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    • By blkoraltm
      Black Bear Bottom looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam for Pride. Any ideas of the best parties to take a few loads? 

    • By Londonbear
      On October 4th I received a text from a regular who said he needed to unload.  In addition a friend came around to fuck me.  In addition I was fucked by my boyfriend.
      The first load was at 6:45 PM.  It was from the regular, who was bursting and hadn't shot for a few days. Then my friend arrived at 7:00 PM and I promptly took his load.  I really enjoyed taking his cock as it is nine inches in length and quite thick.  With two loads in my ass my friend and I cuddled and chatted.  Then about 7:45 PM my boyfriend came home and joined us, blowing his huge load into my hole.  He really loves fucking me using other guy's cum as lube.  After my boyfriend blew, my friend found himself so turned on from having watched us fuck that he got hard again, and gave me a second load.
      I was so high on poppers that I went to get a drink of water at this point, and I took a minute to text a guy who lives down the road, telling him I had four loads in my ass.  Now, my neighbor really likes fucking sloppy or cummy holes.  Sure enough, no sooner had my friend left when the neighbor arrived, promptly giving me my fifth load.  He was a sure shot, particularly as he hadn't cum for five days.  After rimming and felching my hole for a bit, he pushed his cock in and before long gave me a huge load of his cum.  He thanked me and left.
      Afterwards my boyfriend came back upstairs, quickly got undressed, and slid into my ass.  Clearly he was completely turned-on by the volume of cum which had been blown into my hole that night as after only a few strokes he blew his second load into my ass, taking my tally for the night to six loads.   





    • By Receptacle
      Total Masc, hwp, insatiable Bottom loves being a DAYTIME/WEEKDAY CUM DUMP.  Located in Lawrence, always hosting.  347-413-1256. Load me up Men!
    • By bihairy
      I was on a great business trip recently during which I contacted two fuck buds, both of whom were interested in getting some cum loads.  Bud #1 came over early and got naked right away. He pulled off my shorts, sucked my cock hard, we kissed and licked each other's nipples.  Of course this went right to his cock as he was dripping and horned as hell.  I fingered his hole, pushed him down, and rimmed his ass.  He squirmed crazily.  Just before I slid my cock deep inside his hole, we poppered up.  It felt so ..fucking good.  I fucked for all I was worth.  He bucked back to meet my thrusts.  Several times we switched positions, and eventually I ended-up on top and hammered his hole until I blasted a large load deep inside.  He cock was drooling liberally all over the bed.
      We took a break and after a few minutes he again sucked me.  We changed positions and this time I fucked him doggie style.  His ass felt amazingly good as it was wet and slippery.  Laying back on the mattress, I had him ride my cock as he jerked-off a load, as I blasted another load inside him. 
      Afterwards he had to leave, and as he dressed he commented he couldn't wait until the next time we played.
      I heard from guy #2. He said he couldn't come over because he was stuck at work. I replied "Fine, let's get together tomorrow night."
      About two hours later I was about to go out for dinner when I received a text saying he was in the parking lot and needed to get fucked bad.  I invited him up to my hotel room, where, once he walked through the door he dropped his clothing and was on my cock in seconds.
      Although I had blown two loads only a couple hours earlier, the idea of getting more hole had me hard as hell.  He lay down on the bed, I mounted him, and fucked for all I was worth.  Fortunately he had pre-lubed.  Clearly he was ready and horny!!
      I pumped another load out, my third, but his first, as we both grunted and groaned in pleasure.  Honestly it felt so fucking good.  Afterwards I invited him to join me for dinner.  We dressed, my load still inside his ass, and got dinner.  Back at the hotel we stripped again and had an extended fuck session during which I blew two more loads inside his ass.  My balls felt totally empty.
      He was happy as could be, and extended his thanks as he left, but not before we made plans to get together the next morning.  Although he didn't have a great deal of time, he squeezed in a visit early the next morning, we fucked and I loaded him again. 
      I'm looking forward to my business trip next month!!

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