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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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    Sydney Australia
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    Gettin me hot cum n piss hungry hole wrecked by any/all Studs (_0_)
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    5'11" 200lbs 34"w 48"ch 9"x6"c Hairy hung ruff tuff stocky muscles tatts pierced rugby playin tradie power bottom who luvs gettin me hot cum n piss hungry hole fucked ! Really into gettin gangbanged in public (_0_)
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    None but have been fucked by a porn star ( or so he said ) (_0_)
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    Any Studs that can fuck me hard n ruff #noloadsrefused #nocondomsever (_0_)

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  1. I do not have the time to rebuild what I had so I an out of here ;(

  2. tradiemason

    Discuss Site Upgrade Here

    I just dont have the time to rebuild what I had so I am out of here ;(
  3. tradiemason

    Piss up the ass

    As I am a big pig I luv bein piss fucked and dependin on the size of the loads n how hard I am bein fucked afterwards I can usuaaly keep it all up me for a few hours then I just have to let go whatever is left
  4. tradiemason

    Piss up the ass

    Lucky you havin a husband like that ! I luv it real hard n ruff n bein made to take me tops cum n piss loads
  5. tradiemason

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Fuckin hot experience @PhoenixGeoff I luv gettin fucked by truckers in there sleepers too
  6. tradiemason

    Road Trip For Fuck Buddies

    Fuckin hot bro what happened on the rest of your trip ?
  7. tradiemason

    Restroom Floor

    Gotta admit I done that too bro ! Sumtimes I just play with it with me fingers puttin sum up me hole or lickin off me fingers or I have even licked it off the walls or floor filthy pig that I am
  8. tradiemason

    Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    Either for me but if I gotta pick hairy is it ! I got a real hairy ass now n I aint had many complaints
  9. tradiemason

    Adding Me As A Friend

    Deffo a deal bro
  10. tradiemason

    whats your fetish?

    Me too bro
  11. tradiemason

    A Big Stocky Guy Who Loves To Fuck Small Guys

    Hot experience bro ! I aint little (183cm 98kg) but I like bigger guys to take control n use me as there fuck toy
  12. tradiemason

    In The Dark Room With My Boy

    Fuckin hot story bro keep it cummin
  13. tradiemason

    How Do You Define A Cumslut?

    I think I might be a cumslut as I have never ever said no to any cock or load ! If its hard its goin up me n its gunna stay there until he has give all his babys
  14. tradiemason

    How Many Loads Would You Take In A Non-Stop Fuck Session?

    I dont put no limits on meself if there is a hard cock around I am on it ! I have never ever said no to any cock or load n I aint about to start now ! I will take any/all cocks n loads any/where/time/how #noloadsrefused Gotta agree with you @danielg ! I am a cumdump n I dont care who fucks me
  15. Fuckin hot experience bro ! Lucky you I luv them days when I start with a fully loaded hole allways makes me go lookin for more

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