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Headquarters Upstairs 17 Sept

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Come along to the Fisting and Piss party 17 Sept from 2pm upstairs at Headquarters.. find me waiting with my ass up in the air ready for you to dump your load deep inside my ass as many times as you can...

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    • By behindonestep
      Live in northeast PA, but visit philly often. Seeking top friends to cruise with, hang out at bars and bathhouses, and ofcourse fill my hole with cum regularly. Usually down weekends. Always happy to meet a group
    • By ChainedBoy
      I was out of town on business - so, of course, I hit the baths. It's mid-week so the place was not exactly packed. I size up the scene and find this hot bear to fuck. We head back to my "deluxe" room and get busy with the door open. (Believe me: It pays to advertise)
      So, I'm plowing the bears hole when a couple of guys stop to take in the scene. Both very doable guys in their late 40's.
      I wave them in, pull out of the bears hole and signal the clean shaven one of to take a turn. He quickly slides right in and takes over the fuck.
      I hit my knees, head down-ass up, along-side the bear and offer my hole to the bearded guy. He slides in easily (pays to be pre-lubed) and gets his fuck on. 
      After a few minutes, the two trade holes. Oh yeah! The pig factor just rose big time. Soon. Others gather at the door... and its on. The dude fucking me blows his load deep inside me. He pulls out (too damn quickly) only to be replaced by one of the guys at the door. 
      The bearded dude fucking the bear breeds him and leaves. (Yeah, I was jealous...I dig beards) The guy fucking me (muscle ginger) pulls out and moves over to the bear.
      Instantly, another cock takes his place at my hole. (I never sae his face) Apparently, he had been priming his cock while he waited because in just a couple of minutes, he blew load number two in me. He leaves.
      The muscle ginger fucking the bear moves back over to me.."Fuck! I love a cummy hole!" He growls as he takes over the fuck.
      Another dude starts fucking the bear. The ginger fucking me and guy fucking the bear both cum. Thet actually give each other a high-five before they leave...only to be replaced my two more cocks.  They trade back and forth several times between us. 
      This is pig heaven. There is a fuck-frenzy going down and i am getting cock after cock, and load after load.  That unmistakable sound of cocks fucking cum-sloppy holes echoed out into the corridor...providing a siren call to all cummers.
      OFF. THE. CHAIN!
      Some of the guys that had been there before cam back for more. (Including a load in me from the hot bearded dude!) I literally lost track of how many men, cocks, and loads I got. But in time, the frenzy subsided until it was just the bear and me, wallowing in the piggy cumjoy. 
      I reached down and ran my fingers around my hole to find some sweet distension... my hole made into a man-pussy. 
      After awhile, it was off to the shower. I did a final tour around the place...and marvelled at how I had likely been fucked by most every guy in the place. 
      It's good to be a shameless bareback fuckpig. Oink!!!
    • By ReddAngelo
      21 year old son looking for hot bottom/vers  dads who's into 3ways, gangbangs, and role plays in NYC. I am here in weekday afternoons and anytime on weekends. I dont host at all. If interested, you have to negative and/or on prep. Let me know and i will show you pics.

    • By Bbpop
      Young 25 yr Old Raw btm flying to Berlin last weekend of July (27/07 - 30/07) for a weekend of having my holes gangbanged, used and being the best cumdump I can be. Most importantly I want someone to finally POZ me and hope this it happens while I'm in Berlin. Can anyone tell me how I can set this up or how I can gather a group of Poz tops and if anyone wants to whore me out all weekend?

    • By sub4alphamale
      For fast replies - 5192123654tx only plz I live in Cambridge - you MUST host and drive. I dont do quickies and prefer long playtimes(more than 6hrs at a time) - overnighters(or longer even) are even better. Group play, creampies, gangbangs, glory holes, 1on1, bukakke, forced cum feeding, anal training, anal stretching training ect.
      I am Sane, NEG, Cute and Friendly. You host and drive. Safe Play is Fine So is BAREBACK (Lets Talk About It - HONESTY Is The Key) ....

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