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Norway To Provide Free Hiv-Preventing Prep Drugs To At-Risk Gay Men

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bberik    294

Norway is sending a bold message to the world by becoming the first country to make HIV-preventing PrEP drugs available through its National Health Service.


Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drug Truvada can reduce the risk of being infected with HIV by up to 86% if taken daily, and has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for at-risk men who have sex with men (MSM).


It is already available in a number of countries including the United States, Canada, South Africa and France.


Norway has this week become the second country in Europe to make PrEP available, announcing that PrEP drugs will be available free of charge to at-risk groups via its National Health Scheme.


According to HIV Norway, Minister for Health and Social Care Bent Høie announced the move, making Norway the first country in the world to make the drug free for users.


The decision by the minister is taken on recommendations from the Health Directorate and the Institute of Public Health.


It is a result of two years of lobbying by HIV Norway – the national organisation for people living with HIV.


Leif-Ove Hansen, the president of HIV Norway, said: “PrEP will contribute to reducing the rate of new infections in the gay community, as gay men are facing a risk of infection much higher than the general population.


“Condom use is on the decline, and we are happy that PrEP now is an integrated part of the public health service.”


The news has been met with applause from HIV charities in the UK, where NHS England has been fighting a legal battle over the responsibility to commission the drugs.


Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Norway’s decision to provide PrEP is another great step forward for HIV prevention in Europe. PrEP is a game changer and, when used alongside condoms, regular testing and effective treatment, it can help end the HIV epidemic for good.


“The announcement is a reminder that here in the UK we are still waiting for PrEP to be available on the NHS to those at risk of HIV. Every day NHS England delays access, 17 people are diagnosed – and the lifetime cost to the NHS for each diagnosis is £360,000.


“NHS England must stop with their delays and confusion, and make PrEP immediately available to those at risk of HIV here at home.”



Copied from Pink News.

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bberik    294

Must add that the Minister of Health & Social Care in Norway is gay.


Last year Norway ruled that gay people can get married in church in Norway, not only in court houses.

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rawfuckr    105
On 10/22/2016 at 6:24 AM, bberik said:

Must add that the Minister of Health & Social Care in Norway is gay.

I'm sure that did't have anything to do with it....


Frankly, Norway has so much money that I guess for them it was not a difficult choice. Cash strapped systems like NHS and the like are a lot more reticent because of the bottom line.

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    • By Hairybttmcub43
      I'm a Hairy cub in town for work for a few days looking to take loads in my hotel room or meet up at steamworks.  Sept 26 and 27.  Party posted on bbrt hairybttmcub. 
      Hit me up
    • By Scorpion
      Safe Sex Only Advertisement   (Part 1)
      ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. **
      My friends and I met on a friday night in one of those gay leather bars.
      We knew each other for quite a while and were comfortable with us being positive through and through.
      It was for us quite a sport to convert innocent guys, but times are rough with all the prep around.
      And all of a sudden Brian ‘happened’.
      Brian was a cute blonde angelic twink, who had the goal to prevent other guys from practicing unsafe sex.
      The night he came to our table, he greeted us friendly and asked if we would enjoy the evening.
      Probably all of us got an instant hard-on.
      There he appeared, like an angel on the borderline to hell and we were sitting in the shadows, lurking for his innocence.
      Of course we asked him for which organization he volunteered.

      ‘None’ was his answer.
      That made us curious and so we started our conversation which led Brian to take a seat at our table and tell us about his story.
      After introducing ourselves we moved on.
      “So…. Brian. It is interesting to meet you. I mean such a young guy working on such an important subject is not so usual”
      Brian beamed and was willing to tell us about his reasons.
      “I didn’t come out to my parents yet. I mean… with 18 I just didn’t find the right moment to open up.”
      We nodded understandingly getting probably wet spots on our jeans from our leaking dicks already.
      “Then I met another guy on a chat. That was a year ago, but he used me only and since we had bareback sex I was very scared about HIV and stuff” he continued.
      “Understandable and so grown-up”
      “I see it as my duty to the gay community to warn them about the risks of getting stuff you know?” he blabbered.
      “Of course it is” we agreed wholeheartedly.
      I could see all my chaps were already in the hunting mode.
      It was our time to make the next move now and so I opened with a made-up story about an advertising company who was looking for male models, to star in an HIV commercial.
      He listened to my lies – in which we had found a twink-model, but that the guy turned out to be positive and since we would record dangerous scenes it was not justified to endanger our other active participants.
      We had to fire this guy and so the big deal was off and we would probably lose our jobs by the end of next week.
      “Why? I mean it is not your fault that your star was sick.”
      “But our bosses won’t care if we are guilty or not. They want to see results. It is a tough business…” we expressed with sad eyes.
      “Hey…. aaaaw… forget it” a pal of mine (Mark) interfered.
      “What is it?” the little angel wanted to know.
      “You would be ideal for the role of the innocent twink. You look young and would fit into age gap we want to reach with the advertisement” he explained.
      It was only one way he could react and that was with a polite rejection.
      “That’s too bad – see you could safe some of your twink friends with this add, instead of coming to bars or clubs. I bet people try to hit on you. You know what I mean? Your issue is so honorable and still there are so many guys out here who try to get into your pants. With this add it would be different you know? Yeah – they would see your cute face of course, but they would see the message behind it”
      Then he revealed his true problem. Since he wasn’t out of the closet, he was scared his parents or neighbors or probably his friends would see this. That was the reason he was scared about mostly.
      “Uhm… we work for an international advertising company with a european branch” and we explained to him, that this spot was only for the european market. We assured him, that it wouldn’t be shown in the US.
      “It won’t be even shown on the internet, only in certain cinemas in the opening credits, because of its open sexual content.” another friend of mine (Oliver) explained.
      “But we are dealing with a serious subject here” I added.
      “Guys… guys… our other models are gone too. The active studs – remember?” the third pal (Morton) mentioned.
      “Damn he is right… although, we could take the part. We are active and well hung and we are all negative”
      With that I assured him again we would be healthy and all over nine inches.
      “Our company would pay you and your time of course. The checks could be payable to you. All we need is your address and last name. We would handle the rest then.
      “Uhm… how much would I get…. if I am willing to participate in the educational spot” Brian asked and was obviously ashamed of bringing the subject of payment to the table.
      “Depends on how long we work on you and how much you are willing to do – we could explain that all to you, but only if you are actually interested” I told him.
      Of course he understood, that it would be a waste of time explaining all this, if he wouldn’t want to do it anyway and so he signaled to us, that he would love to a part in this advertisement.
      That was a great offer and after some exchange we welcomed him happily on our team.
      “What do I have to do?” he asked innocently.
      “Well – we need two days for this shoot. First we would film all the risky scenes, the bareback and stuff” we explained.
      “Bareback? No way! That is way too dangerous.” he revolted.
      We had to realize, that we didn’t have a young and good looking twink at our table, but also a stupid one and so it was necessary to get him back where he belonged. On our POZ cocks.
      “Actually our company requires an HIV and STD test every four weeks. You are the high risk factor here. You are young and attractive – it is highly possible, that you are sick already!”
      “No way – I had only one boyfriend and he was the only one getting into me without a condom. And since we broke up, I waited my share of time and made a test and it came out negative.” Brian answered.
      “See – and that is why, we are willing to take the risk with you, since we are totally positive about being healthy too” I confused him.
      “Do you guys have a studio?” he asked.
      The little brat caught us but Tim came to our rescue.
      “Our budget is big enough to rent a studio but our clients in europe want the spot as real as possible – so we wanted to start with some shoots here in the bar and then in a cheap hotel down the street. Only if it looks authentic, people will probably recognize the scheme and avoid this situation in future.”
      Brian nodded understandingly and mentioned that there are so many dangerous places around to be fucked up with HIV.
      “There are so many filthy toilets or guys get infected because the fuck around in a back seat of a car” he added.
      We agreed on that and discussed if we should do some sequels on the toilets but Morton argued against it. He brought us back to our client’s wishes (a lie: there was no client) and said it had to be a casual meeting between a boy slut and some POZ studs.
      “Too bad we only got our high definition mobile cams with us (a lie: we referred to the cams of our mobile phones). Our other gear is in our hotel and this is on the other side of the town. Those mobile cams are property of our company and they are really good” we fabricated but Brian believed every word we said by now.
      Almost like old friends we ordered him a beer and clinked glasses.
      He refused at first, since he didn’t like alcohol at all, but we convinced him to drink with us. In the end we had something to celebrate.
      He asked us to be kind to him. He had no experience with being an actor.
      “Of course – and remember it is all a reference to dangerous sex acts. We will penetrate you of course, but we are not shooting a porn movie or so. It will be still tasteful and show only the hint of risky behavior. If the scenes are too much hardcore after all, they will be edited anyways. So don’t worry about it.”
      We would explain every scene to him before shooting it.

      It was only important for him to know, that on the first night we would record the scheduled ‘unsafe’ scenes and on the other night we would do the ‘safe’ scenes and the contract between him and our fake company would be signed.
      The second night would never happen though.
      After another glass of whiskey, we decided it was time to set off.
      Brian was a little bit tipsy and as we left the bar, two of us helped Brian to walk straight.
      It was a funny sight. He looked so small and thin.
      His 5.4 foot and our over 6 foot tall bodies would make a nice contrast.
      I couldn’t wait to shoot my toxic load into his small and tight ass…
    • By FunCollegeTwink
      I'm a senior in college at the moment.  I'm an honors student, highly respected among my peers and professors, and will be applying to top PhD programs this autumn.  I'm also a total slut.  As much as I love academics, I love getting fucked bareback just as much - maybe even more.  I love getting bred.  I love getting bred a lot, and by a lot of different guys.  Every time I feel a new guy sliding into my hole, or when I slide into someone new, I feel totally amazing. 
      This, in essence, is the source of my internal tension.  I have always been told that I am very smart, and that I have a bright future ahead of me (not to sound arrogant, hopefully), and I legitimately believe that I could do quite well in my field (philosophy).  However, the degree to which I am slutty (which is quite high) leads me to engage in risky sexual practices on a regular basis.  And, quite in fact, the risk in and of itself does not bother me; quite the contrary, I rather enjoy it.  It is adventurous, energizing, and invigorating.  On the one hand, my life is spent in the abstract, dealing with the nature of thought, and issues of philosophy which are (seemingly) divorced from the carryings on of the every day.  On the other, I engage in behavior that is reckless at times, living in the moment and experiencing everything through sex.  Sex which is risky, dangerous to my health - and by extension, possibly, my future - and yet I cannot go without it.  I am not on prep, and I often do not even ask about status - for the most part I do not care. 
      Despite how thoroughly I enjoy both of these aspects of my life, there seems to be a tension between them.  My academic life is where I feel most free, and it is what I wish to spend my life doing.  My sexual life, however, remains indispensable.  The sex may very well adversely affect my academic life, and yet I could not do my academics without my sexual life. 
      I suppose I just wanted to post this, and see what you all think.  Most of my peers would probably be appalled by my sexual choices, and tell me that I'm throwing away my life for the sake of "mere" bodily pleasure.  While I am not insensitive to this (and quite frankly, I would agree with them to some extent), it is not enough for me to stop, despite the tension that I feel.  I feel like an academic, and I also feel like I am a total slut and whore.  Have any of you ever experience anything like this?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!
    • By TheLusciousLad
      I'm a type 1 diabetic, so for me, cuts take longer to heal than normal people. I jerk off A LOT and i have a few small tares around my cock, even though i use lube. would PrEp still protect me from HIV even if i have small tares around my cock? 

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