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On 4/15/2018 at 3:05 AM, sleazebugga said:

Hot as usual 😎

Thanks.  That chapter only has 6 likes/upvotes so far so either not many liked it or people are bored with the story.  We'll see how the next couple chapters fare...


Part 53 - New Years Party 4

Kyle walked into the apartment and saw Raphi slowly getting out of the sling, trying not to slip and land on his well loaded ass.  Vince was on his knees on the couch getting fucked by Eric and Kai was eyeing the sling.  “How many loads?” Kyle asked Raphi and Kai.

“Seven, so far” Raphi said as Kai grumbled.

“Only five” Kai said, laying back in the sling.

Kyle walked up to Kai and pushed his pants down, freeing his stiff cock.  Kai laid back and hooked his feet in the straps, like he had done countless times before and offered his ass to Kyle.  Kyle shoved his cock into Kai’s puffy, cum filled hole and felt Kai clamp down as soon as he was all the way in.  “Ready for more charged seed?” Kyle said.

“Fuck yeah!  Give it to me” barked Kai.  Kyle pulled his cock back half way and slammed in, pushing Kai back off.  Grabbing the chains, Kyle stopped his movement just after Kyle’s cock came out of his hole. Tugging on the chains, Kyle’s cock drove back in until Kai’s body slammed back into Kyle.  Thrusting again and starting the pattern again, Kyle pounded Kai roughly.  The groans from Kai told everyone that this was not a gentle fuck.  The jangling of chains, the grunts, the groans, and the sounds of a cock fucking a cum filled hole drowned out the sounds of Eric fucking Vince.  With a loud growl, Kyle emptied his balls into Kai’s fertile hole and mixing with the other toxic loads inside.

Raphi was stroking his cock as he watched Kyle fuck Kai.  When Kyle pulled out, Raphi moved in and asked “Do you want my neg load?”

“Sure.  Give your cock a poz cum bath” Kai said.  Raphi drove his cock into Kai’s hole and stood there, with his cock all the way in.  He had never fucked a cum filled hole before and the feeling was amazing.  “Oh fuck” Raphi repeated for several seconds and then started to fuck Kai’s pussy hard.    Stu walked up behind Raphi and tweaked his nipples while encouraging him to shoot his useless seed into Kai’s hole.  Stu’s cock pressed into Raphi’s hole and soon Raphi was fucking himself on Stu’s shaft or into Kai’s ass.  He only lasted a few minutes like that until Raphi’s cock erupted pumping one of his last neg loads into Kai.  The orgasm milked another load out of Stu’s cock and added to the cream filling up Raphi.

The door opened and in walked Paul, laughing at the sight of the orgy.   “Where the fuck have you been?” asked Eric.

“Out with a client, but he’s in bed now and I need to bust a load or two.  I figured this would be a good place to find some hungry ass” Paul replied as he quickly took his clothes off.  He walked over to the sling and Raphi moved out of the way.  “I hope you take charged loads” Paul said, plunging his cock into Kai’s sloppy hole before Kai could answer.

“Add your bug to his hole, Paul” Kyle said while walking behind Vince.   Kyle slid his cock into Vince’s muscular ass and leaned over, whispering in his ear “You poz or neg?”

“Newly poz” Vince replied.

“Cool, I hope you bred Kai and Raphi” Kyle said.

“Yeah, and the other guy too.  I was hoping to get fucked while my balls fill back up” Vince said as he squeezed his pussy tight around Kyle’s cock.  Kyle pulled out and slammed back in, feeling the cum inside Vince’s hole.  Kyle pounded Vince a few dozen times and then pulled out.  He went and grabbed a new shirt and went back downstairs, hearing Paul grunt each time he drilled Kai’s hole.

Paul got more vocal and fucked harder and harder into Kai’s hole.  Kai worked his hole on Paul’s big cock and then started begging Paul to breed him.  Kai was swinging back and forth, getting his hole impaled by Paul’s thrusting shaft.  Paul grabbed his legs and forced his throbbing shaft as far inside Kai as he could and felt the spurts of infected seed mix with the other loads inside him.  Kai moaned as he felt another charged load pump into his starving hole.

As Paul pulled out of Kai’s flooded hole, Raphi was on his knees begging to suck Paul clean.   “You should just bend over and use that cum as lube” Eric said.   Raphi nodded, stood up and bent over the back of the couch.  Paul chuckled and roughly shoved his cock into Raphi’s  dripping pussy.   Grabbing on to Raphi’s hips, Paul pounded as hard as he could, sometimes bumping into Eric who was back inside Kai’s hole.   Eric ravaged Kai just like Paul was doing to Raphi.  Dan was next to Eric stroking his cock and Vince was now next to Paul stroking his.   Paul slammed in, growled and unloaded his virus tainted seed into Raphi.

Hearing Paul breed Raphi gave Eric all the incentive he needed and he dumped a second poz load into Kai.   Both Dan and Vince were on the cusp of their orgasms and pushed Paul and Eric out of the way in order to plant their loads inside the bug hungry holes of Kai and Raphi.   Everyone caught their breath and Eric went to his bedroom and came out with a pair of butt plugs.  He took the larger one and forced it into Kai’s cum soaked hole and then pushed the smaller one into Raphi.   “Those plugs have sealed the fate of several neg guys, so I want them back” Eric told them.

The guys wiped down with towels and then dressed before heading back down to the party.  They had missed hearing the fireworks that went off at midnight, but had made their own anyway.   The whole group drank and talked for a while until one by one or two, they headed home.  Raphi had drunk a few too many shots at the end of the night and Mark, Eric, Joe and Kyle finally took him up to the apartment and they all soon passed out.  Mark and Joe were hoping they had probably brought a few new guys into the brotherhood in addition to having a fucking great time.  Only time would tell.

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Just finished the chapter regarding Frank.    I just loved it.   Great idea explaining how Ric's father was turned on being pozed by his son.  I especially enjoyed Frank's evolution into a poz cum-dump slut 

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Still has my attention/constant checking to see if you've had time to write more. Hot story imo and definitely enjoy the multiple perspectives. =)

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      This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him.
      Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed.
      We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in.
      6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old.
      'Hey Sexy'.
      'Hello Sir'.
      'Strip naked. Keep your trainers on,'.
      He did as instructed. Although once I saw he was wearing a tight hugging Jock Strap I ordered he leave that on too.
      'Come over here between my legs, facing away from me'.
      Again, he obeyed. And I had a good grope of his sweet neg ASS.
      'NICE. Very Firm'.
      I ordered he clean my bathroom, mop and hoover floors, and gather the huge lot of rubbish scattered all over the place as a result of not being in the best of health. After cleaning in his Jock & Trainers he ran me a bath. As he washed me we spoke ...
      'Is this what you want to end up like, sick and decrepit?'
      'Yes Sir. It might seem crazy to most, but, it is what I need. What I deserve. And I want to know for sure who my 'Gifter' is, so I can remember him fondly, always carrying a piece of him inside me'.
      Having bathed me, he dried my scrawny pale body. Naked, dry, and with finally a good wash I walked into my now tidier living room, stood in front of the TV and began channel flicking . The rugby build boy without a word knelt before me, took my flaccid Dick into his mouth, pulled on my balls. I was in no time very hard. 
      With one hand controlling the remote, the other held behind his head as I rocked my hips. I threw the remote to the floor as I got more and more turned on, now with both hands pulling his face in tightly as I began fucking his face. Out of breath I pulled out, stood back so he could see me full length...
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      'Oh GOD YES Sir. Destroy me and my future'.
      'You sick nasty pig'.
      His face lit up when I said that, as he nodded in agreement with a big happy smile on his face. I took him to the bedroom where I had a vinyl play-sheet ready on the floor. He brought his little rucksack with him, from which he took out a toothbrush, he handed it to me and got on all 4's.
      'Make me bleed Sir'.
      'You are one fucked up pig'.
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      A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in.
      On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill.
      When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.”
      I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me.
      Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?”
      I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!”
      Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives.
      Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in.
      “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed.
      I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night.
      “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?”
      “Sure!” I said.
      He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!”
      I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no?
      He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden.
      “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo.
      He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly.
      Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!”
      As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed!
      Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no?
      That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.

    • By xtranicegayguy
      will be staying at Fairmont Banff Springs 7/8 thru 7/14 looking to get bred, get pozzed, only raw sex, willing  to be whored out
    • By Bbholr
      I'm looking for dirty loads tested on 4/12/18 got results today 4/13/18 and still neg after taking extensive anon loads. Just want hvl gifters to trun my hole inside out and turn my frown upside down lmao
    • By Bibabe
      I've decided, fuck all men. By that I mean both "I hate men" and "I will have sex with as many as I can."
      Why? Because a man screwed me, both literally and figuratively.
      It started on my after my high school graduation. I decided to do some 'voluntourism' over the summer, and I picked South Africa as a good place to go help out. My church funded it so a few of them accompanied me. We got along okay, but I was never that pious and I liked the pleasures in life. It made it a little weird between myself and my overly-religious companions. I think I hid my true nature pretty well while they were around, but I knew I had to get away and enjoy myself a little or I'd go mad over there. After a few days of bricklaying and other menial tasks, I finally got a chance. It was a Friday night and they were planning to go to some nearby church to speak. I told them I was too tired (and who preaches on a Friday night anyway?!?) and they left me in the hotel. As soon as it was clear, I left for a nearby club.
      Once inside, I headed to the bar and waited for guys to come hit on me. I'm obviously attractive, and clearly an American which means I have money too. Every guy there wanted to dance with me and if they didn't try, it was because they knew they had no chance. Within a couple minutes a tall black guy orders me the most expensive drink in the club. I'd already received several drinks, but this sucker was $200. I figured if anything I owed him a dance. I downed the drink and he brought me to the dance floor. I was already getting a bit toasted, since I'd already drank a couple from random guys, so our dancing quickly devolved into raw grinding. At first I was hunched over with him grinding his crotch against my ass. I figured I shouldn't get too into it, since this is South Africa after all, but when I stood up he started kissing my neck. I now realized how turned on I was. I was warned about the reputation of the country though. Something like 33% of people have HIV, and that's the country overall. The poorer parts have much higher rates. Since I was supposed to be volunteering, we had come to one of those poorer parts. I knew it would be suicidal to go home with anyone. I tried to push away from him a little, but he grabbed me by my stomach and pulled me back. I said "I can't, I've gotta go." But he said "Just a little longer baby, til the end of this song." I suddenly realized how tired I was, and decided I didn't have the energy to say no anyway.
      The next part is a little fuzzy as my memory isn't that great past this point. I remember the guy kept grinding his not-well-hidden boner into my butt, but this time moving his hands upwards to my breasts. I moved my hands to push his away, but my coordination was off. I assumed I had drunk more than I realized at that point. He pulled down my top just enough to let a breast out and started fondling it. It actually felt really good, but I still knew I couldn't let myself do anything rash. I tried to stop him, but couldn't figure out how to move my hands to get his own out of my shirt. I tried to walk forward to get away, but I almost fell down instead. The guy caught me and led me away. After that, I vaguely recall a car ride before he carried me into his house. Once inside he started kissing my neck again and reaching his hand into my panties. I tried to get onto my knees, but he spun me around and shoved me onto my back. He started humping me from the missionary position. The last thing I remember is him calling in several other guys to the room.
      I never thought that would be how I lost my virginity.
      The next day I woke up at his place. There were like 13 guys sleeping nearby, most of them naked. I looked towards the door and saw the dude who had originally drugged me. His eyes were open. I asked "Did you use a condom?"
      He just grinned. I tried to turn over and felt something stick between my legs. Looking down, I realized I was covered in semen... and some blood. I lethargically got on my feet, and got out of the house. My clothes were gone so I was butt naked, but I managed to steal some from a nearby house that had left them out to dry. When I got back to the hotel I cleaned up before my bible group woke. My excuse was that I went to an orphanage to help, and ended up sleeping there. I thought I could hide the truth and put it all behind me.
      I thought wrong.
      A few weeks later I came down with the worst flu I've ever had. I knew what it meant. I knew I could go to the doctors, but then my parents would find out and they would probably be more upset that I had sex at all. My bigger concern though; I was angry. If I went to the doctors and got an official diagnosis, I couldn't plead ignorance when I slept around with folks. And boy did I want to sleep around with folks. Why should other people get to be clean when I had dirtiness thrust upon me? Besides which, the more poz people there are, the more people just like me.
      When college started, I decided 'fuck it'. I lived in a co-ed dorm, so there were a ton of guys around and a ton of opportunities to slut myself out. I made sure to always wear my best make-up, but also to dress a little slutty so guys knew I was available. Within the first day, I had managed to fuck 8 guys raw. I made all of them promise not to tell anyone else though. I knew some of them wouldn't keep that promise, but I was hoping to keep this up as long as I could. In the first week, all the freshmen were out in the common areas, trying to make new friends and things. I would just find one, let him chat me up, laugh at his jokes, then ask where his room was. Once he brought me there it was game over.
      I knew it couldn't last forever though. As soon as a couple guys tested poz, the school would surely catch on. I didn't know how long that'd take though, since it took a few weeks to come down with the fuck-flu, and a lot of them wouldn't go to the nurses to get it checked, and when someone did go it would still be a bit before they diagnosed it correctly.
      My campus is fairly big, with about 20k undergrads and almost half of those living in dorms. With such a large sample size, I tried my best to visit other dorms as much as I could so they may not even know who I was and wouldn't have a way to contact me afterwards.
      The first guy I know I infected was named Tommy. He was a bit of an ass. When I came to his dorm he tried to impress me by calling some other kid names and shit. I pretended to be impressed and asked him to lead me back to his room. Once inside, before I even had a chance to make moves on him, the fucker had the audacity to say "Wow it's hot in here" and take off his shirt. As if that wouldn't seduced me. Luckily for him, I didn't need seducing. I started rubbing his chest, he reciprocated by massaging my own. I pushed my hips into his, and he started kissing me. While we were still standing up, he grabbed my arm and spun me around, pinning me against the wall. While kissing my neck, he lifted up my short dress and pulled down my panties. He whipped out his cock and shoved it in. He fucked the shit out of me for maybe 15 minutes before cumming in my pussy.
      A few weeks later he came back as poz and dropped out. Only he knew what I looked like, and he didn't know where I lived or what my name was, so I never got implicated from that.
      Immediately after I fucked Tommy, I went up a few floors in the same building. I saw some guy enter the showers in only a towel. He was muscled and well-toned, and when passing he had a clear 'fuck she's hot' expression on his face.. I knew I needed another fun ride. After he started the shower, I noted there was no one else in the bathroom and slipped in. I got in the shower next to his. They were individual showers, but with an open top so you can put stuff on the barrier you share with your neighbor. I took off my clothes and put my bra and panties where he could see them. I heard him audibly stop showering as he realized there were now girls panties next to his head. I left my shower and entered his. He had a very brief moment where he freaked out and asked me to leave, but then he realized there was an extremely attractive naked lady in the shower next to him. He paused his freaking out, and I took the opportunity to push him into the wall and start kissing him, then I guided him to the floor. I knew there was probably semen from the last couple guys in there, so I wanted to control things to ensure he didn't notice. When he was sitting down, with his back leaning against the wall, I lifted up his cock and let it slide in. I rode his cock for a good 15 minutes. He was moaning the whole time, but I started getting tired and was wondering if he'd ever cum. I told him he'd better cum soon or I'd quit, and he took that as the signal to take control. He pushed me back so I was on the floor on my belly. Then he got on top of me and started power-humping me into the ground. Within maybe 30 seconds he had the best orgasm of his life.
      Apparently people heard though, and before I could get dressed the RA on the floor came. He said I was in trouble and if I could wait there while he called someone. I said I'd prefer if I could wait in his room... and I think you know what happened from there.
      It's been a couple months now and I'm still going strong. I have a reputation with some people and they know I'm the slut, but that never stops guys from fucking me. No one the big secret though. It's even more surprising since we've actually gotten emails about an HIV outbreak on campus. As several guys have apparently got it recently. None of the guys knew who I was though, so I guess they assume it's being spread through needles or something.
      Another small factoid; I never used birth control. A few weeks ago I finally got pregnant. I don't really want a kid, but I'm holding off on an abortion to see if anyone implicates me later on. I figure they can't get that mad at a pregnant lady... right?

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