Norway To Provide Free Hiv-Preventing Prep Drugs To At-Risk Gay Men

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Norway is sending a bold message to the world by becoming the first country to make HIV-preventing PrEP drugs available through its National Health Service.


Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drug Truvada can reduce the risk of being infected with HIV by up to 86% if taken daily, and has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for at-risk men who have sex with men (MSM).


It is already available in a number of countries including the United States, Canada, South Africa and France.


Norway has this week become the second country in Europe to make PrEP available, announcing that PrEP drugs will be available free of charge to at-risk groups via its National Health Scheme.


According to HIV Norway, Minister for Health and Social Care Bent Høie announced the move, making Norway the first country in the world to make the drug free for users.


The decision by the minister is taken on recommendations from the Health Directorate and the Institute of Public Health.


It is a result of two years of lobbying by HIV Norway – the national organisation for people living with HIV.


Leif-Ove Hansen, the president of HIV Norway, said: “PrEP will contribute to reducing the rate of new infections in the gay community, as gay men are facing a risk of infection much higher than the general population.


“Condom use is on the decline, and we are happy that PrEP now is an integrated part of the public health service.”


The news has been met with applause from HIV charities in the UK, where NHS England has been fighting a legal battle over the responsibility to commission the drugs.


Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Norway’s decision to provide PrEP is another great step forward for HIV prevention in Europe. PrEP is a game changer and, when used alongside condoms, regular testing and effective treatment, it can help end the HIV epidemic for good.


“The announcement is a reminder that here in the UK we are still waiting for PrEP to be available on the NHS to those at risk of HIV. Every day NHS England delays access, 17 people are diagnosed – and the lifetime cost to the NHS for each diagnosis is £360,000.


“NHS England must stop with their delays and confusion, and make PrEP immediately available to those at risk of HIV here at home.”



Copied from Pink News.


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Must add that the Minister of Health & Social Care in Norway is gay.


Last year Norway ruled that gay people can get married in church in Norway, not only in court houses.


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On 10/22/2016 at 6:24 AM, bberik said:

Must add that the Minister of Health & Social Care in Norway is gay.

I'm sure that did't have anything to do with it....


Frankly, Norway has so much money that I guess for them it was not a difficult choice. Cash strapped systems like NHS and the like are a lot more reticent because of the bottom line.


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      I am currently on Prep (Truvada).  I am hopefully getting accepted to a research study for hiv prevention vaccine. So I am going to stop Prep and become a true POZ cum chasing slut. If you are interested in helping truly test this vaccine contact me. 
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      Has anyone had experience with the generic forms of PrEP ? It odes seem to be easier cheaper and at least for me, easier to obtain.
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      “Here I’ll show you, let’s head outside.”

      Once outside the club, he tells me to wait by the corner while he gets his car. Right after he leaves, another guy comes up to me. I had seen this guy with Dave before he came up to me. The new guy says “Hey listen, Dave said he wouldn’t try to pick up girls anyway, he knew it was a bad idea but he did anyway. I’m his friend but I can’t let him do this. There’s something you should know… Dave has Herpes. He’s actually got an outbreak right now, so there’s a huge chance if you let him touch you, you’ll get it too.”

      I was ecstatic. Even with a high viral load like my own, it can be hard for girls to poz guys. Like guys can do it easily, cause they can just cut you with nails or something. But for girls, it’s harder to find a way to let the virus get into their blood stream, and that’s the only sure way to poz someone. This new information cut that pathway down significantly, cause those sores are an easy pathway for HIV into his body. I tried not to giggle as the new guy was waiting for me to process this information. I could see Dave’s car approaching. I turned from the new guy and entered Dave’s car, without giving him so much as a good bye.

      After tonight, I knew I would probably also have the herp, but I can’t see how that’s an issue honestly. It’ll just improve my viral repertoire, adding to the size of the gift I’m giving guys.

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      He led me into one of the rooms and immediately started trying to lift up my dress. “Hold on a second, you’ll get what you want.” I said. He refused, grabbing me he threw me onto the bed. “Wait, stop” I said, rather reflexively. “I want to leave.” He didn’t answer, he jumped on me, started kissing me. He tore my dress at the shoulders, pulling it off me. I tried to shove him off me, but slapped my hands to the side. Grabbing my throat with one hand, he reached around and unclasped my bra, letting my large D sized boobs flop out. He pushed his own pants down, then his underwear. I saw his penis for the first time, and it looked like a clear sore on his tip. I pretended not to notice though, at this point I needed to give this guy what he deserved.

      “You want this dick now?”

      “Please no…” I mumbled, He slapped me.

      “Bitch wrong answer. Tell me you want this fuckin dick.” I started to say no, and he slapped me again, harder. Dave tore off the rest of my dress, so I only had my panties. I tried to grab my panties, so he wouldn’t pull them down, but he grabbed my hands and held them above my head with one hand. With his other hand, he reached down and pulled down my panties. I started squirming, trying feebly to get away. Slapping me again, he said “Shut up bitch”. Dave moved his legs between my own, I tried to keep them closed but he forced them open with his legs. Finally, staring at my pussy, Dave realize what I’d been trying to keep hidden; I was fucking horny. My pussy was dripping wet.

      “Well well… Looks like someone’s been enjoying this eh?”

      I was enjoying it. But not for reasons Dave realized. It was because this was about to be my first conversion.

      With one of his hands holding my own above my head, Dave on top of me, and his dick positions directly in front of my penis, I knew it was about to happen. Dave put his free hand on my throat and started squeezing so I couldn’t breathe. He plunged his penis into me. I could feel something pop as his penis reached the bottom of my Vagina. He started thrusting rapidly, moaning. I could hear the sloshing as his penis went in and out of my HIV filled vagina. His grip on my throat got harder, I could feel my face getting red from lack of oxygen, but god it felt so good. I felt his knob expand, his head tilted back, a few last thrusts and he explodes, launching his semen into my vagina. He releases my throat rolls off me.

      I move to get off the bed, but he stops me. “Whoa, where are you going? Don’t think you’re getting off that easily.”

      Dave grabs me, throws me back onto the bed. Then he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out some handcuffs. I lunge at the door, trying to escape, but he catches me. Grabbing my hands, he handcuffs them to the bed frame.

      “Just so you know…” he says, “I have herpes, and you almost certainly do too now.”

      I laughed a little in my head, he didn’t have any idea what was about to hit him.

      After handcuffing me to the bed, he rapes me five more times that night. Taking turns between my Vagina and my ass. By the morning my pussy juices had been thoroughly mixed with blood. I watched as he came in me, and then pulled out for the last time, at maybe 8 AM. His dick clearly a little bloody, I didn’t know if that was my blood or his own, but regardless I was pleased with my work. He finally uncuffs me and leaves. As I was leaving, I realized that he had totally ripped my dress apart, and my car was back at the club. I’d have to make it across town in only my underwear and bra.

      Even still… I have no regrets. Honestly the sex was great most of the time. I’d be happy to put myself into the position to be raped again, especially because of the gift. Give it to a rapist and you’re also giving it to everyone he rapes… This really is the best of every world.

    • By HighVLpozBareback
      Happy New Year and lots of toxic fun in 2017 for everyone.
      Here is a High VL Gift Giver,
      ☣☣☣ Hetero & Poz & Proud & Bareback Only ☣☣☣,
      and not on meds.
      No, I'm not bi-interested either, but I like using girl whore cunts, and if for toxic cum swapping jointly together with other infectious dicks.
      Also organizing for anonymous pozparties and STD orgies with pozfriendly barebacking girls participating.

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