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***This is a fictional story. The construction worker is based on a real construction worker, though, and he is absolutely stunning and sexy.***





I’d broken up with my boyfriend three months ago and the sexual tension had been building up for some time. I’d never been good at going without, but following the messy breakup, it seemed right to take a break. Still, I felt like I was going to explode!

Luckily I had a day off and decided that the best thing for me was to spend some time at the adult book store, hopefully taking some loads. It was a great, sunny day, so I walked the few blocks there. Just around the corner from the ABS there was some massive construction going on in the street so it occurred to me the book store might be dead, but as I was already almost there so I decided to check the place out.

Before I rounded the corner one of the construction guys caught my eye. He was gorgeous, to say the least:  lean, muscled, and tanned from all of the time he spends outdoors.  And he stared at me for a second, his eyes piercing me in such an intense way that I couldn’t tell what he was thinking - good or bad.

I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it before. Those eyes. It’s not so much the color because, to be honest, he was too far away for me to determine the color of his eyes, but I could clearly appreciate the intensity of his gaze.  It was unbelievable. And hypnotic.  I almost couldn’t look away.

I gave him a little grin right before I turned the corner, although I have no idea why. This guy had ‘straight guy’ written all over him. Not only that, but with his good looks, he was also probably a total dick. So why did I feel like I had done a little flirting there?  I shrugged it off as just being so fucking horny I would have let anyone bang me at that point.

Just as I thought, the book store was not busy. But there were a couple of guys in there. For the next twenty minutes I was involved in some three-way sucking, kissing and petting, but nothing went beyond that. This was not what I needed today. I needed an intense exchange.

I hadn’t thought about it, but when I had arrived it was just before noon, so as the lunch hour struck, the place got a little busier. I opted to get my ass into a booth and hope for the best. Just as I was ducking into my booth I got this tingling feeling on the back of my neck, and I looked down the hall to spot that beautiful construction hunk standing there.

There were other guys milling around, clearly drooling over him, but he seemed to focus on me. Now I was sure of that. I stepped into my booth, closed the door -but not all the way. I left it open just enough for him to see that it was open.

I started up a movie, stripped my pants off and waited to see what would happen. Seconds later the door began to open. He peeked in, rather timid for someone who ought to be oozing confidence. That’s how I knew that he had never done anything like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder what had made him come in now.

As soon as I saw him I dropped to my knees, the floor still wet with someone else’s cum, but I didn’t care. My eyes didn’t come off of him as he stepped in and locked the door behind himself.

Not one word was spoken. He stood before me, opened his pants and fished out his semi-hard cock, and pointed it right at me. I wasted no time and went right for it.  Figuring that I was his first guy, I wanted to make this good. Better than any bitch he’s ever wasted his time with - like his wife. Yeah, that ring didn’t escape my attention.  Technically, I suppose, he could have be married to a man, but I was 99% sure such wasn’t the case.

Anyway, I started at the head, licking gently, making him feel really good, and then started to take inch after inch into my mouth, letting him enjoy the progress of pleasure.  It’s amazing how you can watch a man unravel a little as you begin with a tiny pleasure and let it grow to more and more.

I noticed him jump a little in surprise and I wondered if I’d scraped him with my teeth, but when I looked up his eyes were fixed on the glory hole behind me. Glancing over my shoulder I saw that someone had slid his large dick through, obviously hoping to get in on some of the action.

Again, not a word was spoken. He just lifted his chin, motioning me in the direction of that other cock. He wanted to see me go down on that big meat. I slurped and sucked it for a couple of minutes while my construction god stood there fisting his hard meat.

After a couple of minutes he wanted my attention again and pulled me off that other dick and onto his. I was getting into sucking him to the point that I was forgetting everything else going on around me.

He grabbed my shoulders after a few minutes and began shifting me so that he could lean against the opposite wall while my ass was facing the glory hole. Still, without saying a word, he shoved me back, guiding my ass down onto that big cock that was still sticking through the hole.

My ass was HUNGRY so I immediately gobbled that shit up inside my ass, quickly sinking balls-deep in one long steady shove.  The construction worker audibly growled in his throat, clearly impressed I could accommodate the cock as readily as I had. 

Watching me get fucked clearly turned him on as he got more frantic with his lunges, driving his cock to the back of my throat again and again. His hands returned to me,  this time grabbing hold of my ears, quite painfully actually, and guided me up and down to meet his urgent thrusts.

By some miracle, both he and the anonymous fucker unloaded in me at the exact same time. For his part, he was shockingly silent as he blew, only breathing heavily through his nose, almost like a bull. What a rush feeling my ass and mouth get flooded by hot spunk at the exact same time. His cum tasted absolutely delicious, and that’s not always the case, so I reveled in it.

He didn’t, however. As soon as his balls were done draining, he stepped back and stuffed his softening cock back into his pants. The cock up my ass was still there and he shoved me onto it more, and he leaned back and took a moment to catch his breath.

“That was fucking awesome,” he said, his voice as sexy as the rest of him. Deep, a bit scratchy, all man. “You suck good dick.”

“Thanks, your dick is awesome to suck. Anytime you want, buddy,” I offered, hoping he’d want to meet up again for some other lunch breaks.

“Doubtful. We’re done this job in a day or two,” he sighed, keeping his eyes focused on my ass.

The guy in my ass finally pulled out and I stood up straight to ease my back a little. I had barely stepped away from the hole when another cock popped through. I glanced over at my construction hunk.  He responded by giving another nod towards the glory hole and grumbling g “Go on. Your faggot ass obviously wants it.”

I could tell from the way he spoke, the tone, that he was a little disgusted with it all. Maybe with me for being so slutty. Typical straight guy thinking that gay men are freaky pigs. Well, I am a pig, but he doesn’t know me that well. Still, his slightly abusive attitude turned me on. He was a total Alpha Male and those are the types that turn me on most. He’ll tell me to do anything he wants and I will really have no choice but to do it.

I sank my ass down onto the hard cock behind me, easily taking it all the way given that the big dick before him stretched me open and lubed me good. When I glanced up a moment later, he was flipping through something on his phone. Just before he slipped it into his pocket I snatched it out of his hand. Quickly I opened his contacts and added my first name, Christopher, followed by ‘xxx’ and my cell number.

I handed the phone back to him and continued to bounce on the glory hole cock. “Call me any time you need to get off.”

He cocked his eyebrow at me. “Anytime?” he asked skeptically.

“Yup. Whenever you need those balls drained, I’m your guy.”

I was speaking so self-assuredly, which was completely out of character for me. But it felt good and I didn’t want to pass up another chance to work that dick. It’s not that his cock was more impressive than others. It’s slightly above average, nice shape and thickness. But it’s more about him and his sexy attitude that I wanted more of.  Maybe I was looking at him as a challenge?

Plus I was hoping he might be into more the next time.

Just then the man fucking me began to howl and moan loudly as his nuts exploded and emptied into me.

“Fuckin’ pigs,” construction guy chuckled, shaking his head. “I gotta go. You sure you meant it when you said anytime?” he asked again.


“Fuckin’ slut,” he said, through a mixture of a sneer and a smile. Clearly he did enjoy me and the idea of enjoying me again, but he just maybe didn’t think it was right.  Clearly he was a married man, probably raised by those damned Catholics, too.

Either way, as he stepped through the door, I hoped and prayed that he would call me sometime soon.  And he did.


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I hope we're going to hear what happened when he called you later.  This was fuckin' hot!

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Two days later he called me. Well, texted, actually. I think not having to actually speak to me made it less of a violation to him, like he wasn’t really cheating -and he certainly wasn’t cheating with another dude!

The text said: Last day near book shop. Noon. Don’t be late.

Short and sweet and to the point. I was at work but everyone deserves a little cock with their lunch, don’t they? I ducked out early so that I could get there on time. As before, it was just before noon and not terribly busy in the book store.

I’d been coming from the opposite direction, so I didn’t see any of the construction or the crew when I arrived. But within a matter of minutes, he walked in the front door. Rushed in, actually, clearly so that none of his work buddies would see where he was sneaking off to.

Our eyes met immediately and we headed back, silently, to the booths. We were there with a purpose so no time was wasted talking. He just followed me into the booth, locked the door behind us, and while I took my pants off, he fished his already fully erect dick out of his pants.

This time he didn’t just take his dick out through the fly. He opened his jeans and let them fall to his ankles so that I could get a good look at those sexy, thick muscular legs. At first glance he looked lean-muscular. But those legs told a different story. Those legs were powerful and sexy -a strong weakness of mine. As if his Alpha attitude wasn’t enough to brainwash me, those legs certainly would do the trick!

I got on my knees on the cum-sticky floor once again and got to work on that beautiful meat. He threw his head back and moaned as he enjoyed everything my mouth did to him. I heard him whispering to himself -Fuck, what are you doing to me? This was having some kind of effect on him, just not sure what. I think he was still in some sort of denial that he was in an adult book store with his dick in a faggot’s mouth.

After a while I wanted to see how open I could get him to be so I eased off of his cock and started tonguing his balls.

I slurped and licked those milk-makers like it was a melting popsicle. They were big and heavy, obviously full of cum -that thought got my mouth watering even more. What I wouldn’t give to feel that load going up my ass!!

I wasn’t going to push my luck, though. He knew that I took dick up my ass without question, so it was there if he wanted. But all he seemed interested in was my mouth on his cock and balls.

So he let me alternate between the two for at least 15 minutes. I normally get a little bored with lengthy blowjobs, but considering the environment and the sexy guy, I wasn’t bothered this time at all.

I tried to brace myself with my hands on his muscular legs but he slapped them away. He really wasn’t into me touching him -probably too intimate, too gay. If only he knew -I really wanted to reach behind him and grab a firm butt cheek in each hand to pull his cock all the way down my throat as he emptied his seed into me.

But no hands on legs definitely meant no hands on butt, so I managed. I was actually feeling a little like a con artist. Only I was going for the long con. Start off slow, earn their trust, and as he gets more comfortable, begin introducing new things extremely slowly so as to not scare him away. Possibly make him think it had been his idea -that would take a little work, but with patience it could be done.

With a little time, I knew that I could get him wanting, needing, more than just a blowjob.

Like last time, he took a firm grip on my ears and began to slam his cock into my throat, gagging me so deliciously, until he finally grunted loudly and flooded my mouth with his yummy cum.

I let it all pool on my tongue, delighting in the feel of his as it slithered around in my mouth. The very second that I taste a fresh load, I get so fucking horny, and today was no exception. This was putting me into overdrive.

Finally, after a minute or so, as he redressed and caught his breath, I swallowed his seed and smiled up at him.

“Worth it?” I asked.

“Worth what?” he asked, frowning.

“The risk of getting spotted coming here.”

The corner of his mouth tugged up on one side, giving him an extra sexy crooked grin. “I already scoped the area out this morning before anyone showed up to the site. Back door will take me out of sight and I’ll head back around from the other way.”

I stood up to relieve my sore knees, and laughed at him. “Sounds like spy work. Too bad today’s the last day on this job.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Yeah? You like sucking this dick, faggot?” he asked, grabbing his denim clad bulge in his right hand.

Fuck, I can never resist a man who grabs his crotch -there is nothing more masculine.

“Damn right I do,” I told him. “My offer still stands. Any time you need to drain those balls, call or text and I’ll be there.”

“You an on-call whore for all guys?” he asked gruffly.

“Nah. I have a few friends I fuck around with, but no one I’ve made that arrangement with.”

He just nodded, maybe glad, I don’t know. He’s not at all interested in me, so why would he feel possessive? He let those other guys breed me last time, maybe he just likes being in charge. Alpha, after all.

I thought he was going to leave but he stopped with his hand on the handle, and turned back to me. He gestured over to the glory hole. There was no dick sticking through, but there was a helluva lot of cum dripping down the wall from some morning customers. Probably some ass juices, too.

“Clean that shit up,” he ordered.

My eyes took in the messy hole. There was cum all around it, and a thick trail all the way down the wall, ending with a nice sized puddle on the floor. My mouth was salivating again, my dick was throbbing in my jock strap, and my ass was quaking. I really wished I’d gotten fucked again while sucking him, but no such luck today.

I started slowly licking around the hole, glancing sideways at him to see if he was enjoying what I was doing. Judging from the bulge in his jeans, I’d say so. I couldn’t believe I was doing something so dirty. Spent cum from total strangers, and who knows how many guys it had come from?

Although that thought sort of scared me, it turned me on more, and fueled my hunger. I slurped and licked my way down the wall and stopped at the puddle on the floor. There had to be a good half cup or more there.

On my knees again at this point, I couldn’t help it -I reached down and swirled my fingers around in the cummy mess. Once they were good and coated, I watched him as I reached back and inserted those fingers up my ass.

“Fucking pig whore!” he yelled at me. “Do it again!” he ordered.

I dipped my fingers in two more times and shoved the cum into my greedy hole, and then he lifted his booted foot up and stopped on my shoulder. Then he pushed me down, face down, towards the puddle.

Even though I’d scooped up some of the loads into my ass, there was still lots there and he clearly wanted to watch me eating it all up off of the dingy disgusting book store floor. I couldn’t even imagine how many years of loads had accumulated on this floor and here I was on my knees, about to ingest all that I could. For him.

His foot held firm as my face was in the slimy puddle like a pig in a trough. I slurped and I sucked until there was nothing left. And then he released me.

I sat up licking my chops, smiling at him, even though he wore a look of amused disgust.

“I’ll call you,” he said, abruptly turning and disappearing.

And just like that he was gone, and I realized I had to get my filthy ass back to work. Good thing I had a high-protein lunch to get me through the rest of the day.

I hoped I didn’t have to wait long for his next call.


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Great story! Can't wait to see what this leads to.

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On 10/7/2017 at 3:44 AM, hardnow said:

One of the filthiest stories I ever read!

I agree, hardnow.  There is something exceptionally filthy about this story.

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3 hours ago, Hotload84 said:

I agree, hardnow.  There is something exceptionally filthy about this story.

Thanks, guys, for the comments. I have to admit that I thought guys might not like this story because it's too tame! And here everyone thinks it's filthy! Wow, my mind must be really depraved to think of all of the things that I've kept back. More to come, anyway, within the next couple of days ;)

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I didn’t hear from him again for weeks.  The first week I spent lots of time fantasizing about getting my hands on him again, hopefully taking things to another level.  The second week I didn’t think about him as much, and by the third week he rarely popped into my mind.  Just when I was ready to move on, that’s when he decided to re-appear.  It was just past the third week when I received this text from him:

Need to drain my balls. Where are you?

I did happen to be at home so I figured if he really wanted his balls drained, I guess he should come here.  It’s probably better than him risking a public meeting place. So I replied:

My place. Want to stop by?


I sent him the address and rushed to get cleaned up.  I douched even though I wasn’t sure if he would ever go that far, but better to be prepared.  He arrived twenty minutes later. It was mid-afternoon, and he was quite dirty, so I figured he was either on a break or taking off from work early. Either way -lucky me!  Just like when he entered my booth at the book store, he entered my apartment silently.  I led him through to the living room, figuring it was a good spot to start, not as daunting to a straight guy as the bedroom might be.  Remember, I was going to the long con, and if I could get him slowly more comfortable with being with another guy, eventually I knew that I could get him to breed me.  Corrupting this straight, straight-laced man was becoming my latest obsession.

Despite his filthy clothes, I let him sit on the sofa. I didn’t care at that point.  Nothing else mattered but serving this stud.  He was looking around at my stuff as he plopped down onto the cushions, his gorgeous legs spread wide and inviting.  His crotch bulged obscenely, in that way that I think every man should look in a pair of nice fitting jeans.  Just mouth watering.  Literally.  I was licking my lips to keep from drooling.  Maybe it had been too long, but he was looking better to me than before.

He was a little different this time.  He seemed more relaxed and I figured that with the absence of other men around, he had less chance of being found out.  It was just the two of us.  He just leaned back into the sofa, his arms stretched out to his sides resting on the top of the cushions, emphasizing his terrific chest and biceps.  And he hadn’t opened his jeans for me, which means that I get the privilege of putting my hands on him.  Yippee!  Crawling between his legs, I tentatively touched a hand on each of his thick thighs and, getting no slap or other negative reaction, I gently let them brush their way up, taunting him until I reached his massive bulge.

As handsome as this man is, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his big bulge.  His cock had seemed average-ish before, but this bulge was telling me something different.

“You missed my fuckin’ dick, didn’t you, pig?” he leered.

“Yes, I fucking have been,” I breathed.  "It looks bigger than I remember,” I added, still not moving my eyes from his crotch.

“Haven’t been able to blow a load for a couple of weeks,” he growled, shaking his head in a way that told me he was pissed about something.

“Well, lucky for both of us that I enjoy helping you out with that,” I said, finally glancing up to smile at him, and I noticed that his face visibly relaxed.

It was as if I had just lightened his load -well, I was about to, but I mean metaphorically. Something was bothering him and I was taking his mind off of his troubles.

Not about to waste any more time, I opened his pants and freed his throbbing cock. It did seem bigger than before, but it was steel hard, so I guess he really was overdue and extra horny. Drops of precum were quickly oozing from his piss slit, evidently it had already made a small puddle in his underwear that I hoped to get to lick clean before he left.

I licked away the precum from his head as fast as it formed, and then just dove down on him. I wanted to make him feel good, forget about all of his troubles, and put a little seed in his brain. A thought that would grow, one in which he would equate pleasure, release and satisfaction with me.  A loud growl ripped from within his chest as I took him as deep in my throat as I ever had. My need to please this man was stronger than ever knowing that he was upset about something. It just didn’t seem right that a man so beautiful should ever look sad.

I knew that this first load was not going to take long, but I hoped that he was horny enough to go two rounds today.  Sure enough, within a matter of minutes he was thrusting his hips up to meet my face, growling softly, and finally blasting hot delicious cum into my mouth.  I savored every drop before swallowing and sitting back onto my heels.

He rested his head back, staring at the ceiling as he puffed out loud breaths that turned into soft chuckling. When he lifted his head back up and looked down at me he was looking much happier and satisfied.

“Damn, I needed that, pig. You suck good dick. Better than my bitch wife,” he grumbled, his sour demeanor returning.

I wasn’t sure just how much he wanted me to know about his life, so I didn’t bother trying to pry into his marital problems.  I just smiled at him and said, “Look around.  There’s nobody here but you and me.”

A look of relief washed over him and he relaxed again. “I don’t know what you fucking do to me, but for some reason you make me feel good, so I should at least say ‘thanks’.”

Wow, a genuine bit of emotion sent my direction.  I never would have expected that.  But it was appreciated.

“Anytime,” I hesitated a moment, wondering if it was wise to say more, but considering I’d already committed my brain to the long con, it made sense to.  “Look, I don’t know anything about you or what is going on with you. But my offer is always on the table.  You ever need to get away and de-stress, this is a safe place.  I’ll do anything you want as long as it makes you feel good.”

His eyes narrowed at me and he was frowning. “Why? Like you said, you don’t know a damn thing about me.  Why would you want to help me out?”

“Because from that first time I saw you on the street, something drew me to you. And something clearly drew you to me.” I wasn’t sure if it was wise to insinuate that he had some sort of feelings towards me, but something did bring him to me that first time and the subsequent times since. “I feel like I was put in your path at the time when you needed it. So that’s it -you need me, then it is my job to make you feel better.”

“That’s it,” he said, statement not question.  “You just feel like you have to please me?  You don’t want anything from me out of it?”

I took a chance and ran my hands up the insides of his legs, working over to the top once I reached his upper thighs. “The only thing I want is to make you happy,” I told him.  “What I get out of it is what you give me.”

Now his eyebrows shot up, clearly confused. “What do I give you?”

For someone so damn sexy, he certainly wasn’t as into himself as one might assume.

“For starters, you let me suck that beautiful cock. No other guys get to suck you off.” I knew that without having to ask. He was still too uncomfortable with the notion of being with another man to have more on the side. “And your cum. You’re a sexy guy, and to bring you the thrill that comes with every orgasm, that is my pleasure.  Sex doesn’t just feel good from your end of things -everything that I do feels awesome to me, too.”  I threw in that last part hoping that he’d remember how I’d enjoyed getting my ass fucked and seeded.

He was still frowning, but not really in a bad way. “I guess I have a lot to learn about, you know . . . gay guys,” he said sheepishly. “I really never knew any before.”

“That you know of,” I pointed out.  “I bet at least five of the guys on your construction crew have done more than get their dick sucked by another dude.”

He looked surprised by that. “Really? You know them?”

“Not those guys in particular, but statistically speaking. Plus, I’ve seen my fair share of construction guys in the bathhouses and book stores to know.”

“Have you been with many of them? What do they do?” he asked, cutely shy and curious now rather than repulsed by it all.

I just shrugged my shoulders. “Sucking, fucking mostly.”

I noticed that his dick had begun to fill out again, not totally hard but nearly there.  Clearly this conversation was going exactly where I’d hoped it would.  My hands were still resting on his upper thighs, so I pulled at his pants some more until I could get at his underwear.  That’s where I found another prize -that delicious wet spot that had been pooling in there all day.  I leaned forward and noticed he was now watching intently.  He was no longer avoiding my gaze or avoiding watching another man work his cock.  I think he was now getting into it.  After all, how could he deny the pleasure that I had brought to him?  And would continue to bring him.

I pointed my tongue out while he watched and then licked over the wet spot. He took a sharp breath, stunned that I would do something like that.  It tasted just as good as the rest of him, so I licked harder and harder until I’d gotten it all.  By the time I looked back up, he was smiling huge and his cock was standing up tall.  I quirked an eyebrow at him and dove back down on it.

He threw his head back and roared, “Fuck yeah, suck that dick, man. Suck it, Ugh!”

I licked, slurped and bobbed on that thing for about ten minutes before I saw his balls twitching in their sack. I reached in and gave them a gentle squeeze and dove down as hard as I could onto his shaft, lodging him in my throat deep enough to cut off my air supply, then I swallowed a few times, massaging his dick head in the process.

“Fuck!” he hissed, grabbing my head now -not just my ears- and began to skull fuck me until his nuts erupted and filled my mouth with his stud juice.

He recovered and caught his breath as I sat back on my heels and licked my lips clean. I could still smell his crotch on my face and it had my own dick painfully hard in my pants.  That would wait until after he left.  Which he did moments later. He shoved himself up to standing and adjusted his clothes back into place, stuffing his now semi-hard cock back into his pants.  He grinned down at me and then headed for the door.  I got up and followed behind to see him out.

Before exiting he turned to me.  “Thanks, for that.  You okay with me calling more often?”

“How often,” I asked, trying to contain my smile and excitement.

He took a deep breath, as if finalizing something in his mind.  “Often. Like, can I come back tomorrow?”

I smiled coyly at him and said, “Like I said, anytime.”

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He didn’t call or text me the next day.

Apparently he couldn’t make it through the night. That seed I’d planted had clearly planted strong roots, and he was now looking to me to bring some right to his world.

When he showed up at my door at 2 am, he was looking frustrated, a little angry, and exhausted. And he smelled of beer.

I let him in, against my better judgment. After all, I knew nothing about him, and he seemed agitated. Who knows what kind of drunk he is? I get horny when I’m drunk, but some guys like to punch.

He paced the length of the apartment behind the sofa where he’d relaxed only hours before. He was mumbling to himself and running his fingers through his hair like he was frustrated.

Finally he stopped pacing and looked at me. His face and eyes looked so vulnerable. “What have you done to me?” he asked, sounding almost broken.

I frowned and took a moment to choose my words wisely. It didn’t seem like the appropriate time to come back with, “Besides suck your dick?”. That might lead to a punch for sure!

I carefully motioned over to the sofa so he could take a seat and maybe calm down a little. I sat at one end while he took the other. He was hunched over, elbows resting on his knees, and he wasn’t looking directly at me.

“Okay, now, why don’t you start from the beginning,” I began gently. “You’re upset about something. Did something happen?”

He turned and looked at me now, but I didn’t like what I saw on his face. “YOU happened,” he spat out. “You know what happened when I left here today?” He didn’t wait for a reply, simply steamrolling ahead with, “I drove home with my cock still so fucking hard because I couldn’t stop thinking about your mouth on my dick.”

I sat back and wondered where to go from here. “Okay, I thought you enjoyed it. If that’s not the case, we don’t ever have to do it again.” I kept my tone even and completely nonthreatening.

He ran his hands through his hair a couple more times. “That’s the problem. That’s ALL I want,” he moaned. “I went home and my bitch wife was there and she tried sucking me when she saw that I was so hard. But it was just more to keep me off of her back, she doesn’t enjoy it like you. And all I could think about while she tried to get me off was you.”

Oops. I hadn’t counted on that. I corrupted the poor guy but not in the way I had hoped. I thought I could just be a little outing in his life, a little secret getaway. Be his little something on the side.

Then again, clearly his wife is no good in the sack if she can’t keep his attention. It’s no wonder straight guys end up finding pleasure with willing gay men.

I swallowed hard to try and moisten my dry throat. “I’m sorry,” I told him softly. “I’m sure that neither of us expected something like that to happen when we started this. If you want to stop and pretend that it never happened, go back to your life, I completely understand.”

He shifted himself so that he was turned facing me now. His level of annoyance had decreased significantly, and he looked like he was ready for a rational conversation now.

“My whole adult life I had to listen to all of the guys talk about their wild and hot sex lives and mine never felt that exciting. Until now. I’m not about to stop it. If there are other things about gay sex that feel that good, I want to do them, too. With you.”

Okay, I didn’t see that one coming. “What do you mean?” Was he saying that he wanted to fuck me? Please let him be saying he wants to fuck me!!!

“I . . . I don’t know. All I’ve ever heard about gay sex is sucking and fucking. But you must know more stuff, don’t you? Teach me. If I don’t like how something feels, can we stop?”

I felt like I might explode with happiness. “I told you before, I will do anything you want that feels good. So if something doesn’t feel good, then we will stop,” I assured him.

I can’t even describe how relieved he looked. “Great. Great. Somehow I knew I could count on you.”

And then we were sitting in silence for a moment.

“Was there a specific reason why we had to have this conversation in the middle of the night?” I had to ask. I was still sleepy, but seeing him sitting there on my sofa, he got my blood boiling again.

“I couldn’t cum, she couldn’t get me off. Then we had a fight and I left. I checked into a motel and started drinking. The more I sat there, the more I thought about how good I felt when I had you on my cock. And then the next thing I knew, I was in a cab on my way over here. Sorry if I woke you up,” he told me sheepishly.

“Don’t worry about it.” What I wanted to say was, “What gay man in his right mind would not want to get woken up by a stud like you?”, but I didn’t want to gush too much over him and frighten him away.

He shifted again, trying to get comfortable and then I could see why -that bulge that was there this afternoon was there again. This poor horny sexy guy needed some relief.

As I lifted my eyes from his crotch, our eyes met. Finally his expression changed and he grinned. He knew that I couldn’t resist him any more than he could resist me.

The next thing I knew, I was on the floor between his knees, sucking that beautiful meat for dear life. This time he held my head in his powerful hands the entire time.

He no longer seemed afraid of intimacy with me. I don’t think he was considering things in terms of gay and straight anymore. He merely registered what felt good, and if something feels good then it is on the table.

I swirled my tongue around his cock head and massaged it down his length, wanting to give him as many sensations as possible.

In the back of my mind I knew that before long a simple blowjob would not be enough for him. He would need to feel more. And hopefully the next stop will be my ass.

I tried to smile at that thought, even though my mouth was full, and as that hopeful notion settled into my mind, my mouth was flooded with his delicious seed.

When he finally drained his balls totally into my mouth, I let it pool under my tongue and spend a minute playing with it, letting it slither and slide over and under my tongue.

He watched me with wide eyes and a curious expression. He was not repulsed by me anymore. I think he was intrigued.

Reaching out, he cupped my chin in his right hand and tilted my face up to meet his. “Show me,” he said.

I opened my mouth a little and showed him his load as it moved around in my mouth.

Still holding me, he said, “Swallow. I want to watch you swallow it.”

Keeping my mouth open, I let it slide to the back of my throat and then gulped it down. Then he released me and sat back. His dick was still rock hard and standing tall.

He looked down at himself and then back up to me. “See? This is what I was talking about? What do you do to me?” he asked in frustration. “I’m constantly hard when I just think about you doing stuff to me.”

I sat back on the sofa where I had been before and grinned. “That’s not such a bad problem to have. We will just have to try out some new things to see about wearing you down. I think your body is just trying to compensate for the years when you didn’t have the sex you wanted. Now you’re enjoying yourself, so why stop?”

He looked over to me and said, “I don’t want to stop. Is it too late to do more tonight?” he asked hopefully.

Awesome, I’ve got him right where I want him, I thought.

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