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Does anyone know of any saunas in London or as far north as Luton which have Bi-sex days and bareback is popular? Thanks.

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Do saunas do bi-sex?    Bi fun I’ve had has been at bi night at swingers clubs.  Try fab swingers to find a local one

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Google bi-tastic Tuesday which, as the name suggests is a bi night held every Tuesday at the Greenhouse in Luton.

I can’t say if bareback is popular as I haven’t been yet, but I have a hot little sub I’m going to take soon, and she will be taking it bare!

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    • By slutviking
      Hi.  This is my first story in English.  English is not my mother language or my 2nd either and I don’t live in an English speaking country. I hope it’s understandable.
      It was summer and Sunday. I went out of town to get some sun and maybe a little action. In the forest there is a water that is regulated as a free area for naturists. At the very end is the area where the gay men are. Behind the water lies rock formation you can climb on and sunbathe. I walked up and down to the end of the it.  The only access is from the gay nude area, so no one just pops in. 

      I was out early and there was nobody else there. I found my favourite place, dressed off and lay down. Before I left home, I cleaned my hole properly, so after I had put on some sun cream, I put a but-plug in my hole. It was lovely just to lay there, and it did not take long before I fell asleep. After a while, I woke up that I heard someone talking together. I looked around and saw a couple that had settled about 7-8 meters away from me. I quickly recognized them as a profiled couple. They were both lawyers and while one worked as an attorney to the police, the other was a well-known business attorney. Everyone know they were a gay couple, but nobody talked about it. Unlike me, none of them had skipped an hour at the gym for the past 15 years.  I never liked the gyms, but I walk a lot.  If it’s just a 45 min walk to somewhere, I prefer to walk and not taking a car, bus, tram or train.
      I turned around thinking that I could get some sun on my back. These two were in another league than me but I could dream.
      Suddenly I realized somebody standing close to me. I looked at the side and saw that only one lawyer was in their place and he was looking in my direction. Caution, I tried to look behind me and saw that the other lawyer was kneeling straight behind me. I breathed deeply and thought what's happening now. Then I felt that he grabbed my butt plug and gently started turning it around. First a little to one side and look a little to the other side. Luckily it was well lubed.  Without thinking about it, I started to moan. Soon he turned it around 360 degrees. Back and forth as he slowly began to pull on it gently. Then he let it go so that it was sucked in again. That's how he kept on for maybe 10 minutes or more and I did not manage not to moan all the time. He pulled it a bit longer out for each time. Suddenly he pulled it all out, and I felt empty.
      He bent down and took hold of my ass cheeks and I felt he started licking and kissing my ass. It was heavenly good, and I moaned loudly. Soon he first slipped first one, then two and three fingers into my hole while continuing to lick me. Suddenly he stopped, and I felt his dick against my hole.
      "With or without?" He asked.
      "I prefers without," I answered.
      Then I felt he was pushing a little more and his dick started slipping into my hole. I had no idea how big his cock was. All I knew was that it was thick, and it broke into me. Slowly, he pushed himself further and eventually he was completely in. Without knowing, I would say he was 17-18 cm long and more than average thick. He kept it still until I managed to relax. Slowly he began to pull it out and then push it back in. The other lawyer had now come over to us. He sat kneeling in front of me and presented his dick, so I should suck him. It was at least 20 cm long but maybe not as thick as the one that went faster and faster in and out of my body. I first took the dickhead in my mouth and let the tongue slip over his head and play with his piss hole. Slowly I took more and more of the dick into my mouth and finally I had got the whole of it into my mouth and down my throat.
      The fucker got more and more excited as I took his friend's dick farther into my mouth. He turned up tempo and he moaned loudly. Now he pulled the dick all out of my hole to ram it in again. Suddenly he groaned loudly and said.
      "Here's my gift!"
      His friend grabbed my head and held me fast with his cock down my throat, while I felt that the other's cock got even thicker and started splashing in me. After a while, he collapsed on my back while the other let my head go so, I could breathe again. We lay for a little while before he pulled out of me. The other lawyer got up and walked behind me.
      "Turn on your back," he commanded.
      I did as he said, and he lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders. Then I felt he started pushing his dick into me. He who had fucked me knelt at my head and I started cleaning his cock while the other started piling me faster and faster. He will not last so long, I thought. It took maybe 10 minutes before he pushed all the way in and I felt he emptied inside me. After a while he pulled out and placed my but-plug where it belonged.
      We were lying and breathing out. We talked a bit about everything before we exchanged phone numbers. The first one who fucked me was Paul and the other Simon. They told me that they both were HIV positive and that they were not currently on medication. If I had insisted on using condoms, they would have returned to their sunspot and left me alone.
      "Ready for some more fun?" one of them asked.
      "Obviously," I answered as I looked down on my dick.
      Paul turned around, so I had his dick in front of my face while he began to suck my dick. I took the hint and put me on top of him in a classic 69 position. Soon we lay there and sucked each other. It did not take long before I felt Simon grabbed my plug and pulled it out. He immediately started licking my ass and almost sucked out their sperm. After a while, I felt that he pushed his dick into me and began to fuck me. I was in heaven with a dick in my mouth, one in my ass and a mouth that sucked me according to all the rules of the art.
      It did not take a very long time before I knew I could not hold back anymore. Paul had sucked cock before and it was just about to surrender. He got me over the edge and I squashed into his throat. As a pure reflection, I tightened my ass, and Simon got over the edge and gave me his 2nd load. All of this got Paul over the edge and he started to pump into my mouth. Within 15 seconds all of us were over the edge.  Simon collapsed on me and me on Paul. We turned over to the side and breathed out.
      We talked a little more and they understood that we did not live so far apart. I already know that but did not reveal it to them. After a while, I said thank you and headed home after a perfect Sunday in the forest.
      On Thursday I received an unexpected message from one of them.
      "Hi. We are going to have a sex party at our place on Saturday. He who was supposed to be bottom has become ill. Do you want to stand up as a party bottom? "
      I spent exactly 15 seconds reading the message 2 times and then I answered.
    • By SpunkRocket
      I’ve started to come out of my shell a bit. Even though I identify as straight and am in a serious relationship with a woman, I occasionally like to get some anon dome at bookstores. Tonight I was out getting take out and decided I wanted to bust a nut through a glory hole so I could last longer with the girlfriend tonight. I stopped at Big Eye and 2nd Street and they were both a total let down. Just some other guys looking to get sucked and no cocksuckers/bottoms. Now I’ve still never knowingly fucked a man’s ass but I’ve been thinking that if some hungry cocksucker on the other side of the GH decided to take initiative, I wouldn’t end the encounter. 
      Anyway I’ve heard time and time again that Viewpoint and 98th Street have the best action, but 98th Street is across from a truck stop (I don’t want to get sucked by a trucker) and Viewpoint is in an extremely bad neighborhood with a big meth problem, and I don’t want to deal with tweakers either, not to mention both stores are very far from my house. I shop at Video Maxxx a lot because they have a great popper and lube selection (mostly used by my girlfriend, but I have a large aneros massager that I can’t use without them), but I’ve never even noticed whether they have an arcade or not. 
      Many years ago there was a dirty, seedy ABS on Edith called Mr. Peepers. Right after I turned 18 my friends made me go through an “initiation” that required me to spend 30 minutes in the theater. In that 30 minutes I was cruised/hit on by several old trolls, and witnessed man on man action for the first time. If that place were still open I have no doubt I would have blown many loads through their glory holes by now. 
      I want to add that while I’m becoming more interested in M4M and barebacking (I haven’t used a condom in close to a decade), I don’t identify as gay or bisexual (no physical attraction to men but with glory holes a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass), and have no desire to meet other memebers here in person, so please try to keep this thread limited to ABS recommendations and not arranging IRL meets. 
    • By HardOneLA
      Hi guys.  So yesterday I finally downloaded Scruff onto my phone, after a buddy was showing me how it worked.  It’s my first phone app – all my other sites are online.  I really didn’t have any expectations, put up usual profile and pix.  Then in the afternoon I started getting messages from two guys.  At first I didn’t even know how to reply!  But I’m a quick learner, so we went on.  One was 25 and the other 29, which immediately aroused my suspicions.  Why would they be interested in a 60+ year old someone who doesn’t really consider himself a “Daddy”.  The 29 year old and messaged back and forth and either this was gonna happen, or I was just being set up as a joke.  Finally we agreed to meet at my place, he ran home to shower, and then came over.  I buzzed him in and told him the apartment door was open.  I was lying on the bed in just open shorts, pumped tits, popper bottles around (he’d told me he’d only done poppers twice), porn on TV.  When he walked in the bedroom door he was cute, t-shirt, baseball cap.  He quickly stripped and got onto the bed, started sucking my tit – they’re my Achilles heel. He kept saying things like, “How am I doing Daddy?  Am I doing it right?”  I’m always so suspicious that I’m thinking, “Is this a joke?  What is going on?”  Well what was going on I found out is that he learned exactly what my tits are meant for and spent a lot of time working them.  Then he asked if he could try poppers – of course you can!  And from thereon the magic began.  He was so horned and kept jacking his cock, but holding off. His entire focus was on pleasing me.  While still working my tits he went down and started sucking my cock.  Damn, his mouth was surely made in heaven and delivered by angels – or devils.  I haven’t felt like this in ages, and kept wondering “Is he really here?”  Being tit-worked, poppered, and sucked to the edge, the pig in me was so totally in heat, lust, need for cock.  I got up on all fours and told him to stand by the side of the bed.  He wanted to know how many fingers I could take, which I wasn’t sure how to answer since I prefer cocks.  Well let me tell you, once he started working my hole with his fingers he took me to places that I have never been to before.  It was extraordinary, unbelievable how I could be in hog heaven and hadn’t even been fucked yet.  I was afraid he wasn’t going to.  We’d take a couple of breaks, roll over, tightly embrace, kiss, and just hold each other tight.  Then back to my hole – he was relentless pounding it with 3-4 fingers, hitting my prostate like it’s never been hit before.  I swore I was gonna cum just from that, but held back.  Then I felt that big velvety head on that hard thick cock of his at my hole.  Oh hell yeah!  He took all the time in the world mounting me, as I’m always tight at first, and then finally was in to the hilt.  He fucked me so royally, so endlessly as we kept poppering that I was just in places I had never been before.  It was ecstasy!  We took some breaks and after sucking his cock for a while I told him that I wanted to look in his eyes when he bred me.  So onto my back, legs up on his shoulders, and in again he went.  We poppered again and he went back to work, pounding me mercilessly (not that I wanted any mercy), until I finally heard those telltale grunts, that unmistakable tensing, and said to him, “Breed me baby, breed me”, and he started to shoot.  He seeded my hole so fucking good and deep and stayed in me.
      Once we separated it was like we both transformed from pigs in heat to Clark Kents.  He told me he has a husband of 4 years, they’re exploring an “open relationship”, etc.  I have no idea if we’ll ever meet again but damn, he sure got on the top of my 5 Star ***** list immediately!  I guess I need to embrace more this daddy concept instead of fighting it.  He opened my eyes to a whole new world and my hole to completely new magic.  Oink!!
    • By BBWhoreUK
      My first story on here involved my first experience barebacking. This happened about 2 months ago now, it has stuck in my mind since. The whole thrill of not knowing the men who used my tight little arse and not knowing what they gave me has been by far one of the most intense experiences of my life!
      This next experience happened this past weekend in Manchester. Through browsing on various gay hookup sites over the week I came across a post advertising a hotel room in Manchester with 2 other men for the Friday night/Saturday morning. It was quite vague really, but I messaged away and I got a very positive response. The man I was speaking to explained they were not local, they were work colleagues in Manchester on a site visit and were meant to be  traveling travelling back down south on Saturday.
      We exchanged a few messages and pictures, I asked them if they were okay with bareback only, to my surprise, they were only interested in bareback! I was so happy! They asked me of my status and I told them that I recently started barebacking, I had taken multiple anonymous loads in a sauna and I'd not been tested. The response back read as follows -
      'You are a fuckin slut arent ya, still, dont matter, neither of us hav been tested recently so youll get what your fuckin given'.
      I have quite literally never been so turned on from a WhatsApp message! Lol! Needless to say, I made my travel plans, finished work early on the Friday and jumped the train to Manchester. They were staying very close to Manchester Piccadilly, one of them met me outside the hotel and we headed straight up the room.
      Not much in the way of chit chat on the way to the room, once inside, they barely spoke to me at all, which, I didn't mind really. They both got naked on the bed and I stripped down myself before bending over so one could eat my arse and I could suck the other guys dick. They switched places often complimented my round little butt. It wasn't long before I could feel my tight arse being invaded, with 2 huge hands holding my hips and pounding the fucking life out of me whilst I tried to suck the other man's dick.
      Before I knew it, the first guy was pushing as deep inside me as possible and flooding my arse with his cum, he pulled out, slapped my arse and said to his friend 'your turn to knock him up'. Before he swiftly shoved his dick in my mouth, whilst his friend got to know my arse a little better.
      I spent most of the evening on all 4's, they really didn't speak to me at all, just kept putting their loads inside me. In many ways, it was refreshing really. I didn't need the false questions or them wanting to get to know me. I wanted their cum, they wanted my arse, why ask anything? Just fuck me!
      It went on into the early hours and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning before they did, I made sure my butt was ready for another ride, before grabbing them both by their dicks to wake them up. One of them was very ratty and pissed off at being woken up, before he could really complain, I started to give him head to shut him up. His friend however, spat on my arsehole and just rammed his dick in me. It was actually painful and I really yelped out loud. I was told to shut up because I was a useless slag and I should be grateful to be getting their loads. It worked, it just made me even more full of lust for their cum.
      Finally, they bred me, told me to get dressed and go. I put my boxers on and I could feel their cum running down my leg as I walked to the train station. I got home and I was so horny, I just had had to wank at the thought of what they did to me. I could have caught anything off them, I don't even know if the names they gave are their real names. I'll likely never see them again, but I shall always remember the time I became a cum bucket in Manchester :)

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