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The Stables    (Part 2)


“Oh fuck…. oh God….. sweet fucking Jesus…. fuck me harder…” Gregory moaned.

The invading cock penetrated him painfully. Still he tried to push himself onto the hard piece of flesh.

He wanted to give the guy in the other booth a good feeling.

It gave him pleasure to know, that the other one would shoot a big load into his body soon.


The bartender was applying some pressure against Gregory’s hip to help him take the invading cock completely.

It didn’t take long, and Gregory could feel the cold wooden wall against his ass cheeks.


He felt proud for making this achievement.

The anonymous guy started fucking his dick hard into the waiting cunt.


“Nice - your virgin pussy is so fucking tight” the stallion mumbled.


Gregory could hear other voices encouraging the stallion to increase the speed.


‘Wreck his cunt’  ‘Make him bleed’ and ‘Use him like the whore he is’ they cheered.


Gregory was breathing heavily.

He wished it wouldn’t hurt so much, but the bartender told him, that by the fourth or fifth dick it wouldn’t be that bad anymore.

He would take the dicks easily by then.

Gregory got advised to pull his ass cheeks apart, so the cock would be shoved a little bit deeper.


“You stupid whore, I’m gonna spray my poz load into you soon” the guy on the other side indicated.


“Come on…. milk my cock..... Suck the poz load out of my balls with your greedy cunt”


The fucking got more aggressive. Greg felt the cock punching in and out of his twat.


Suddenly he heard a loud groaning.

“I’m shooting my junk into you, you whore… Do you feel my dirty cum, bitch?”


The bartender raised and gave Gregory a thumb up for a great job. He told him to stand like this for a moment,

to give the cock the chance to unload completely.

Greg nodded and remained standing with his ass chute close to the hole in the wall.


After the guy withdrew his cock from Gregory’s cunt the twink turned around and knelt in front of the whole, thanking the poz fucker for his cum.


“Thanks for giving me your poz load Sir. Feel free to reload me anytime.”


The bartender couldn’t believe it.

He watched the boy kneeling in front of the glory hole, thanking the first aids bloke to demolish his cunt.


He almost felt sorry for him, that they took advantage of him this way.


Tom had worked as a bartender for two years now and ne had never experienced a scenario like this.

Most guys knew about the risks of bareback sex. But there were always guys, who were so inexperienced and innocent like the guy

in the booth right now.


This feeling didn’t last long, as another cock pushed through the glory hole and a grumpy voice told Gregory to stop this fucking advertisement

and get his twat back to the glory hole and onto his cock.


Greg was excited feeling the next guy required attention to his cock and so he got up and turned around.

He reached for the dick behind him and led it to his freshly pozzed cunt.

This time the pain was more bearable this time.


Greg’s eyes were closed while he enjoyed the feeling of being fully stuffed again.


The bartender told him, he had to take care of other things outside, but would be back later on.


Outside he saw the fucker, who just unloaded his toxic seed into the adolescent guy. He was talking to some pals about the slut

they were corrupting right now.

Tom congratulated him for the great job and saw the bloody streaks on the still semi hard cock.


“I hope, you don’t mind” he said and knelt down in front of the bloke, starting to lick the virgins ass juices away from the dick.

He loved to taste the innocent boy’s ass for the very last time.


Everything was going as planned.


Meanwhile the second guy ripped Gregory’s cunt open mercilessly. With the first deposit he had enough lube to fuck the whore.


“Slut - Push your ass against the wall bitch… where are you going? I said, against the wall you low life. Don’t make me come over….

That’s better dick ditch.” the guy snorted obscenely.  The fellow enjoyed the tight slit and he concentrated on his job to damage this hole

in front of him, so that a different strain would get a chance to contaminate the young mare.

He knew once his venom would be in his victim another guy would work his cum into the slut’s system. He wouldn’t know what had hit him…..


Gregory tried his best to satisfy the stallions. He knew all his life, he would love to be on the receiving end.


He wanted to actually move his ass, but it seemed to be the best to keep his asshole close to the wall and let the dude take all the action.

He tried to imagine the guy on the other side, but in the end it was not important. He was just another hole - right next to the hole in the wall.


Gregory gasped for air. The guy on the other side hammered his prick hard into Greg’s body.

“Fuck me harder. It hurts so good man…“ Greg groaned.


“Yeah… I will seed you with my cum. You deserve it” the guy on the other side chuckled.

“Do you want me to breed you now bitch?” he asked the pup.


“Yeah man…. breed me. Give me your load man…. Give me your fucking load please.” he begged.

His ass got flooded with hot and sticky cum, while the male on the other side of the wall cursed loudly.


This morning the boy wasn’t sure, if coming to this place would have been the right decision. But right now, he felt like he existed for getting fucked only.

He couldn’t wait to get another cock up his cunt, while the guy in his ass, was still pumping cum into his body.


His cunt was leaking already.


This felt great…

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Glad you are back Scorpion.

Reread chapter 1 before reading chapter 2.

Greg is now well on the way to becumming a poz cumdump.

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      I walked onto the little dark room by the terrace on the first floor and found it empty. I turned around to leave and saw that a couple of guys had followed me. They were a little taller than me, bodies that had clearly never been to the gym and faces I couldn't quite make out, but one of them had a HUGE bulge under his towel so I grabbed one of his nipples with one hand and his dick with the other, while the third guy took my towel off and started eating my ass. "Salty", was all he said while the hung guy sat down and I started blowing him, and the rimmer shoved his dick in me.
      I couldn't believe I was getting bare dick this easily on a weekday. I got fucked hard and fast and got another load in me without it being announced. His dick wasn't that big and I really wasn't paying much attention to the guy but for the occasional ass squeeze while he came. When he left it was just the hung guy and me in the dark room and I felt a hand making me turn around and a dick poking my leg. Yes, more bare dick and a really big one this time around.
      I sat on it and felt the joy that comes with being truly full of dick. The rush of not even having seen this guy's face, the thrill of just being a hole for him while him also being just a dick stirring the other three loads in me. I was grabbed by the waist and the fucking dude just stood up with him still inside of me. I was wet from sweat and slipped a little, which made his dick open my hole in a weird and painful way. I yelled that he was hurting me and he just turned around, said "Get on all fours and don't complain, whore", and put me against the place he was sitting in a second ago. He didn't wait for me to get comfortable, he didn't even wait for me to have all my limbs down before he started fucking me.
      "I'm gonna take a while", he said, and pushed his dick all the way it could go in. I could feel my second sphincter opening up, but it hurt like hell, my body was clenching up and my dick was oozing cum out of the excitement. Pain was bad, pleasure up there with it, and the continuous loud fucking was drawing some shadows into the little dark room. Soon this guy sat close to my head and pulled out a nice average dick. I sucked on it, not even trying to jerk myself off as all I could do was focus on being a good willing hole.
      The guy I was blowing took a little poppers bottle out out of nowhere and gave me a hit and that fucking did it. The hung top fucking me took the queue and shoved his dick all the way in and the pain gave way to pleasure as I could feel my fucking soul opening up at the same time my second sphincter did, letting him truly all the way in. "Give me some poppers", the top said and took the biggest hit ever. "I'm leaving it there, bitch", he said and fucked me hard, moaning and yelling, as some guys watched him wrecking my hole. With a big final plow he said he was cumming and dropped his load as far in as his dick would go, leaving me sore, leaving my balls emptied of cum, leaving my ass with four loads and leaving my head with the knowledge that I had them all the real way in.
      I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left. Got home a while ago and can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as that's some hard earned loads. I'll be going out later tonight, hopefully there're more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
    • By Hotload84
      These stories remind me of something that just happened couple of days ago.  I was watching this dude who had just turned 18 years old for several weeks, trying to figure out if he was gay or what.  My gaydar was going off the chart every time I saw him.  He was kind of the Frat looking college boy who happened to live in the same apartment building as do I.
      One night after I was undressed, watching TV which I always do.  It was around 9:00 P.M. and I heard a knock at the door.  I could not imagine who the hell it was, so I pulled-on a pair of jeans and answered the door.  It was that damn kid.  I just stood there with my mouth, open, probably.  It turned out he had lost his house key and wanted to know if I had a credit card or something that he could use to open his door as he didn't want to call the manager, thereby incurring the charge.
      "Sure," I answered, and, finding an old used up Wal-Mart card, handed it to him. 
      "Thanks.  I'll bring it right back.  Oh, in case you don't know, I'm in 209."
      Now I have seen him with a girl now and then but nothing looked too serious.  Needless to say, after shutting the door behind him, my hormones started racing, thinking of all kinds of things I could do to this boy.
      Now I had at least 20 years on him, but figured I could teach him a lesson or two.  I had no poppers or anything else, but did have plenty of cold beer so I worked-up a plan for his return.  My cock stirring and being a top, I was really thinking 'Hmmmm. Tonight is the night to get this guy, who I suspect is a virgin'.
      I have been poz for quite a few years and really never thought of gifting it.  I also didn't really give it much thought at the moment other then this boy's nice looks and slender body.  He must have weighed 135 to 140 lbs.  Well, I was as ready as I could be.
      He came back within a few minutes, saying he had opened the door, but apologized because the card was mangled.  Thank god it was un-usable anyway.  So I casually asked him to come in and have a beer with me. Happily he accepted my invitation, and sat on the couch with a cold one. I had a movie on that just started that I had pay per view. So he from what I saw was interested in the movie so things went smoothly from there. After he had guzzled down about 8 beers during the movie, he got up and went to take a piss. Not surprisingly he was a bit off balance some on the way upstairs to the bath room. "Hmmm" again I said to myself, "This might be my only time and should take advantage of it."
      Now this guy was as cute as they came. Being 18 he had his boyish looks and swimmers build, I could only imagine what was under those baggy clothes. He came back down and asked if I minded he had another beer. "Of course not!" I said cheerfully. The movie ended and was on regular TV and we just made small talk and he was slurring and telling me that it was his first time at really getting buzzed and it felt good. He was sitting on the couch next to me and I got up and got a beer also, But I was no way near drinking as much as was he. I came back and sat closer to him of course and he looked slightly tired and I just let things happen. I casually reached over and put my hand on his leg and asked him if he was ok. Sure he said. But I kept my hand on his leg. Half way from his knee to his crotch. He did not move and of course my cock started to stir. Maybe just maybe tonight was my lucky night. I had not gotten off in days so had a good load brewing. I got a little brave and took my hand off his leg and then said something funny to him and slapped him on the leg and my hand of course was a little higher up his leg this time and I kept it there. I was sporting a tent in my jeans as I proudly can say I am well hung, uncut, and thick about 9 inches and 6 inches in girth. So there was not much room once things started stirring, if you know what I mean.
      I decided then I would get up and go to the kitchen and get some chips and of course let him see me getting aroused. I watched him and his eyes locked right on my crotch. Brought back the chips and gave him a bowl and sat down next to him again. Now I could not tell with the baggy pants if he was getting hard or it was just a wrinkle in his pants but I kept a very eagle eye on it and kept reaching down to get chips from the bowl resting in his lap making the bowl move a little each time I did this. Finally I came to the conclusion this beer-induced lad was getting horny, so I went for it. No more playing around.
      I removed the bowl and reached over and groped his crotch and yeah, I was right he was getting hard. He did not push my hand away but he said that he was straight and if anything happened then I was to forget about it and that just got me going more. A straight boy! Either he was lying or he was being truthful - whichever, I had to get some of his ass! I told him to stand and we stood up and of course now I was bulging a big ol hard on and I took his hand and put it on my crotch. He said "Damn" and I told him to take off his shirt which he did in a flash. He was hot and bothered. Just the way I wanted him to be. Nice body, I just could not believe it. Nice and slim just the way I like them and very little hair above his belly button. I fumbled as I was kind of nervous with his snap on his pants as I was not sure how far I could go. And then unzipped him. His pants fell to the floor. He already had his shoes off as I make people take their shoes off when they come into the house. So only thing left was the boxers which was tenting beautifully.
      I reached down and squeezed his hard on and he kind of groaned. I then told him to step out of his pants and to follow me upstairs to the bedroom where the lighting was dim. He staggered up behind me still hard and I got him up in the bedroom and told him to sit down on the bed but before he did that to shed the boxers. Which he did. Out popped a very nice looking juicy cut cock with average shaft. But at the same time I saw his ass in the mirror, Nice bubble butt cheeks. Damn this made me really want it. So I slowly dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. He moaned and said he always wondered what that would feel like. I had me a pure virgin here. I asked him if he had been with any girls and he said "not yet." He was still too shy around them so they even though he was cute kind of stayed away.
      He was sitting down so I decided it was time to show my glory and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. I also had boxers on but it was very obvious I was horny. I then dropped my boxers and he looked at my uncut clean cock and said "damn" again. He said he never seen one that big only in pictures and I got closer to him and I said "taste it" He said "No, I',m straight. I replied "Look nobody will know but you and me and I really want you to suck my cock and I will suck yours." Of course I had other plans for him, but he didn't need to know that just then.
      So He got my root into his mouth and I pulled the skin back so he could get at the head. He could not take much of it as he would gag, so I got back on my knees and said "lay down and I will do yours." I sucked him for a few minutes and thank god for the beer, He was not a quick cummer. But I could feel the cum slowly filling his nuts and knew if I kept on I would get him off. Of course I was all in my glory as this is what I had wanted for months after he had moved in next to me. I told him to get on the bed and be doggie style and I would teach him a new trick. He readily did so asking why. I got behind him and slowly licked his back and down to his crack and then I got to the cherry. I licked it and tongue fucked it for several minutes with him saying it felt so damn good. He was glad that he was there but not to tell a soul. I promised I wouldn't.
      I had lube within reach which was baby oil, and I made as if I intended to give him a massage. He seemed to be keen on that so I dribbled some down his crack and slowly stuck my middle finger in. Not much but just a little and he bucked off. But I kept after him until finally he just gave up and let me put my finger up his ass. I did this until I could get 2 fingers up there and did not want to press my luck. I then without him noticing it lubed up my cum filled cock and knew damn well this was going to hurt. I almost felt sorry for him but I just had to have a piece of his ass. I got behind him and the skin was over my cock head again, but that was ok. It would move back when I did the deed. I took my legs and knees and slowly but surely spread his legs apart some more so he was really lined up. I then was ready. I put my cock head near his cherry hole and he felt what was coming and said "Hell no, You're not doing that." I of course knew all the tricks and replied "I need to get off all I want to do is put the head in and I will stop and beat off and shoot all over your back."
      After long moments I finally convinced him. More lube as this guy had no idea what was going to really happen to him. I stuck my cock head against his hole and slowly pushed in. He said "Dude that hurts like hell and you don't have a rubber. I said "sorry" and that I didnt need one as I was not going to cream up inside of him [Yeah! Right!] I again told him to just bite down and it would only hurt for a minute and I pressed on. I could feel my cock head slowly go past his pucker hole and the skin pulled slowly back as I went in. I just kept it there and stroked my cock for a few minutes and pressed a little more. It was like a "pop." The head was in and no protest. But I knew I still had to get the 9 inches into him and had a long way to go.
      I was where I wanted to be so I leaned somewhat on his back kissing and tongueing his back. He seemed to like it. Now I was ready for more and this was the end of the game. I did not want to hurt him or really rip him apart but definitely wanted all-the-way-in. I pressed onwards and sliding the shaft in. He protested, I said "dude, just hang on. Trust me - you're not gonna believe how great this will feel." You know those famous words. I then positioned myself so I could hold on to his somewhat bony waist and held on and I slowly but surely pressed on. I was half in and was fucking him with half of my cock and still he was protesting and that also I did not have a condom. I knew I was going to breed him tonight if it was the last thing I did. So with a quick movement his legs went out beneath him and on his stomach he went. I was still in him and was laying on his back with my weight on top of him. I was somewhat bigger then him so I had the advantage. I then said the hell with it. My cock head was in and about another 3 or 4 inches of the shaft. It was time for breeding.
      I then grabbed him around the chest and gave him a body hug, licked his ear and away I went. I sunk the rest of my thick cock into him all the way to the pubes. He let out a yell but that did not bother me. I just kept it there and let him get use to having it up his tight ass. It was hot. Here I was in a virgin ass with my thick pole. A piece of ass I have not had for some time. I then slowly pulled some out and put it back in. He just laid there kind of stunned at what was happening. His sweet ass was getting bred. I said the hell with it then and slowly pumped him until I was taking my cock out to almost the part of the head pulled out. I could even feel the foreskin go over the head a little and then I would slam it back in. It felt to a point that he was arching his back up in the air to take it. But it might have been my imagination. However this went on for what seemed quite awhile and he said "Don't cum in me" and I said "of course not." Little did he know.
      I had him right where I wanted him. I told him to slowly get to his knees as I wanted to make sure I was in to the hilt. He did and without my cock falling out. I then slowly picked up my speed as I knew I was going to cum pretty soon. This was too hot for me to handle. I reached around and made his cock hard and slowly stroked it with precum leaking out of it. Then the urge hit me. I pulled my cock out to the end for the last time and buried it deep into his ass up to the pubes of my bushy hair and felt my balls slap against his at the same time as I had low hangers but they were full. I was there, I shot my poz load deep inside of his tight ass. And I kept it there for a minute or so with him bitching that I had cum up his ass when he asked me not to. I was in no way getting soft and rested a minute and slowly started again. I fucked him hard and earnest for at least another 20 minutes and did the same thing and shot another poz load deep in his ass. Only he didn't know my cum was a special gift.
      I was done for the time being so let it get soft and fall out. It had a tinge of pink on it so I knew I had done some damage. I rolled him over and sucked on his cock and in no time he shot a huge load down my throat. He then just laid there as a rag doll, falling in and out of sleep. I cleaned up any goo that was left dripping down his sweet cock and told myself just one more load and I will be nice and let him go. I slowly turned him over and he did not protest this time. He knew it was coming and nothing he could do about it. I spread his legs and dipped my cock back into his pozzed filled cum hole and was off again. I did not need lube this time he had plenty of cum for that so I grinded my cock into him thrust after thrust and he said he was getting sore. That was ok, I thought and kept going. I put my hands and arms around his waist and lifted his ass up to my cock everytime I shoved my cock into him so he would get all that he could. I again shot another load. This was for some reason a long one. It was like I was never going to stop shooting. But of course I did. I pulled out and told him he could go home now if he wanted. He asked if I minded he just lay there for the night and I said hell no. We drifted off to sleep as he did not want to get off again.
      I woke up around 3:00 A.M. and had another raging hard on. And he was in the right exact position to get him again. I threw back the covers and lubed my cock and mounted him. He was sleeping but he woke up real fast when I shoved my thick 9 inches into him. I fucked him again for about 30 minutes and gave him his 4th load of poz cum. Then I reached over and felt a semi hard on so I toked on that until I got it real hard and sucked on it till he busted a nut. Then we fell asleep in earnest. Woke the next morning and he begged me not to tell anyone and I said "no way" but I wanted him to come over once in awhile just to play. He did not seem to keen on that but he did like looking at my swinging big cock.
      It was about 3 months after that I saw him going into the local ABS. He was not saying much to me, but even so, having broken him in, I would get him and his sweet tasting, tight ass. He was now 'one of the boys' so to speak. And if he did fuck some cunt then she was going to get pozzed. I suspect he he knew he was pozzed and did not want to tell me. I also think after I had de-flowered him, he had played around some with other guys. Otherwise I should think he would have come back to me and bitched me out about pozzing him. He didn't so that told me that he didn't really know who pozzed him, and I had done my job well. Even if he was straight, he still got bred, and had no more worries. After all, he was now one of the boys. In all shape and manner.
    • By MrLip69
      Hey, looking for anyone who wants a tight hole to breed. No loads refused. In zone 1+2. Accom in the morning and travel alot. Also into cruising and being used in public. Most recently ucl. I was a good slut but my fantasy would be more than 10 guys using me like a cumrag. Dont tell me your status 😈

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