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FLEX Cleveland 11/15/2016

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Planning a trip to FLEX in Cleveland on Tuesday. Taking a friend who has never been to a bathhouse. He turns 25 on Tuesday and does not party. However, if anyone would be free to slam me or booty bump me, it would be truly appreciated, as I am spending all I have on his and my admission. Please, message me at submissivebottom74@outlook.com if anyone can help me enjoy. Love to get nasty and outrageous and it has been way to long.

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    • By eagerbeaverto
      No key needed for elevators, no hassle in entering hotel, good/central location?
      any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 
      Looking to host random guys in my room. 
    • By robbie69rivers
      Hello! My name is Dylan, formerly known as Robbie Rivers in the Homosexual Adult Entertainment Industry. I was the face of the Ft. Troff Sling Stand 3.0 thyis year at the IML Cconvention in Chicago, IL. In return, I received one of these amazing, yet pricey, portable sexual game changers. I'll be honest, I've used it 3 times; all of which were used to make a private video with another up and coming pornstar. I only came on it once ;) lol I have deep cleaned it though, however, for a fan i'd be willing to get another load or two out on it before selling it to you if requested. I really just wanna see if anyone in Atlanta, or close (and will pick it up or pay for shipping), might think it's kinda hot to buy a sling used by a hot young pornstar. I'm also offering that exclusive video sold with the sling as a free gift. This video is the introduction to the return of myself (Robbie Rivers), back into the industry, and doesn't even release for sale until the end of this year! Brand new the sling costs $425.00, I figure, i'd like to start the bid at $400.00; don't be afraid to send an offer. :) Contact met at (770) 334-9256 or by email at robbiexriverbck@gmail.com . Thanks!!!! 
      P.S. For pictures, please contact me via text or email. :)
    • By Hollywoodguy55
      If interested in an anonymous BB Party in Hollywood in a Hotel Room Please contact Hollywoodguy55 for Details. would like to do this on a Saturday Late Afternoon/Evening.  
    • By Hijinx33
      I usually only get chances to play when I travel, or my occasional trip to local bookstores.  I am on BBRTS, and see a quick connect here and there I try to hit up, but mostly searching on those sites just gets me hornier since I can't get any.  It so happened that there was a party being hosted by a friend on bbrts, an older top who has wanted to fuck me for awhile.  I had a few weeks notice, and somehow managed to work things out that I could play hookey from work for most of the day and go to the party.
      The party is in a town that is about an hour away from where I live and work.  I planned accordingly, passed by a local bookstore to grab a new bottle of poppers (first time trying jungle juice platinum, stuff had quite a kick) and then on the road to his place.  I got there about 20 minutes late with traffic, still wanted to be there as long as possible to give myself the best opportunity to get worked over.
      I walked in and was greeted by the host and said there were a few guys in the back playing already. From reading the party guest list online, and also seeing an ad for quick connect, as well as a post on doublelist (craigslist replacement) I knew there would be a mix of guys present.  I stripped and headed to the back room.
      The setup was sparse, but it made for guys to play and not be lookiloos.  It was a bedroom with a kingsize bed, they had a sling set up in the corner, towels, wipes, lube, and condoms (lol) were all there as well.  When I walked in I saw a hefty black guy blowing an older guys sizeable cock.  This older guy was hitting the poppers every few seconds, he was definitely feeling them.  There was another middle aged white guy, on the bed next to them, jerking off and watching.  When I came in the black guy sucking moved over and offered me his spot, I gladly took it.  I began sucking his nice cock, probably 7 inches, decent thinckness, but sadly he just never got completely hard.  I pulled out all the stops, gagging (though I have improved my deepthroat), sucked and licked his ball (they were very nice and soft, hairless) and I rimed and fingered his ass and still he couldn't fully get up. 
      All the while I was sucking I was on my knees ass in the air inviting the other guys there to get to it.  I didn't have to wait long, the tall chubby black guy who moved for me got behind me and rimmed me and was fingering me.  He loosened me up all the while an unknown guy was licking my feet.  Now its not my thing but I didn't let it pull me out of the moment.  I took a long hit of my poppers (holy balls!! they were stronger than I expected.  I usually use Rush, and these knocked me sideways in a good way) and got into it.  Eventually other guys showed up, and the cock in my mouth was replaced by a younger, maybe 20 something guy, white, short beard, thin body.  I started sucking him and he got into it fast, telling me to suck it all, to take it like a bitch, that I was his slut, and so on.  All the while I felt someone getting in position to give me my first load I hoped.  I couldn't see who while my face was buried in the young guys crotch, but it felt like an average cock, a good starter cock. 
      Whoever it was rode me for a few minutes and I knew he unloaded when he grabbed my hips and held himself in deep.  I did my best to squeeze my ass tight to drain it all.  He was replaced by the younger chubby black guy, surprisingly he slipped right in, and rode me for about 10 minutes before letting out some animal grunts and unloading in me.  The younger guy got up and sadly wasn't replaced.  After the second guy finished the host took his place behind me and said "i finally am getting to fuck you, it's about time" and with that he fucked me hard and fast.  He had some short quick pumps and finished in me in a few minutes. 
      When he wasn't replaced I got up to grab some water and see who all was still at the party.  A couple of older guys, white with nice lean bodies, both had longer beards and nice thick cocks had arrived and were sandwiching the younger bearded guy.  The older of the two was trying to fuck him, but even with poppers it seemed like it just hurt too much.  Oh well, he got frustrated and motioned for me to suck him.  I did just that, he wasn't long, but he was super thick.  After a few minutes on my knees he put me in the sling (my first time I told him, he said he would make it memorable).  I hit my poppers once, I didn't use them often, and held on for a fun ride.  He fucked me with forceful thrusts and always went ball deep.  He paused for a second, which caused me to open my eyes and see that his buddy was behind him starting to fuck him.  So there I was in the sling getting fucked by a hot daddy who was getting fucked by another hot daddy, just wow.  He hit some good depth before he came.  He was quickly replaced by his buddy who had a much longer, but thinner cock.  Wow did he pound me, I thought he was going to make me cum, but each time he slowed after about a dozen deep hard thrusts. 
      After that ride in the sling I got down and stretched my legs.  I saw the time and realized I still had time to kill that day but the party was winding down.  I went to my favorite bookstore and headed to the back.  They have a couple dark areas and a couple open theaters as well.  I was in the mood for anything, so when I got there I wouldn't say no.  Unfortunately only one guy was interested in fucking, a young Asian guy, nice thick cut cock, much to my stereotypical surprise, he got hard and pulled me to my feet and made me turn around without me even asking for it.  He rode me hard and we made quite a bit of noise in the dark room, so much that we gathered a crowd around who used their phones to see the action.  Once he finished no one had decency to take his place fucking me.  All of the crowd vanished, pathetic.
      This was the best day I have had in a long time.  It will hold me over until October when I get to make a roadtrip from the East coast to Arizona.  I plan on making stops in as many bath houses, and theaters as I can, and hopefully hitting up a few cumunion parties along the way. 
    • By behindonestep
      Live in northeast PA, but visit philly often. Seeking top friends to cruise with, hang out at bars and bathhouses, and ofcourse fill my hole with cum regularly. Usually down weekends. Always happy to meet a group

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