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  1. i know the term as pillow prince. I personally find very hot to be treated like this. Once in a sex club I had bitches working on my feet, armpits and cock and balls all at the same time, 4 or 5 tongues on my body. I was just spreading my legs and sniffing poppers while they did their job.
  2. As already said above, seems like in Germany STIs are not a big deal. I literally fuck a lot in sex clubs and saunas, specially when I am high, everyone can have a go on my dick. I test regularly and never had anything. In Brazil every fuck brings you a new gift. I've learned to always use condoms there.
  3. In Germany the saunas and sexclubs are (still) open.
  4. I love to serve my cock through the gloryholes without really knowing who is blowing... poppers is a plus! I prefer when the gloryhole booth has 2 holes or more. I can switch from hole to hole enjoying the skills of the suckers. Heaven
  5. Definitely "Boiler" in Berlin. Heaven on earth.
  6. I love getting blown with an audience, I always choose public places to jerk off and open gloryholes in a sexclub. In no time will be more guys joining, or more willing mouths for my cock. Last week I had 2 guys at the same time switching between my cock and balls, and another one licking my pits, poppers going around. Everything with an audience. Heaven.
  7. Hey, I am from Sao Paulo living in Germany since long time.
  8. Easiest way is to buy online, I always do. Also never had problems carrying them on airplanes throughout Europe. Once in Berlin I had no poppers and tried to buy there, but I didn't succeed either...
  9. You can get vaccinated for hepatitis A und B. I did it long ago cause I love to eat ass.
  10. I love poppers! A gloryhole with a hungry mouth on the other side, few beers and a fresh bottle of poppers and I am in heaven. I am mostly top, but the times when I have a dick inside my ass poppers is a must... I feel like a pornstar lol.
  11. I like wet, hungry mouth and tongue work, licking my balls and inner thighs, scratching his face into my hairy pubes. I like my suckers to switch sometimes to my nipples and pits, my feet are of course also always available ????.
  12. I am naturally hairy on my chest, armpits and legs, but I have my balls shaved (for better feeling, since my balls are so sensitive and I love a good mouth there) and trimmed pubes, not too short though (and I prefer the men I am with the same, especially hairy, bushy pits and asses driven me crazy!???).
  13. I really love hairy pits, also having my own pits licked is very hot. Being sucked/naked in public (at bathhouses or sexclubs), gloryholes (with audiences) and lately I am developing a strong feet fetish as well (licking a masculine, hairy, sweaty foot is hot!! Also having mine licked while I am jerking of or being sucked).
  14. I am a top. I like to rim, and I love to get rimmed too!! Drives me crazy!!?????
  15. I like to be sucked with no hands, just tongue and mouth work for me. I'd rather have the hands of the sucker playing with my balls or caressing my hairy legs and feet.
  16. https://pt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=451257703
  17. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/tag-teaming-n-breeding-euro-hairstylist-32561922
  18. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/it-s-been-a-while-since-i-ve-visited-part-one-32568602
  19. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/very-horny-and-hot-guy-with-huge-balls-and-cum-32569292
  20. Love to walk around at naked sex parties, exhibiting my hard on, or switching from gloryhole to gloryhole for everyone to see. Last time (last week) was a lot of fun being sucked through the gloryhole high on poppers while 2 other were licking my hairy pits, nipples, asshole in front of everyone. Lost count how many mouths and tongues I had through my body that time. Heaven.
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