiful eyes, a smile that could melt panties right off. He was build like a linebacker (he was a jock in school), with big arms, massive shoulders, a wide chest, and massive muscular legs.

That night I jerked off looking at his pic. And the night after.


After that we became friends. Every few weeks, I would drive up to spend a few days hanging with him and crashing on his couch. He could obviously tell that I was infatuated with him. It was like he taunted me with it. he would go for a run and come back shirtless, dripping in sweat, with his basketball shorts clinging to the outline of one of the biggest dicks I'd ever seen (he never wore underwear). I'm usually not into body odor at all, but every once in a while you find that guy who's pheromones just click with yours in such a way that his sweat is the biggest turn on. He was that to me. I was almost disgusted by myself for how much the smell of his sweat made my knees weak. Something he clearly picked up on, as he would often jokingly leave his sweat soaked shorts on the couch pillow I slept on.

During the day we would chill, play Call of Duty, drink, hit the gym (being around him gave me the overwhelming urge to try to get into shape to get his attention), or just hang at a local pool so he could show off his insane body for all the hot chicks and dudes there. He had such confidence in public it was almost nauseating to watch. He would just walk up to any hot person he wanted and they'd be all over him. He collected numbers like it was nothing.

At night he would usually have a few of his very straight bros over (he wasn't out as bi to anyone except the guys he fucked) and we would drink beer and play Call of Duty late into the night. It was crazy how masculine thy all were. It was like being in a wet dream: 4-5 huge black jocks getting drunk and shouting obscenities at each other as they played their shooter game.

Usually one night each trip, we would also go out to a local bar (he lived in a moderately sized southern city so there were plenty of bars). We would drink beer and he would find some hot chick to blatantly hit on or some hot jock to inconspicuously seduce. He never missed his mark. If there wasn't any decent tail at the bar, he would just hit up Grindr and have some hot dude meet up with us for a few drinks. Either way, there was always someone going home with him other than me. I would crash on the couch and have to hear him drunkenly fucking the life out of someone in his room. They were never quiet. His grunting was like listening to an animal mauling its prey. The bed always sounded like it was going to snap in half, or break through the wall. I would usually close my eyes and jerk off to his grunting, my nose buried in the couch pillow inhaling deeply the smell of the sweat that had soaked into it from his basketball shorts.

His tricks never stayed for long, but he always came so loud that I had plenty of time to clean myself off before the bedroom door opened for his truck of the night to leave.

It was the sickest form of torture, watching every worthless slut in town get him. Even though they didn't appreciate what a god he was, or how lucky they were for the opportunity to be used for his pleasure. He must have known what that did to me. The way he would smirk at me, standing naked in the door of his room, as his trick let him/herself out, like he got off on teasing me. Still, those brief glimpses of his perfect form, naked, sweat pouring off him, his swollen, slightly fury chest heaving deeply from the exertion of nearly breaking his bed in half... it was enough to make everything worth it - like meeting God and realizing you are just a small part of his plan.

The next morning I would find 2 or 3 used Magnum condoms casually thrown on the floor of the bathroom, each filled with what looked like a week's worth of cum. This was him teasing me again. Jesus could that man shoot a huge load. It always took every ounce of self control not to eat his loads straight out of those condoms, and I hated myself for wanting it so bad.


After nearly a year, John and I had settled into a routine. It was so comfortable being around him when we were alone together on my weekend trips to see him. We talked about almost everything (except for my obvious overwhelming love for him), and I realized we had become each other's best friend. Sitting around playing Call of Duty and drinking beer with him had become the highlight of my month. I felt so close to him that it didn't matter whether I would ever have him in a sexual way. Just being a part of his life was all I needed.

I still couldn't help getting submissive around him. I would regularly clean his house and do his laundry when I was over (it was clear no one did much of that when I wasn't around). I would put away the prescription bottles for his meds (pain meds for an old sports injury and such) when he left them out on the bathroom counter. When we were hanging out, I would almost reflexively get up to get him another beer when he finished his last one. He once mentioned to me that he wanted to eat healthier, so I started learning how to cook healthy stuff for him. It wasn't anything huge or fancy, I was hardly a professional maid service, but it was just some way for me to contribute to his happiness - which, in turn, brought me happiness.

One Saturday, John decided we would stay in and drink with his buddies. He invited over the usual crowd. Me and 5 huge black jocks sat around drinking beer, playing Call of Duty, and cursing each other out when we lost.

By 3am, we were all more than a little buzzed and tired. His friends all took Ubers home.

I was picking up plates, beer bottles, etc., and carrying them to the kitchen. That's when it happened. I felt his hand grab my ass. He had never once touched me in a sexual way. He had never even so much as explicitly flirted with me or even insinuated he wanted to fuck me. I was so shocked I almost dropped an armful of beer bottles onto the tile. I couldn't move or even think. He moved up closer till he was pressing against me. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. I dropped the dishes and bottles from my hands onto the counter. In his typical low, rough voice, he said it:

"You finally ready to be my bitch?"

Over a year of fantasizing and yet I can't even put into words how unprepared I was for this moment.


I finally managed to stammer out.

Before I could respond further, his hand was down the back of my pants. Two of his fingers probing between my ass cheeks.

I was suddenly in a blind panic. NO! This wasn't how it was supposed to be. I wasn't ready. I wasn't good enough yet. I hadn't spent nearly enough time at the gym. I hadn't gotten enough of a tan. In all of my fantasies I was more prepared. I was the tight, toned bottom bitch he deserved. There was no way I was good enough as is to make him happy.

He spun me around, his two fingers now swirling around my hole. I nearly passed out from pleasure and panic.

"I said, are you finally ready to be my bitch?"

I never managed to say anything, but I nodded slightly. He leaned in and kissed me. A sloppy, drunk, passionate kiss. You know before when I said seeing him naked was like meeting God? I was wrong. This was meeting God. I instantly knew my body was not my own, that for the next few hours every inch of me would be nothing more than a tool to be used for his pleasure.

He wrapped his enormous arm around me (his other hand still rubbing my hole) and lifted me up like I was a feather. I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me into his bedroom and threw me on his bed so hard I almost bounced off it. He stood at the end of the bed and shucked his shorts/shirt onto the floor. There it was, the perfect alpha male body. His broad shoulders and enormous arms seemed even more muscular than usual. The only lighting was some faint streetlights shining through the window, but I could stil make out the light fur sprawled across his chest and trailing down to his dick. Holy fuck, is that dick huge. It's gotta be every bit of 10 inches and thicker than any dick over ever seen in person.

I didn't have to guess what he wanted. Like with every trick I'd heard him fuck before, he barked orders to me:

"Suck my dick, bitch."

I crawled across the bed till I was face to face with it. I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life. A thick, hard, smooth shaft that curved slightly downward, ending in an enormously fat head. Precum was dripping out of it now. I looked up at him with my eyes wide and my mouth hanging open. A drop of his precum fell onto my tongue. It was just as incredible as I'd always imagined. I swallowed the head of his dick and quickly realized what an impossible task this would be. I wasn't even a quarter of the way down his shaft and I was almost gagging. He grabbed the back of my head and I knew he was about to throat fuck me. I gagged and choked and never made it halfway down his shaft, but he seemed to enjoy it. He let out the same loud grunts amid heard him make dozens of times. I must be doing something right.

After a while he ripped my shirt off - no, really, he literally ripped it off my body - and yanked my shorts off. He flipped me on my stomach and I felt him use his knees to push my legs apart. He spread my round ass cheeks and I felt a glob of spit hit my hole. He pulled my arms behind my back and held them in place with one hand, while he used the other hand to aim his cock at my soon to be destroyed boi pussy. He pushed and I though for sure he would never be able to get inside me. I relaxed as much as I could and suddenly my hole started to spread, like a tight rubber band over a thick roll of paper. The moment his head popped inside me I almost passed out from the pain. I screamed so loud he slapped me upside the head and covered my mouth.

"Bitches don't wake the neighborhood!" He yelled at me in his barreling voice.

As he pushed in further, I felt like everything inside me was being ripped apart. Finally he stopped for a moment. The pain subsides, he spit some more on his shaft, and he pushed further. This went on for what seemed like forever. Finally I felt it, his huge balls resting on me, his pubes grinding against my ass. I had made it. Now the fun began.

As he started to thrust in and out, I felt all the pain turn to indescribable pleasure. Every thrust was like the greatest orgasm I'd ever had. Every grunt he made was like having a wild animal snarling in my ear. He was such a magnificent beast, and for this brief moment he was mine.

He leaned down and wrapped his arm around my neck, his massive bicep and forearm pressed against my throat. With each breath, with the tiniest flex, I felt my neck being choked. I'd had tops play around with lightly choking me before, but this was something entirely different. He would gently squeeze till my face turned pink and I felt like I was practically going to pass out. Then he would release as I choked for air. Then he would squeeze again. All the while he was like driving my ass so hard I felt like he might actually break me in half. The bed shook and hit the wall with all the force of this 240+ lbs man. My screams shifted in and out as he choked me and then released.

This went on for what must have been an 2 hours before I heard a familiar sound. His grunts were getting louder, his breaths shallower, and his thrusts harder. His engorged balls were hitting me so hard I was sure they'd leave a bruise. Finally it happened: he shoved in balls deep and held it there, yelling louder than I'd ever heard him before (it nearly scared me), and his massive balls shot volley after volley of his cum into me. I could feel each volley. I counted them: 27. By the time he was done, I could feel his load pouring out of my now bloody hole, around his cock, and running down my legs, forming a pool on the sheets beneath us. I'd realized he hadn't used a condom when he first shoved inside me and honestly I was happy about it, but I was surprised. He'd always used condoms for as long as I'd known him (I always found the evidence on the bathroom floor the next day). Maybe that just meant he was comfortable with me cause he knew me - unlike his usual random tricks.

He collapsed on top of me, wrapping both of his arms around me. That's when he did something I didn't expect; he kissed me, on the back of the neck. It was a sweet, affectionate kiss. Not like him at all. I expected him to kick me out of his room and onto the couch, but instead he just laid there on top of me, holding me.

It took nearly 10 minutes for his cock to get soft enough that it popped out of me on its own. He rolled off of me, which should have been a relief as I could barely breath with him on top of me, but instead almost made me cry. This was it. Our moment was done.

As he laid next to me, I felt him shove three fingers into me, scooping out a portion of his load. He held them in front of my face, his cum dripping onto my mouth. The most glorious white glistening substance in the world. I opened my mouth and he shoved his fingers so far in that he was scratching the back of my throat. I fought the urge to gag and instead savored this moment. The most insanely intense sex of my life just happened with the sexiest God of a man on earth. He'd pounded me so hard I'd be sore and bruised for days. He'd unloaded a massive amount of cum into me. He was inside me. A part of me. Whatever happened next, whoever he fucked the next day, couldn't take that away. I had been able to be used for his pleasure. I'd made him happy. That's all that matters.

He pulled his fingers from my mouth, cover in cum and spit, and wiped them gently across my face. He was being far more affectionate than I expected. He grabbed my face in his large hand, turned it towards him, and held it there. Our faces were nearly touching. I could feel his breath as he exhaled.

"What do you look so worried?" He asked.

I simply shrugged. I didn't know how to tell him that this was everything I had wanted for over a year. That every waking thought and every dream I'd had for 12 months had involved him and various forms of this very fantasy. That it was infinitely better than I'd ever imagined, but I was now sad it was over.

"Stop worrying." He said. That panty melting smile grew across his perfect face. My heart melted. THIS was meeting God.

"I fucking love you, and you're mine now." He announced as he pulled me in so tight against him that I could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

I was once again breathless. How is this possible? How is this real? It must be a dream. But my ass hurts waaaay too much for this to be a dream.

He kissed me again. It wasn't sloppy or drunk this time. It was slow, soft, and passionate. It went on forever. I couldn't stop. I just kept kissing him as he climbed back on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him, laying on my back, and that's when I felt it - his massive dick, hard again and pressing at my hole.

He broke free from our kiss and gently leaned his forehead against mine.

"I fucking love you too, and I was always yours." I whispered as he slide back inside me.


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Guest mspsubmale

yes, agree with MackyJay that is a good start;  being so patient for a year before getting united...wow!  anyway, hopefully there is more (soon????) and will have a continuing story line that works with category this is in:  Bug Chasing & Gift Giving!  this follows my dream of submitting to and becoming owned by a POZ Black Man....let's see how this goes, but very encouraged by the start here...thanks for the story, and waiting for continuations....

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I woke up to a strange feeling. A huge hand on my ass, and an arm wrapped around me. I could hear him snoring like a truck. It's pretty rare for any guy who fucks me to want me around after he nutts, so waking up with one cuddling me was strange. Then it hit me: this wasn't just a hand on my ass, it was HIS hand; this wasn't just an arm around me, it was HIS arm. My heart raced and my cock went rigid.

I felt him stirring next to me. The hand on my ass moved to my chest and he pushed down on me, using the hand on my chest as leverage as he sat up. He leaned over me and looked at me with that same smirk he use to tease me with when he got done fucking his tricks. He rubbed his hand over the dried cum and spit on my face.

"God damn, you're a dirty little bitch." He groaned as he stood up, walking to the bathroom. He emerged a few moments later in his basketball shorts and a tshirt. He grabbed his phone and his ear buds as he walked out the door, obviously off for a morning run.

I sat up and immediately realized I had a lot of work to do cleaning this place up before he got back. The sheets were covered in his cum and specs of blood from my ass. The floors throughout the place were a mess (his bros always tracked dirt and mud and shit in when they came over). There were still dishes in the kitchen from the night before - I hadn't gotten to clean them last night before he threw me on his bed and fucked me like the luckiest fag in the world.

I crawled out of bed and that's when I realized how insanely sore and bruised my ass was. I went to the bathroom and checked out the damage in the mirror. I had dried cum covering my ass and thighs. Bruises on my waist where he grabbed me and held me down. Bruises on my ass where he had pounded me like a monster truck. I felt so proud of my war wounds - evidence that I had been used for John's pleasure.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. The warm water stung my bruises a bit. I felt the spit and cum washing off me, and the clean smell of body wash and shampoo cleared out the smell of my own body odor.

I had finished washing the dishes, moping the floor, and moved the sheets into the drier when I realized John had been gone longer than a usual run. I figured it was just more time for me to clean up before he got home. I had just finished making lunch for him when I heard the door open. He came in soaked with much more sweat than usual (clearly the result of his longer than usual run). It was literally dripping off every inch of him onto the freshly cleaned floor.

"I know how much my little bitch loves my sweat." He said as he closed the door. He threw his shirt on the floor, took off his shorts, and walked towards me. His massive chest looked so perfect when it was shiny with sweat, and the stench of it filled my lungs and caused my dick to spring up like a dog who just heard the doorbell ring.

When he was only a few inches from me he took his now balled up shorts in one hand and grabbed my bottom jaw with his other. He opened my mouth and shoved his shorts so far in I thought I might gag on it. His sweet sweat filled my mouth. It was dripping off his shorts all over my face and down my throat. I almost came right then. He closed my mouth around his shorts and barked at me: "that stays in there till I say so, little bitch."

I nodded in agreement.

Next he lifted his right arm above his head, revealing his gorgeous hairy pit. With his left hand still holding my jaw, he shoved my entire face into his pit.

"Smell that faggot. Breath deep. You're going to smell that for the next 10 minutes."

My hand instinctively moved to my hard dick, but he quickly slapped me on the side of my face

"you don't fucking touch yourself ever again, bitch. You only cum from getting that pussy fucked."

I nodded with my face still in his armpit.

"You ready to clean me off, bitch?"

I moaned approval around his shorts still in my mouth.

He pulled my head from his pit. My entire face was soaked in his sweat. I'd never been so turned on in my life. His sweat was like nectar from the gods.

He removed the shorts from my mouth, pushed me down to the floor till I was on all fours like a dog, and barked his next order,

"Open your mouth, bitch."

I looked up at him from the floor. He was even more of an alpha God from this angle. He was still dripping sweat from all over. He chest rose and fell like a mountain shifting above me. I opened my mouth and he leaned his head over me. He let out a single, massive glob of spit. It dropped slowly from his mouth and fell with a splat all over my face, mouth, and tongue.

"Now start cleaning, beginning with my feet."

I began licking his toes, sucking every last drop of sweat from each before moving on to the next. His feet, like everything else about him, were massive. When I was sure I had thoroughly cleaned them, I worked my way up to his powerful calves, worshipping the swollen muscles. His thighs took me the longest. When I made my way to his inner thighs I felt like he could easily crush my skull like an egg if he flexed them. His ass was perfect. Massive doesn't even begin to describe it. Round like two globes, and muscular. I wish my ass were half this big. I licked his ass cheeks like I was making love to them. When I went for his balls he stopped me. I looked up at him with sad puppy dog eyes. "Not yet, bitch." He said to me in a stern voice.

So I worked my way up his chest, licking each of his chest hairs clean, and sucking his nipples like I was sucking his dick. That made him groan, just a little. I made a mental note to come back to them whenever I wanted to arouse him.

Finally I made it to his pits. Glorious, sweaty landscapes of fur and muscle. I was in hog heaven. THIS was meeting God.

After I finished cleaning every inch of his body from the neck down, he finally guided me to his balls. They were perfection. Two huge orbs hanging so low under his massive cock that they dropped below his dick head. I gently sucked his left nut into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. His right nut hung down covering half my face as I gazed up at him: my alpha god. He groaned again. I knew I could do this right. I knew I could bring him the pleasure he deserved if I just worked hard enough. I moved to the right nut and cleaned it dry.

Finally, I sat in front of him, face to face again with his massive 10 inch cock, which was at about half mast at that point. I looked up at him longingly, awaiting his approval.

"Go get me a beer." He insisted. I scrambled to the kitchen and retrieved his beer before positioning myself back on the floor in front of him.

"You want this dick?" He asked sarcastically as he smirked at me with that teasing smile.

"Yes." I sheepishly replied.

"Yes, what?" He barked back at me.

"Yes, sir." I corrected myself.

"Beg for it, little bitch. Convince me to let you." He replied.

"Please, sir. I need it." I blurted out, my eyes nearly tearing up with the need to please him.

"Why?" He inquired, but it was a rhetorical question. He knew why.

"Because I need to please you. I need to be used by you."

"Why is that?"

I realized the answer he wanted. "Because I'm your worthless bitch." I lowered my face in shame as I said it.

He leaned over, grabbed a fistful of my hair, and pulled my head back till I was Looking up at him. "You're my bitch, and I don't own worthless things. Don't fucking call any of my shit worthless again."

"Yes, sir." I replied.

"How long have you wanted this dick?" He demanded.

"Always, sir."

"That's right, bitch. You've always been a faggot after my cock since day 1, haven't you?" He mocked me, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, sir. I've waited all this time."

"Beg harder, bitch."

"Please, sir." I begged, tears welling up at this point. "Please use me."

Seeing me beg and cry for his dick got his rock hard. He walked over to the couch, sat down, and pointed at his engorged cock.

I crawled over to him, positioned myself between his legs (where I belonged), wiped the tears from my eyes, and took the head of it into my mouth. I wanted to take it slow this time - show him I had the skills to please him while he relaxed. He laid back into the couch and sipped his beer. I spend half an hour slowly swirling my tongue around his cock head, then slowly taking as much of it down my throat as I could manage. Teasing the head and letting him hit the back of my throat both seemed to elicit moans and groans from him. The whole time I stared at him - this massive beast of a god - realizing I was the luckiest faggot in the world. I used one hand to play with his huge balls, and the other to gently trace the ripples of muscle on his chest.

When he was ready, he pulled my head off his lap, picked me up, and threw me into the couch. He positioned me on my side, holding one leg in the air so high that it lifted my ass off the couch. He stood above me on the couch, his hard cock pointed at my hole, and place done foot on the side of my face, smoothing my head into the couch. In one fluid motion he drove his entire dick into me. Once again I was screaming in pain. Did his cock get bigger since last night?!

He held his cock balls deep inside me for a few moments until my screaming subsided. Then he began pile driving his dick into me, pulling it almost completely out and then slamming it back in so hard I swear he shook the entire apartment as his crotch smashed into my ass. his foot pressed down on my face like I was just a bug to be crushed under his heel. He was reaching depths I'd never felt before. It was both excruciating pain and unbelievable pleasure. I screamed at the top of my lungs with every thrust. That only seemed to encourage him. I'm sure I never overheard him fuck any of his tricks nearly this hard. It felt like he might actually kill me, and I couldn't have been happier.

I knew from the night before that he didn't seem to bother changing positions once he got started, so I knew I'd be in this spot for a while. I tried to relax, to concentrate on the pleasure and release the pain. 45 minutes in, I was cramping all over, but I dared not try to move. 1.5 hours in, I could barely feel anything I was so numb. How could he possibly fuck like this for this long?! I could hear him breathing heavily for a while now. I could feel his sweat dripping down onto me, I was completely covered in it by now (the entire couch was). Just when I knew I couldn't handle any more, his breathing got deeper and his grunts got louder. With one final glorious thrust, he shot over a dozen volleys of cum into my ass. He dropped me onto the couch as he dismounted his new broken in horse. His cum once again poured out of my gaping hole and over my thighs. I was clearly losing my voice from screaming so much. I had what seemed like a permanent outline of his foot on the side of my face. My entire body was cramped. My ass was numb. And my glorious alpha beast stood over me, beating his chest in victory. His smile masked how exhausted he otherwise clearly was. But that smile. That I could bring that perfect smile to his face was better than any fuck. That I could bring him pleasure gave everything meaning. I could barely move until he smacked me on the ass so hard I nearly leaped off the couch.

"Good job, little bitch."

That night he practically had to carry me to bed. He had placed his still sweaty shorts over my pillow like a pillowcase. I spent then entire night inhaling the sweet smell of his sweaty balls. I hadn't cum, and my cock stayed rock hard all night.

Next chapter: THE GANG RAPE

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Chapter 3: THE GANG RAPE

I barely slept at all that night. I just laid there watching my alpha sleep - listening to his snoring, smelling his musk, imagining how every faggot in town would kill to be me right now.

As the sun started to peer through the window, a ray of light fell over the bed and lit up his body. It was like he was a glowing God, and I couldn't resist. I leaned over him, admiring his perfect form. I began sucking on his left nipple (that would surely get him aroused). I could taste his dried sweat from the vigorous fucking the day before. His whole body was covered in it, like a thin layer of sweet honey to attract cock hungry bottom like flies.

I could feel his dick swelling as he began to stir. He let out a single, deep groan as he rested his hand on the back of my head, never opening his eyes. Then he took a fist full of my hair and gently pulled my head off his chest and over to his face. He kissed me. A long, passionate kiss - the kind where you can see fireworks and stars and it feels like heaven. He still held my head by a fistful of hair. He was in total control. His other hand landed hard on my ass, squeezing my left cheek so hard I thought he would leave a hand shaped bruise. He broke our kiss and stared into me with those beautiful hazel eyes.

"I fucking love you. You still mine?" He whispered to me.

"Of course, sir. I always have been."

He placed me down next to him on the bed.

"You better rest up for tonight." He insisted.

I was confused "What's tonight." I inquired.

"You'll see, just be rested and cleaned out."

Truth was I was supposed to be on the road that night. My long weekend was over and I had work the next day, but there was no way I was leaving now.

John insisted that I sleep in late into the morning. It felt odd not getting up to make him breakfast and lunch. HE even brought ME some breakfast in bed. Well, it was juice and some fruit. He obviously didn't want me eating any big meals in preparation for some intense fucking that night. All the same, I'd never seen him do anything like that before. HE was the alpha. HE was the dominant. HE was the one people served and serviced.

As he brought me a smoothie for lunch, he sat on the side of the bed smiling down at me. Fuck that smile was heaven for me. He handed me the remote and told me to watch some tv while he went out for lunch with some buddies.

I sat in bed watching reruns for a few hours before John returned. He told me we had a big night and needed to prep. I started cleaning the apartment while he took a shower. When I had finished cleaning, he told me to go wash up. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed the bruises from our first fuck had begun to fade, but there was a fresh new bruise where his wrist had clenched my ankle the night before, holding me in the air.

I stepped into the shower and washed myself off. I pulled out my razor and trimmed up my pubes. I never really needed to shave my balls or ass. They were naturally smooth. As I cleaned my ass I was surprised I could still be fairly tight after two nights of John destroying my hole. I'd never taken a dick anywhere near his size and girth before. I'd thought for sure his dick would ruin my hole. But it was still cute and tight as I stared at it in the mirror after drying off, pulling my cheeks apart to inspect it. I suddenly noticed John was standing in the doorway watching me. I blushed from embarrassment, but he just laughed and smiled.

He walked up to me, spun me around, and bent me over the sink. He dropped to his knees behind me. I felt his hands spreading my ass apart, and his breath on my hole.

"Damn I love this ass." He grunted as he dove in, tongue first.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned as I felt his tongue force it's way inside me and his scruffy face rubbing against my ass. His hands remained on my ass, holding my cheeks apart and holding myself in place as the rest of my body squirmed and bucked.

"Oh god! Oh yes! Oh my god, baby!" I could barely see straight as his tongue fucked me better than most dicks that had fucked me. I could hear my precum dripping onto the floor. This went on till I was begging him to just fuck me already. As he stood up, he slapped my ass and told me to put on the jock he'd left out on the bed for me.

I emerged from the bedroom in nothing but the jock he'd left out for me. I immediately blushed and became paralyzed as I realized several of John's buddies were sitting on the couch, in various stages of undress, watching a home video of them gang fucking some white girl with huge tits. Several of them already had their dicks out. Jesus, these huge black dudes were all hung.

"Get us some beers, bitch." John demanded.

I went to the kitchen and retrieved 6 beers, one for each of them. I handed the beers out as most of them continued to ignore me. I couldn't help drooling at their cocks, and being painfully aware that I was just in a jockstrap.

I sat in the side of the couch, but John grabbed me by the hair and nearly dragged me over in front of him, sitting on the floor between his legs.

I stared at the screen as John patted my head like a dog. I didn't recognize the girl being fucked, but I definitely recognized most of the guys fucking her. Several of them were sitting on the couch above me. I also recognized the setting. They were fucking her on John's couch, in John's living room. I had no idea they fucked girls together.

That's when I started feeling John moving above me. I realized he, and several of his bros, were jacking off. I turned around on my knees, staring at John's giant cock as he stroked it. I looked up at him for approval, and he nodded.

I took his massive cock into my mouth yet again, and began to worship. Up and down and up and down. Gagging and slurping. I could hear him moaning encouragement to me, "fuck yeah. That's it. Good bitch."

Then I felt a hand on my ass, and a glob of spit splatter on my hole. That was not John's cock pressing against my back door. That was not John's precum being smeared all over my crack. This was the big night he'd planned for me. I was so happy and nervous. I fell in love with him all over again as one of his bros slid a massive cock inside my ass.

John tapped me on the head as his friend began long dicking me. I lifted off John's cock and he moved out of the way while another of his friends position on the couch in front of me. I looked at John and he nodded in approval. That was all the encouragement I needed. I took another dick into my mouth and began my worship. It tasted different from John's. This precum wasn't nearly as sweet. His crotch didn't smell like John's. John's crotch always smelled of those musky pheromones that made my knees weak. This crotch smelled clean, like the soap he had probably just used in the shower before coming over.

The guy in my ass announced he was getting close and needed a break. His dick plopped out of me, leaving me gaping and empty. It wasn't long before another cock from another guy who I couldn't see was pressed against my hole. With one push, he slid all the way in. This one was different. he was thick and long, but his dick had a wicked sharp curve in it (to the right). I quinces and began crying as he ripped me apart, fucking me hard and never giving me a chance to adjust to his curved dick.

I realized I didn't know where John was. My eyes darted around the room till I saw a light in the corner. It was a light from a camera. It was John! He was filming me being barebacked by all these men. He chuckled as he saw me notice him.

"You a happy little bitch?" He barked at me.

"Yes sir." I barely managed to fumble out through the tears as his bro started mercilessly pounding me.

John got the camera right in my face to see my tears up close. "Oh fuck, little bitch is crying." He laughed. "What are you?" He demanded.

"Your dirty little faggot." I whimpered through the tears.

Finally the curved dick guy started heaving and grunting as he shot his load inside me.

This went on for a few hours. As soon as one guy would nutt inside me, another would step up to take his place. Often, the one who just finished would sit in front of me for me to clean off his dick. The apartment was rank with the smell of cum and sweat, and I was covered in both. I would occasionally hear a new guy arrive and unzip his pants. I was overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. I was so emotionally torn. I hated myself for how turned on I was by all of this. I had never felt so used and violated. I was in so much pain that I cried nearly the entire time. But a part of me loves every second.

As John's friends finished up and left, new guys began arriving. I didn't recognize them and he didn't even seem to know them. Thy simply came in, mumbled a quick hello to John, and got in line. Some of them were hot. Many of them were not. I had bruises and scrapes all over my knees now. My arms were sore and tired. There was copious amounts of cum and other fluids running down my leg and all over the floor. I didn't think I could take any more. Then another hour or so went by and I was crying so hard I heard myself begging for it to stop. I heard John start to turn away the new guys who arrived at that point, but it took almost another hour for the line to dwindle down. I couldn't wait to be done. I stated paying attention to the last few guys as I counted down how many were left. There was the tall, skinny, white guy in his early 20s with the long skinny dick who shot an insanely huge load all over my back. There was the short, Hispanic, thirty something daddy with the beer gut and a tiny dick. Then the last one was the average height white guy in his 30s or 40s, with slightly greying hair, a chest like a former football player whose let himself go a bit but is still muscular, and a beer can dick that made a plunging sound as he pulled it all the way out and shoved all the way in. When he finally began to groan and shoot his load in me, I thanked God I had survived. The silver daddy zipped up his pants and left me there lying on the floor in a mess of cum, tears, and God knows what else.

John had set the camera on a tripod to keep recording and he went out back to have a drink while the last half dozen guys finished. I couldn't even make it onto the couch before I passed out.

I awoke the next morning in more pain than I'd ever felt. My whole body felt like I'd been hit by a car. I was so covered in dry fluid that half my body was stuck to the tile. John threw a wet towel on the floor next to me.

"Clean yourself the fuck up." He ordered. "I don't let dirty bitches sit or lay on my furniture."

I hated myself for what I'd let happen to me last night, but I couldn't help popping a boner thinking about it. I was worried that John would just see me as a dirty bitch now. He wouldn't want to keep me now that I'd been used by half the town.

"And clean this place the fuck up while you're at it." He continued. "I got a date to fuck and I don't want her coming over to this shit."

I knew it. He had used me up and was moving on. I cried through my shower and most of my chores. By the time John got back with his date, I was sitting quietly on the couch looking at the list of missed calls from my boss and coworker's on my phone. Shit, I was supposed to be back at work today.

John and his date burst into the apartment around midnight, both clearly a little drunk. She was pretty - big tits, nice hair, tight dress over her nice ass. I hated her.

John quickly led her into his room and closed the door. I payed on the couch, sniffing the sweat on the pillow the way I used to. There was a lot of guys' sweat on there from the night before, but I could clearly smell John's as he began fucking his date in the other room. I closed my eyes and began jerking off for the first time in days as I listened to them. About 30 minutes in, I heard his loud, animalistic grunting. I quickly wiped myself off before the door opened and the girl, half dressed, began walking to the front door. John stood there naked in his doorway, as he always did, smirking at me. Once she left, he stood there for a few seconds and then his face got serious.

"Well..!" He said, sternly. "You getting that bitch ass the fuck in here or not!?" He demanded.

"You want me in your room?" I stuttered, confused by his question.

"Bitch just cause I fuck other but he's don't mean you aren't the bitch that sleeps in my bed!" He snapped. "Jesus, I went through all that trouble for you last night after watching you drool over my friends for a year and now you're giving me attitude?"

By the time he was finished speaking, I was already at his feet, cleaning off his cock. I could smell her pussy on him, but I didn't care.

"I'll be fucking plenty of other bitches, you better get fucking use to that, and you'll be getting fucked by whoever I decide."

"Yes sir." I mumbled around his dick.

He grabbed me grabbed me with both hands, lifted me up, and tossed me on his bed like a rag doll. He climbed on top of me. His sweat once again filled my lungs as he kissed me.

He lifted his arm and smothered me with his glorious armpit as he slid inside me. "You my little cumdump bitch?" He demanded.

"Yes sir." I moaned as I licked his pit clean.

Next chapter: THE BATHHOUSE

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    • By joethomas
      I grew up as a fan of pro wrestling. Maybe it was the theatrics of it all that appealed to me, or maybe the fact that it featured oiled-up muscle guys in skimpy lycra that helped me figure out at a young age I was gay. Whatever the reason, after years of watching it, I decided to get into the business side of it.
      For the past few years, I’ve owned and operated a pro wrestling company -- we scout and hire talent, rent the venues, sell the tickets, find sponsors, and hold events. I do this monthly, have a few friends and staff (all straight, as best I can tell) who help behind the scenes, and we make decent money from it in the process. Most of our events draw about 500 screaming, rabid, loyal fans.
      Yes, it’s all staged, but it’s a good time, the participants are genuine athletes, and they take it seriously. A lot of the younger ones – usually the ones in their late teens or early 20s – aspire to make wrestling a full-time job, reach the big-time (i.e. WWE), and wrestle in places like Madison Square Garden with millions of people watching them on TV. For these younger guys, they’re willing to sacrifice a lot to get a shot. They train hard, and they’re in the gym every day – and their bodies show it.
      Some of them really will do anything to get their shot, which is good for me and for them.
      Quickly, a little about me: I’m 51, white, 6-2, 190 lbs., graying hair, decent shape with decent looks and a thick, meaty cock. I came out about 15 years ago, and a poz leather daddy acquaintance of mine converted me about 5 years ago. I wasn’t chasing, and I hadn’t planned for it to happen, but once Daddy had me on my back with my legs over his shoulders, I felt powerless to stop him from breeding me. I came down with the fuck flu, and after briefly going on meds, I gave them up within a few months. I assume my viral load at this point is sky-high, which is how I intend to keep it for a while.
      After going off meds, I felt a transformation sexually: I went from being a vers guy with an average sex drive to being a power-hungry bareback top who stops at nothing to breed cute young guys (my weakness is the jock, college-boy type with a daddy fetish). The power of infecting a young, healthy jock is more of a rush than any drug out there. They usually either assume I’m neg and/or insist on a condom, which magically either breaks, slips off, or never even leaves the wrapper. Oops.
      I figure I’ve pozzed several of these naïve boys so far, and it fuels my need to find more. It turns out that the business of pro wrestling is the perfect place for it.
      When booking the wrestling talent for my events, I try to feature a good mix that will please the crowd and sell tickets: usually a couple of bigger, brawler types; maybe a couple of females; one or two silly, quirky types; and a few of the young, fit, boy-next-door gym bunny 20-somethings to appeal to the gays and the girls. Variety is good for ticket sales.
      Some of the wrestlers know I’m gay, but most probably don’t. I just don’t talk about it, and I don’t do much to make it obvious. I’ve also steered clear of being overtly flirtatious at my events, although I’m sure some of the wrestlers have caught my eyes lingering a little too long when they’re changing clothes, and I’ve been known to occasionally give away a free ticket to the particularly hot guys standing in the ticket line. But most definitely, none of them know I’m poz and carrying a potent, toxic virus ready to be shared at any moment.
      One of my favorites on the roster is Cody. He’s a naïve country boy who lives about an hour away, and he loves working with our company and often comes to me for advice on how to improve himself and make it to the big-time. I’ve earned his trust by working together for a while, and I’ve felt almost like a father figure to this kid since I’ve started working with him. He’s 19, single, straight, and clearly proud of his tanned, athletic body. Probably half of his pics on social media are either shirtless or gym selfies. At 5-9 and roughly 180 pounds, he looks god-like in his tight wrestling trunks, and even better post-match when he’s dripping sweat. His brown hair, amazing green eyes, and smooth, tanned, toned body make the girls and gays swoon. He’s the rare type who makes clingy spandex look good.
      Cody is desperate to work full-time as a wrestler and get his face in front of WWE scouts. The fact that I actually have connections to a couple of those scouts is a big, big plus for my exploits, and I made it clear to Cody that if he plays his cards right, I could put in a very good word for him and get  him a tryout in front of some big-time names. I could make his dream of being on TV come true.
      After seeing him wrestle and lusting after him at one of my recent events, and seeing how his ass gloriously filled out his tight black trunks (with a white jock strap peeking out the sides at times), I decided to see exactly how badly he wanted that tryout and my recommendation. I asked him to come to the venue early for the next event so we could discuss his future. He accepted eagerly.
      As some of the crew was setting up the ring and getting things in place, Cody arrived at the venue with his gym bag in hand and found me near a set of bleachers. Wide-eyed and freshly pumped from a gym session, he was eager to hear my advice on furthering his career. We walked to the locker room (still empty for another hour or so) and stepped into an adjacent storage room, where we found two chairs. I arranged them so that we’d be facing each other, and we began to chat. His gold, mesh gym shorts and white t-shirt showed off his tan muscled legs, broad shoulders, and athletic chest, and I tried to not stare.
      Besides, I’d be seeing him naked within minutes.
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