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hard and naked

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    • By Novicesub
      I'm a British 25 year old guy. I've done okay being bottom and top but never truly been satisfied. 
      I now live in China, where the average guy is below average in nearly every sense of the word. 
      I've been reading posts on here for months and just made a profile, I need what you have. 
      I have a holiday in October and want to travel to anywhere in the world, probably USA or UK and become what I am. 
      I don't have much experience, but I'm so ready for it, anything goes. I've never done bb either, so that will be new. 
      Wanting to know where is the best place to go, and hopefully find someone who can guide me, help me and use me. 
      Take me to a club and let everyone piss on me and fuck me. Pimp me out to homeless men and drug addicts. Have a hot Pnp session for a few days. I particularly like hairy guy and I love foot play. But to become what I am, no cock refused. Force me to take it!
      I'm 100% serious about everything I said. Make me yours than make me everyone else's. 
    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
      This is how every Dad should fuck his lad...
    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
      Just how hard have you been fucked?
      There's been a few times when it's been difficult for me to sit down or walk for few days after a rough fuck but does anyone have a better example?
      I remember when I was on vacation I got plowed hard and rough by a hung aggressive top, just spit no lube. The fuck was hot. I was high on maximum impact and loving it. After he shot his load he was like "oh I've lost my cocking" but I thought nothing of it. 
      A few hours later I felt like I needed a bowel movement, straddled the toilet and then I heard a splash and the sound of metal. I looked down and there was his gold cock ring. I was so turned on. I fished it out and still have it to this day
    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
      …. a F-Machine (www.f-machine.com)
      Anyone already got one? I want to attach a fucking huge vac u lock black dildo and turn up the speed and be like this slut...

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