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Augusta GA Parliament House June 23-26 - Breed my hole or my mouth

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I have a room at the Parliament House June 23rd through 26th.  I may be travelling with a female submissive that enjoys watching me be used or I can blindfold her in a corner while you use my mouth or hole to empty your balls.  

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    • By BugChaserBLN
      Looking for an experienced, kinky dominant top who knows how to offer a neg hole anonymously by any means. Party favors are welcome as compensation and applied anonymously - as my pimp(s) decides. Own supplies available, too.
      Interested? Then drop me a note... Marc
    • By newbboy84
      Newly single and been curious about going to try out the buddy booth/video store scene. Is there is some sort of signal lingo I should know? I want to be fucked raw and bred... How do you accomplish that in few to no words?
    • By hungry_hole
      I'll be going on a vacation where I've been before so I know that there are lots of opportunities for sex. First, I'll be renting an apartment that optionally brings a sling. It's also in a building where they don't care when guys go up to the apartment. This year I'm trying to get the guys who rents me the apartment to install a gloryhole. Not sure if I will have a gloryhole when I go in a couple of months.
      I already placed a profile in a site that is very popular with guys there. The ad basically describes the apartment with the sling and asks for guys who wanna try a walk-in pump'n dump of a slutty mature guy. I request a silent encounter and as anonymous as possible. Because these kinds of upfront slutty profiles are not very common I've received an incredible amount of responses, close to 100. Some are guys who like the idea of the walk-in pump'n dump idea. Others are versatile guys who want to breed me and maybe also get to use the sling or participate in group action that I say in my profile I will organize. There are also some bottom guys who like the idea of anonymous breeding. They've never tried it but they are turned-on by the anonymity of it and they definitely want to try it.
      A couple of the tops who are interested in the scenario I offer want my hole with cum already. Sure, there are other guys who wanna breed me but I know it's not easy to coordinate all of it. You never know if guys are late, guys don't show up, etc. So it occurred to me that maybe I could hire an escort to do the same thing: walk-in, fuck me in the sling, no talk unless it's dirty talk, breed my hole and just leave. I knew that with an escort there are more chances of being on time and then doing what you want them to do. In my research I discovered that they were all really well built and really young, like 21.
      I wanted someone older and it wasn't easy but I found a 37 yr old who is versatile. But when I told him about my anonymous walk-in scenario he became super excited and started telling me in email messages how much he wants that anonymous experience. It's easier to get what I want from an escort because I can give them tips for things that are important to me, like being on time. I told him how I wanted things to happen; for him to walk in and fuck me, to be silent, to fuck me and that I didn't care if they shoot too soon. I told him that when he's gonna shoot to tell me so I can open up for him to go deep and stay in there until his cock is totally drained. I'll give you a tip after depending on how much I like it. So I know he'll do what I tell him to do because I know he'll love it too. The idea of getting money for a load turns him on and me too. I transfer some money he comes over, me have the encounter and then I pay him the rest plus a tip that will depend on his performance. He wrote to me last night telling me he had to jerk-off thinking about it. He will charge me about $40 US dollars for that and willing to pay more.
      The other escort I will be hiring for the same scenario is a young 24 who was advertising himself as a bottom only. I asked him if he barebacked and he said yes.  It was then when I described him the walk-in scenario and told him that I knew that he was a bottom but that I'm sure he could also get into some anon topping. He responded very excited with my proposal and told me that this walk-in idea has been a fantasy of his: walk in, fuck, breed, and leave. SO I know he will enjoy the experience. As a bottom he doesn't mind topping in the scenario I described.
      There is a sauna there that has a public sling in the darker area. I've used it and I have been fucked and bred. But most guys wit for someone to start. So I thought that I may go to this sauna on a busy day and have one of these escorts come to the sauna. He can play around all he wants but eventually I would want him to fuck me either on the sling or the very dark room. Sometimes all you need is one load in your hole and other guys wanna breed you too.
      I have big plans but we'll see what happens.
    • By Detchiller
      On Thursday night I was in the midtown area of Detroit running errands.  I had already come to the conclusion that things between me and my ex were not going anywhere, and lately, my gym buddy has been spending more time with his family, which wasn't an emotional problem for me, but I still need dick in my ass, so I decided to call up a friend of my ex, with whom I had flirted with on many occasions.  Now there was nothing holding me back.
      We agreed to meet up around 8:30 that evening at his place, which gave me plenty of time to get things done, including cleaning out good in case things went the way I expected them to go.  (Got to love fiber supplements, make things sooo much easier.)
      When I arrived at his place he gave me the grand tour.  The condo was filled with really excellent art, and the man was equally attractive as he is a sharp dresser, dark skin, beautiful manly smile, hot physique, the whole package.  We got to the top floor of his four story condo and he was definitely ready.  We did the talk and got undressed.  He got one of those triangle pillows for acid reflux, a bed pad for any “spills” and a can of silicone lube.  Game on. 
      For the next two hours we engaged in a nonstop fuck / suck / lick session with tons of salty sweat dripping off his body onto mine.  With the pad laid out and with a pillow propping my ass in the air for easy access for his raw dick, he demonstrated knew how to fuck.  After nearly two hours, I could feel his load building up so I pulled his ass closer so he could give me all eight cut inches, balls-deep.  I could feel his load as it pulsed inside my ass. 
      He pulled out and made sure I got mine.  He obviously knew I was a bottom who really enjoyed bottom action, he took a dildo out of the closet and roughly inserted it into my ass, which was lubed only with the remnant of the silicone lube and his cum.  He pressed his body on top of mine and reached around to fuck me with the dildo while milking my dick.  He leaned forward and let me suck his dick while jacking off, the dildo still firmly inserted in my ass as I approached my money shot.  When I was close, he closed his mouth on mine, pressed his body against mine and arm against my throat, and slowly started removing the dildo.  That was enough to push me over the edge and I shot about six huge shots landing all over the back of his ass as well as my stomach.
      Definitely going to happen again soon.
    • By ohvisit
      On Thursday I stayed overnight in downtown Louisville and decided I'd try to take as much anonymous cock as I possibly could. Before I checked into the hotel, I stopped at one of the adult bookstores with an arcade that has gloryholes between the booths. It was around 5:00, and the arcade was packed with men heading home from work.
      Within two minutes of entering the arcade, I spotted a hot young cub and entered the booth near where he was standing. He immediately entered the adjoining booth. Within seconds it seemed (I hadn't even deposited tokens into the video machine), there was a hefty already erect piece of meat sticking through the gloryhole, around 7-7.5" and thick. I squat down and begin to suck his cock. He pulls his cock back and motions for me to stick my cock through the hole. I really didn't want to be sucked, but whatever. One hand cups my balls, lifting up my cock and my balls toward the top of the hole. Then I feel a spit-lubed finger slide under my balls until it reaches my hole. He pushes a finger hard and deep into my hole. Then a second and third finger. He abruptly pulls out and orders me to put my ass up to the hole. He spits into his hand, and I hear him stroking his cock. I feel the slick head of his cock at the entrance of my hole. Suddenly he pushes and his entire cock goes balls deep in my hole--bareback. I wince and immediately wonder if I can handle his girth slamming my hole without more lube. He doesn't go easy. In and out rapidly, never letting up at any point. After about one minute of piston fucking, he pushes into my hole, holds his cock there, and breeds me deep. He slides out slowly, and not a drop of cum drips out of my hole. He quickly pulls up his pants and leaves.
      Within a minute, a middle aged black guy, short and average build, enters the booth and drops his pants. I gasp at the sight. His cock hangs there, not erect, at around six inches. He slides his dick through the hole and whispers "suck it white boy." So I kneel down and take the soft black flesh in my mouth, sucking on it with a slow pace. His cock grows, and grows, and grows, until the girth is so big I can barely take more than half of it down my throat without gagging. I pull my mouth off his cock and keep one hand on it, stroking, as I lube my hole and take a deep hit of poppers. It was time to take this impressive BBC in my ass. Right as I begin to line up the head of his cock with my hole, he pulls his cock from the gloryhole. Damn, he doesn't want to fuck, I thought. So I position my ass so that my hole is visible through the gloryhole in case he changes his mind. I hear the pop of a lube bottle and seconds later that monster black cock pushes into his hole. He's only about halfway in and I feel so full I cannot imagine how I can take more of it. With one thrust the rest of his cock enters. His cock was so thick I felt like I might faint. My asshole spasmed uncontrollably.
      After the initial shock, my body felt immense pleasure...something I had never experienced before while being fucked. He began to slide his cock in and out at a slow pace, picking up some speed but never impaling my ass with his huge dick. His breathing got heavier and his pace slowed once again. As he held his cock balls deep in my hole, I could feel it expand and spasm, flooding me with his sperm. Like the first load, this one was buried deep. I pulled off his cock and got on my knees to clean him up, tasting the remnants of his cum, the first guy's load, and my ass juices.
      At this point my ass needs to rest, so I exit the booth and make a couple of rounds through the arcade to see what goods might be available. There's a fit, very attractive white guy in his late 40s or early 50s that catches my attention. He doesn't seem interested. But as I walk past him, he begins to follow me. So I enter a booth with a rather large square gloryhole, and he enters the adjoining booth. He stands there quietly for a few minutes. I get the sense he's either nervous or waiting for me to stick my cock through the hole. He puts money into the video machine and begins to caress this hardening cock through his pants. I begin to see the outline of what appears to be a very impressive cock. He's wearing a wedding ring too, which ups the hotness factor. After what seems like an eternity (no more than five minutes, of course), he frees the cock from his underwear. Then he pulls down his pants and underwear, revealing not only a thick nine inches but beautiful, hairy muscular legs and a pair of low-hangers. I squat down and motion for him to stick his cock through the gloryhole. He doesn't take the bait. After waiting about a minute, he bends down and says he only wants to fuck my ass, not get sucked. How could I say no to that request?! So I push my ass up to the gloryhole and wait. I hear some rustling in his booth and hear that familiar tearing sound. Is he putting on a condom? If he is, I'd rather leave and get to my hotel. His cock begins to enter my hole. I think it's bare. To confirm, I reach under my balls and glide my fingers up to my hole. He is indeed barebacking me. The sound must have been a lube packet. With the two loads already in my hole plus the lube, his big white cock enters with ease. He picks up the pace and deposits a load within a couple of minutes. This time when he pulls out I feel cum dribble out my now-gaping hole. 
      Next story: I take six BBC and one BWC at the hotel in four hours. Total load count for that night: 11

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