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Headquarters Upstairs 17 Sept

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Come along to the Fisting and Piss party 17 Sept from 2pm upstairs at Headquarters.. find me waiting with my ass up in the air ready for you to dump your load deep inside my ass as many times as you can...

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    • By CagedBBoy
      Please be kind in your reviews and I really hope you enjoy it.
      The tags in the story will give you an idea of where I plan on taking it.
      Through the eyes of Scotty:
      I hear it again, the faint sound of the shower running, my heart skips a beat.
      Some people say they feel butterflies in life’s tender moments, for me that was the sensation I felt every time I heard my father’s shower running; knowing I’d be able to sneak a glimpse of him, water cascading down his amazing well defined body.
      I’d been spying of Dean, my father since I was 16 when I first came to terms with my feelings towards other men and realising I’m gay. Jerking off, while watching him shower and knowing he was totally unaware of me doing so made it so much hotter!
      My mum and dad married and started a family very young, Dean is only 37, to my 17 years.
      They had my brother Beau one year before me and I think I’m blessed to have a young Dad and Brother. Unfortunately I lost my mother when I was 12, she passed in a car accident on her way to work. Since then it’s just been us boys with dad doing an amazing job of raising us.
      Beau is already at university studying, so it’s just dad and I living together and Beau visits some weekends and during term breaks from University.
      Our living arrangements make it easy for me to secretly watch my dad and get my fix, so to speak.
      And he doesn’t disappoint, as I watch him now, his back is resting against the shower wall, water flowing down his delicious smooth abs, his fat 9 inch cock in his right hand, being stroked casually, his left hand slowly caressing his ass cheek while he strokes himself, moaning in pleasure.
      I never get tired of this view, peaking through the gap in the door from dads bedroom and his ensuite bathroom, my briefs to my knees, stroking my boyish 8 inch cock, my eyes feasting on the vision of my dad wanking, I know I won’t last too long and hearing my dad’s moans increase, I’m propelled to my orgasm even faster. I see my father, through the steam in the bathroom, abs contracting, grunting, shooting ropes of cum from his massive tool, onto the glass of the shower. Wishing his cum was being sprayed over me, or better yet inside me. It was all too much , I started shooting my load into my left hand, still staring at dad in the shower as he milks the last of his load out. Ugh, I’m in heaven, but quickly snapped back to reality as I hear the shower turn off and the shower door open and close. With my left hand full of cum, I quickly lift my briefs with my right hand and run to my room, so as not to get caught.
      I make it back to my room and lay on my bed, another successful trip spying on dad, with my heart still racing, my cock only just starting to deflate, I rub my load all over my quivering asshole, wishing, hoping that one day it’ll be a load on and in my ass, delivered by my hot dad Dean himself.
      A boy can only dream right?
      Through the eyes of Dean:
      Startled, I wake to my alarm blaring at 6am, with my morning wood throbbing, aching to take a piss, I lay there thankful its Friday with the weekend just around the corner.
      I hear music coming from my son’s room, so I know Scotty is already awake and no need to go and annoy him. He’s a good kid, great grades, excellent attitude and such a caring young man.
      He lost his mother early in life and he misses her dearly. He has applied himself at school to ensure he succeeds to honor his mother’s memory.
      He and I are more alike than he realises, you see I used to consider myself bisexual, however since the unexpected passing of my wife, I couldn’t bring myself to be intimate with another woman.
      So I started dating men exclusively and have never looked back. I’m actually somewhat of a perverted dick pig, versatile, with a thick poisonous 9 inch cock that makes guys go crazy and a hole that can take a damn good pounding, the harder the better, bareback of course, you see I’m a massive cum pig. I haven’t ever used a condom and that will never change.
      I say he and I have more in common than he realises because he’s been spying on me in the shower, I think for about a year or so. The first time I realised he was watching me he was 16 years old.
      He’s an amazing looking young man, six pack, smooth, cute as fuck and I think gay, or at least bisexual. I couldn’t believe I was the object of his adolescent desires, but be damned if I’m not going to get some enjoyment out of it and corrupt him in the process, like I said; I’m perverted.
      I’ve been putting on shows for him for a long time now, knowing he’s been watching me while I shower. I even set up a gopro camera in my room to film him watching me, so that I can focus on putting on a show and not taking a casual glance towards the door to see if he’s there. And to be fair, he was there pretty much every time I showered, stroking his hot cock, rubbing his abs while staring at me getting off. I always positioned myself in the shower so that my biohazard tattoo on my hip was clearly visible from his vantage point. I wonder if he’s put two and two together.
      He always blew what looked like a great load before sneaking back to his room after I’d climaxed and given him what he wanted to see.
      His 18th birthday is fast approaching and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.
    • By PowerTopper
      No bleeding
      No scat
      The slut loves piss, lives in the village, frequently at steamworks, strangle, degrade, she doesn't care, no condoms
      Tell her PowerTopper sent you she'll thank me later

    • By eagerbeaverto
      Any hotels that are central, easy access without needing key for elevators? 
      Where to get poppers?
      Pig ass cumdump btm visiting for the first time - looking to for some hot breedings. 
      Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com if interested! Feb 22-24. 
      Also on BBRT - eagerbeaverto 
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Spent the holidays in Europe taking loads in Paris and Berlin. The best night was at a bar called Scheune in Berlin. There was a small dark room in the back. They used to have a basement but for some reason it’s closed and they only have the small room now. I was very disappointed at first because I had a good experience there on a prior trip when I had gotten gangbanged. 
      When I went back in the dark room, there were only about four or five guys. Not much seemed to be happening. I left and the same guys were still there about five minutes later. This time there seemed to be a little more action happening. One guy had a very thick beer can sized dick typical of many Germans which he had out and was stroking. I started making out with him and  then he went down and sucked my dick for a while. I was actually worried he might be a bottom. But then I reciprocated and sucked his dick. He then turned me around and started fucking my ass. Even though I’ve gotten fucked by many guys for four days in a row, his girth made it slow going in the beginning. He needed to stretch open my hole wider and deeper than my previous fucks. He fucked me for a while and then I’m not sure if he passed me on to someone else or decided to take a break but when he pulled out another guy jumped on immediately. He then fucked me until he shot his load. Mr. Beer Can Cock jumped back on and did the same in my now squishy hole. He was followed by another 4-5  guys who all unloaded in me. With the exception of Mr. Beer Can, I have no idea what the rest of the guys looked like, but I was certainly happy to get their loads. 
      45 minutes later when I came out, my friends that I was traveling with said I looked exhausted. After we left there, we went to another bar where I had a few more loads put in me. Quite a hot night!
    • By LondonFB
      The Countdown 

      There were only a few minutes left till midnight, and the start of the New Year. I was running out of time, but I was determined to start the year the way I intended to continue it - with some hot guys tongue down my throat. ‘New Year, new me, New Year, new me’. That was the mantra I kept repeating to myself in my head. I was determined not to spend another year jacking off behind my laptop while never actually having any fun. This year I turned 22, and although I wasn’t a virgin, that was pretty much the most exciting thing I could say about my sex life.  
      I’d spent my whole life this way, being too wimpy to follow through on all the stuff I wanted to do. 95% of the guys I made plans with on Grindr, I’d never follow through on, and the 5% of guys I did find the spine to meet, I’d always bail out half way through. I could only think of one Grindr encounter where one of us managed to cum before I lost my nerves, and I think that was more due to a problem the other guy had more than my own skill or endurance, if I’m honest.   
      But tonight was different. 2019 would be different. I was sure it. I’d kiss a guy at midnight. I’d suck his dick. I’d let him fuck me so hard I that I wouldn’t be walking right till mid-January. I had to! If not, then I knew I’d be resigning myself to another year of shameful wanks and missed opportunities. I would be finishing university in July, and judging by the way things were going, I’d be moving to a small town for work, which meant no more thriving gay scene like there was in this city. If I didn’t get what I wanted now, who the hell could say when I’d next get the chance? It had to be tonight.  
      It shouldn’t be that difficult, really. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’m not going to fake modesty about my looks. My university campuses were spread all over the city, and I’d spent the last three years cycling from one to another on a pretty much daily basis. That had done wonders for trimming away my ‘puppy fat’, and now I had a slim, lean figure that I was more than a little proud of. I liked my sandy blonde hair, which I kept short and vaguely styled into a spiky mess. I was still cursed with my ‘baby face’ though, and I couldn’t even grow decent facial hair to make myself look older. At this rate, I’d be getting IDed till I was in my 40s.
      Nothing about the way I was dressed could have been criticised as being misleading, either. I was wearing a sleeveless blue hoodie, and I’d left the front open so that it was clear I had nothing else on underneath it, and ridiculously short shorts which emphasised my butt. I even made it very clear that I was wearing a jockstrap, by making sure that the waist strap was visible above the shorts. Everything about me screamed ‘DTF’. Of course, so did pretty much everyone else’s outfits too. There weren’t exactly a lot of jeans and long sleeves on display throughout the building.   
      The whole purpose of the club I was in was for gay guys to find someone to fuck the New Year in with. I’d lied to my parents, telling them I wanted to go back to my uni city for New Year to spend it with my friends, then I’d lied to my friends, saying that I was too sick to go to their New Years parties, so that I could come here. The only person who knew I was here was my friend George - Geo for short - because he was here with me. Geo was the closest thing I’d had to a decent sexual experience, before we had accepted the plain fact that we were both ravenous bottoms. We’d still mess about occasionally while watching porn, but 69ing got boring after a while.  
      I hadn’t seen him in a while now, but I could take an easy guess at where he was. Geo was everything I wanted to be, and I had no doubt that he hadn’t needed to wait till the midnight kiss to find what he wanted and fuck off. The only real question was had they made it to one of their homes, or had Geo been so horny that he just pulled his conquest into an alley and have it off right there. Hell, they might not have even left the venue - Geo was no stranger to fucking in toilet cubicles.  
      When we first started playing, he’d find such joy in jacking me off while telling me stories of his exploits. The best sexual encounter I had ever had was like this, with Geo telling me about a four-way he had a couple of nights previous. Just him and three tops. I came hard right into Geo’s mouth, and he made me kiss him afterwards, getting me to swallow my own cum, then suck him off. Geo was definitely a bottom, but he could get assertive sometimes, and those nights were the best.  
      “One minute to Midnight!” The DJ announced. The DJ was a fit guy of Chinese (I think. I’m no good at guessing those things) decent, though he spoke with a strong Londoner accent. He was pretty well known on the scene in this city, and I’d seen him play at a lot of bars. I’d never seen him like this, though. When I arrived at the club, he’d been fully dressed, but he seemed to lose his clothes as the night went on. Last time I saw him, he was still wearing a muscle vest, but now even that was gone, and he was left in just a pair of dark red briefs, though I couldn’t get a good enough view to see how much of a package it contained. “You’ve got one minute to find a mouth to start the year with!”
      That prompted a cheer for most people, but it gave me a sudden sense of dread. I was out of time, and I had no one around me that seemed interested. What was wrong with me? The few guys I had noticed checking me out throughout the night, I’d run away from. Now they were probably about to get with someone else, and I was going to be by myself for another night, another year, and that would be it. The countdown began, with the DJ and a few people shouting out ‘ten!’, then most of the room joining in at ‘nine’.
      I made my way to the side of the room, feeling absolutely crushed. I was such a waste. Eight, seven, and six all went by as I leaned against the wall. I honestly felt like crying. What a pathetic image that would have been, me standing in what was pretty much about to become an orgy pit, crying, as the clocks stroke midnight on New Years Eve. The room called out ‘five’, and I looked up, in one last vague hope of at least finding Geo. He knew what I was like, and maybe he had hung around to give me a pity snog.  
      Geo was nowhere to be seen, but I did spot someone else, as the room yelled ‘four’. He was singularly stunning. My jaw almost fell open as our eyes met. He was tall, muscular, and for a moment I thought he was only wearing a jock. He was making his way towards me, and not breaking eye contact at all. ‘Three’ went past, and I realised he actually had a fair amount of clothes on, he just may as well have been naked. He was wearing a tight vest that was covered in thousands of tiny holes, and when the flashing lights hit him in the right way, the vest practically disappeared, showing the full shape of his torso, and more noticeably, the piercings going through each of his nipples.  
      There was a shout of ‘two’ as he came all the way up to me. “Uh, h-hi?!” I said, but he made no response, other than to lift his left arm up - there was a black ribbon tattoo going around his arm - and shove it into my chest, pinning me to the wall as the room yelled ‘one!’ I think I let out a little yelp, and then a louder one as this hulk of a man used his free hand to grab my cock and balls in a vice-like grip. As the room yelled zero, he rammed his mouth against mine, and forced his tongue in.  
      I went rigid, but put up no other resistance - I don’t think it would have mattered if I had. This guy radiated power, and feeling his body against mine, I could only have compared him to a brick wall. His tongue felt as huge as the rest of him, and it dominated my mouth. My eyes shot open wide as I felt something on his tongue. At first I thought it was a tongue piercing - Geo had one, and I was pretty used to them. What I wasn’t used to was the piercing leaving his tongue and staying on mine. I quickly realised that it wasn’t a piercing, but what I guessed was some sort of pill.  
      His tongue pulled out of my mouth, and he broke the kiss. The arm on my chest pulled off, and his hand clamped over my mouth. He twisted my head to one side and began kissing, biting and licking at my neck. I moaned and whimpered, and made a feeble attempt to push against him, part of my mind yelling to get whatever was in my mouth out, but I couldn’t. More importantly, a growing part of my mind - growing in proportion to my dick in the guys tight grasp - didn’t want to.
      I’d smoked weed plenty of times, but otherwise, my experience with drugs was non-existent. I didn’t even drink that much, though I’d had a few tonight to try and steady my nerves. But if this utter fantasy of a man wanted me to swallow whatever it was, then fine. This was why I was here - to be brave, take risks, and stop being such a coward. I swallowed the pill. The man must have felt me swallow, because he let go of my mouth, kissed me on the neck, then the lips, then put his mouth by my ear.  
      “Good fucking boy.” His voice was deep, and it made me shiver. “But you’re so rigid! You need to chill out. Relax a bit. And I’ll come find you when you’ve… Loosened up, yeah?” With that, his hand left my now rock hard cock, and he moved away from me. I tried to follow him, but despite his size, he somehow managed to disappear into the crowds of people making out and shedding clothes.  
      “Happy New Year!” The shout went out from the DJ, and was echoed by people all around the room. And just like that, in the space of ten seconds, my life had gone through a dramatic change. I was partially aware of the change even then, but I had absolutely no idea just how much it would change by the end of the night. Right then, all I knew was that I’d been picked by the hottest guy in the whole building, and now there was a whole room full of people looking to fuck.

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