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The Stables    (Part 2)


“Oh fuck…. oh God….. sweet fucking Jesus…. fuck me harder…” Gregory moaned.

The invading cock penetrated him painfully. Still he tried to push himself onto the hard piece of flesh.

He wanted to give the guy in the other booth a good feeling.

It gave him pleasure to know, that the other one would shoot a big load into his body soon.


The bartender was applying some pressure against Gregory’s hip to help him take the invading cock completely.

It didn’t take long, and Gregory could feel the cold wooden wall against his ass cheeks.


He felt proud for making this achievement.

The anonymous guy started fucking his dick hard into the waiting cunt.


“Nice - your virgin pussy is so fucking tight” the stallion mumbled.


Gregory could hear other voices encouraging the stallion to increase the speed.


‘Wreck his cunt’  ‘Make him bleed’ and ‘Use him like the whore he is’ they cheered.


Gregory was breathing heavily.

He wished it wouldn’t hurt so much, but the bartender told him, that by the fourth or fifth dick it wouldn’t be that bad anymore.

He would take the dicks easily by then.

Gregory got advised to pull his ass cheeks apart, so the cock would be shoved a little bit deeper.


“You stupid whore, I’m gonna spray my poz load into you soon” the guy on the other side indicated.


“Come on…. milk my cock..... Suck the poz load out of my balls with your greedy cunt”


The fucking got more aggressive. Greg felt the cock punching in and out of his twat.


Suddenly he heard a loud groaning.

“I’m shooting my junk into you, you whore… Do you feel my dirty cum, bitch?”


The bartender raised and gave Gregory a thumb up for a great job. He told him to stand like this for a moment,

to give the cock the chance to unload completely.

Greg nodded and remained standing with his ass chute close to the hole in the wall.


After the guy withdrew his cock from Gregory’s cunt the twink turned around and knelt in front of the whole, thanking the poz fucker for his cum.


“Thanks for giving me your poz load Sir. Feel free to reload me anytime.”


The bartender couldn’t believe it.

He watched the boy kneeling in front of the glory hole, thanking the first aids bloke to demolish his cunt.


He almost felt sorry for him, that they took advantage of him this way.


Tom had worked as a bartender for two years now and ne had never experienced a scenario like this.

Most guys knew about the risks of bareback sex. But there were always guys, who were so inexperienced and innocent like the guy

in the booth right now.


This feeling didn’t last long, as another cock pushed through the glory hole and a grumpy voice told Gregory to stop this fucking advertisement

and get his twat back to the glory hole and onto his cock.


Greg was excited feeling the next guy required attention to his cock and so he got up and turned around.

He reached for the dick behind him and led it to his freshly pozzed cunt.

This time the pain was more bearable this time.


Greg’s eyes were closed while he enjoyed the feeling of being fully stuffed again.


The bartender told him, he had to take care of other things outside, but would be back later on.


Outside he saw the fucker, who just unloaded his toxic seed into the adolescent guy. He was talking to some pals about the slut

they were corrupting right now.

Tom congratulated him for the great job and saw the bloody streaks on the still semi hard cock.


“I hope, you don’t mind” he said and knelt down in front of the bloke, starting to lick the virgins ass juices away from the dick.

He loved to taste the innocent boy’s ass for the very last time.


Everything was going as planned.


Meanwhile the second guy ripped Gregory’s cunt open mercilessly. With the first deposit he had enough lube to fuck the whore.


“Slut - Push your ass against the wall bitch… where are you going? I said, against the wall you low life. Don’t make me come over….

That’s better dick ditch.” the guy snorted obscenely.  The fellow enjoyed the tight slit and he concentrated on his job to damage this hole

in front of him, so that a different strain would get a chance to contaminate the young mare.

He knew once his venom would be in his victim another guy would work his cum into the slut’s system. He wouldn’t know what had hit him…..


Gregory tried his best to satisfy the stallions. He knew all his life, he would love to be on the receiving end.


He wanted to actually move his ass, but it seemed to be the best to keep his asshole close to the wall and let the dude take all the action.

He tried to imagine the guy on the other side, but in the end it was not important. He was just another hole - right next to the hole in the wall.


Gregory gasped for air. The guy on the other side hammered his prick hard into Greg’s body.

“Fuck me harder. It hurts so good man…“ Greg groaned.


“Yeah… I will seed you with my cum. You deserve it” the guy on the other side chuckled.

“Do you want me to breed you now bitch?” he asked the pup.


“Yeah man…. breed me. Give me your load man…. Give me your fucking load please.” he begged.

His ass got flooded with hot and sticky cum, while the male on the other side of the wall cursed loudly.


This morning the boy wasn’t sure, if coming to this place would have been the right decision. But right now, he felt like he existed for getting fucked only.

He couldn’t wait to get another cock up his cunt, while the guy in his ass, was still pumping cum into his body.


His cunt was leaking already.


This felt great…

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Glad you are back Scorpion.

Reread chapter 1 before reading chapter 2.

Greg is now well on the way to becumming a poz cumdump.

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